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Rats And Mice: What Are The dissimilarities?

Although belonging to the rodent family, rats and mice have differences. Other than the size, there are more salient characteristics that differentiate themselves from each other. A detailed description of their dissimilarities will be discussed later in this article. For your quick knowledge to know whether your house is infested […]

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Getting Rid Of Mice Infestations: Natural And Non-Natural Methods

When you hear the scratching, gnawing, scurrying and squeaking sounds at night, rest assure that you have mice at your home and you need to take a prompt decision to get rid of them. But did you question yourself, why is it your house they have chosen to infest? The […]

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Mice Exterminators- How Much Would They Cost You?

Mice Exterminators… How costly are they? When to call them? For any household, mice infestation for the first time may not look like a serious issue and you will prefer the DIY techniques to handle it. The cost of hiring a professional pest exterminator could be the second cause of […]

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How Much Do Rat Exterminators Cost? (A Simple Guide)

Rat Exterminators… How costly are they? Any rodent infestation is damaging for the house, especially if you are dealing with rats and mice. They carry a lot of diseases which are harmful to you, your family and your pets. At the initial stage, you might not wish to opt for […]

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How To Get Rid of The Dead Rat Or Mouse Smell?

Rotten smell at home? Must be a dead rat or a mouse somewhere! Pungent rodent stink: It must be a dead one! “I smell a dead rat!” A very common English expression which means there is something wrong somewhere. The phrase actually relates to the horrible smell when rats die […]

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