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Ants in Your Car! Check How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Car

Ants in Your Car! Check How to Get Rid of Ants in Your Car

Are you finding ants roaming in your car? They could be irritating and harmful. On this page, you will get to know all about: Why ants get into your car? How do ants get into your car? Why ants in a car are not a good sign and finally how to get rid of them from your car?

The Guidelines in this Page:

  • Ants in your Car? Why and How?
  • Why is it an Issue if you Have Ants in your Car?
  • How do you Get Rid of the Ants in the Car?
  • The Parking Area of your Car

You can see ants anywhere and everywhere. They are so difficult to get rid of. They are seen in the garden, inner walls of the house, yards, patios and even inside your car.

The logic is simple. When they wish to establish a colony, they can do it anywhere provided there is an endless source of food and water nearby and a warm atmosphere.

If you are not particular about maintaining your car properly, cleaning it regularly, your car is definitely a potential area for ants to build their nests.

Ants in your Car? Why and How?

If your car is parked near an anthill and you are not so much bothered about the cleanliness of the automobile (food particles scattered, juice and sweet aerated water spilled on the seats or on carpets), ants will soon infiltrate your car.

If you are not aware of their infiltration and while driving you tend to find these tiny creatures crawling on your feet, legs or even beside your ears, this could be frustrating.

While driving on highways, it is not possible for you to stop the car suddenly too. Even if you take measures to clean your car regularly, family members (particularly kids) who like to enjoy quick snacks while traveling in a car, can drop food particles inside the car.

Those particular food particles stuck under the carpets invite more ants towards your car. Please note that ants don’t invade your car just because of the food particles dropped unknowingly or carelessly by you or your family and friends only.

There are other reasons too. A major reason behind ants shifting or making a new colony to your car could be because of the fact that your car has been accidentally parked over an established anthill!

Ants wander around their colonies to look for food and warm surroundings so that the queen ant can lay eggs in comfortable situations. Shifting to your car from an established ant colony, that promises to be warm and a sustainable source of food can be a suitable reason for your uncared automobile being infested by ants.

See this video to learn about how to get rid of ants from your cars:

Why is it an Issue if you Have Ants in your Car?

As mentioned earlier, while you are driving if you suddenly find ants crawling all around your body, the total scene is irritating as you just can’t drive them away from you, particularly when you are driving on a highway.

There are 12,000 species of ants throughout the world and all are not that humble that if you try to shove them away from you, they will go away easily. Some species of ants like fire ants, carpenter ants or ponerine ants bite you if you disturb them.

They even bite you to take away the little particles of food which are stuck to your skin. Ant-bites can cause fatal allergic reactions and swellings that are itchy and remain for a long time.

Scratching the itchy sensation can increase the irritation and end up developing blisters. Specific species of ants like the fire ants are prone to chew electrical wires which can cause great harm to your car if unlocked.

Fire ants trek with a large group and in a minimal time they can chew up most of the electrical cords of your car. If the car is ignited in between, they might get electrocuted and die but these adamant tiny creatures are least bothered about that. The sole presence of fire ants can be detrimental to your car.

If you have carpenter ant problems, you can check our recommended best products to get rid of carpenter ants.

How do you Get Rid of the Ants in the Car?

Do not ignore your car. Keep in mind that you spend quite an amount of time in your car. Consider it as your second home. The amount of time you take to clean your home, at least spend half of it for your car too. Whenever you notice ants creeping inside your car, act immediately to remove them as more you ignore, more will be the volume of the ant infestation in the car.

These are the measures you should take when you see ant infestations in your car:

Take special care in cleaning the interiors (and exteriors) of the car:

The interiors of your car include the steering wheel, the dashboard, the rearview mirror, the ventilation controls, glove or the storage compartments, the carpet and more. While traveling we overlook the used bottles, plastic cups, brown paper wrappings that we use and tend to either stuff them into the gloves compartment or let them lay on the carpet.

The tiny food sources from them attract the ants. Instead, if we regularly remove and wash the seat covers and carpets, dust the interior of the car with car-brooms or use a vacuum cleaner so that along with the food crumbs, ant eggs also get removed from the interiors of the car, the car remains ant-free.

A handy vacuum cleaner with different sizes of nozzles and other car accessories makes it simpler. Car interior is the place where ants tend to invade more but do not ignore the exterior of the car too which include the trunk, windshield wiper, and washer (forceful removal by water), side molding of the body of the car, spare wheels (though stationed inside the car) and other added external accessories.

Give regular wash to your car (with pesticides):

You can go to gas stations for regular car washes or you can do it yourself too. Just wash your car regularly and use ant repellent sprays inside the car compartments. This will drive the ants away from your car. A regular car wash wears away all the unnoticed food fragments from your car, making it fresh and bright.

The clean fragrance of the car deters ants to invade. Take special care of the car tiers. Stagnant tires are the bridges for ants to enter into your car. Apply sufficient chemical insecticides on them while on rest so that ants can’t enter. It is also advisable to spray insecticide chemicals inside your car. In course, ants residing inside die and the annoying scent deters new ants to enter your car.

The Parking Area of your Car

Just washing your car and applying pesticides may not solve your problem of ant infestation. You may regularly park your car near an anthill or ant-infested trees, shrubs, bushes, and other vegetations, unknowingly. Mark your car parking area and treat it with various ant killing insecticides (including baits), so that ants do not enter your car at any cost.

But still keep in mind that ants tend to return to a known place, no matter how harshly and effectively they were removed from there. Do not relax, once you have been capable of deterring and killing them. They tend to come back following back trails. Make sure that you repeatedly apply the methods of keeping them away.

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