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How Bed Bugs Look Like? (Various Pictures of  Bed Bugs)

How Bed Bugs Look Like? (Various Pictures of Bed Bugs)

If you want to identify bed bugs, apart from theoretical knowledge, real-life pictures can help you more. So, if you don’t want bed bug bites, take a look at these pictures and identify them in its first place. You can end up here either because you have faced recent bed bug infestation or want to be aware of bed bugs.

In both cases, you are welcome because you have come to the right place. In this piece of the guide, we are going to discuss how bed bugs look like in their different stages of the life cycle: so let’s get started if you are ready!

The Guidelines in this Page:

  • What is a Bed Bug Afterall?
  • Are Bed Bugs Harmful?
  • Where do Bed Bugs Hide?
  • How to Remove Bed Bugs From your Home or Office Space?
  • Useful Images of Bed Bugs
  • Final Words!

What is a Bed Bug Afterall?

Bed bugs are tiny reddish-brown pests having 3 pairs of legs and a pair of the antenna along with head, thorax, and abdomen. They measure around 4 to 5 mm long and 2 to 3 mm wide. They are considered as the worst nightmare because they feed on human blood, without which they cannot reproduce.

These monsters are nocturnal and hard to find during the day because with their flattened body they always prefer to hide within the cracks and crevices of your furniture specially under your mattress. Bed bugs bites are red, round and itchy tends to appear in a cluster. Sensitive people may get more itch than normal individuals.

Click here to see the video how bed bugs bite:

Do you believe only Poor People and Nasty Places Get Bed Bugs?

If yes, you need to stop right now, because this is nothing but a bluff! Bed bugs do not follow any rule book before entering any place, the cleanest and wealthiest places on the earth also get bed bugs from time to time, especially the large public sectors like school, college, hospital, movie theatre, etc. are prone to bed bug infestation.

If you are serious about keeping the bloodsuckers at bay, you must take a few preventive measures like:

  • Vacuum clean the room regularly.
  • Use bed bug traps.
  • Use mattress and pillow encasements.
  • Do not buy second-hand furniture.
  • Heat treatment your luggage after returning from your travel location.

In case of bed bug infestation do not apply random bed bug spray to the areas rather for heat treatment, which is chemical-free and effective to remove the bed bugs without hurting anyone’s health.

If interested, read our full article on why go for heat treatment to kill the bed bugs?

Are Bed Bugs Harmful?

Bed bugs do not spread harmful diseases like mosquitoes, fleas, etc. You won’t even feel their bites in the first place because they inject an anesthetic with their saliva while biting. It acts as anti-coagulant which stops the blood from getting clotted. If you are allergic, you may get excessive itchiness from their biting.

In general, these bites heal normally within a week, but if it remains the same for more than a week you should see a doctor who might prescribe a topical ointment to soothe the bite site. The bed bugs sometimes transmit the parasite of Chagas disease. The bed bug bites are mentally more harmful than physically. Sometimes you have to compromise your precious sleep due to bites.

Needless to mention, sleep is an important element to keep the proper balance of our regular body functions. It is really hard to get rid of the discomfort; the exposed areas might get severe bites during the night. As you know prevention is always better than cure, so you must take necessary measures to stay away from the bed bug bites.

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Where do Bed Bugs Hide?

Bed bugs are tiny, only 4-5 mm long with a compressed body so they can hide within any cracks and crevices of your furniture. Besides, they are nocturnal, so it is difficult to find them during the day. Their body color also supports their hideous nature. That is why we always recommend not to purchase second-hand furniture because in most cases bed bugs come from already infested areas.

You will not understand whether bed bugs present within the furniture or not. If you do not provide an ideal hiding place to the bed bugs they cannot sustain long within your house. Though they can sustain about a month without having a single blood meal, so be careful and keep an extra eye while dealing with the sanitation of your house.

You can check this video to know about, How To Find Out If You Have Bed Bugs:

How to Remove Bed Bugs From your Home or Office Space?

If you found bed bugs in your living or office space, do not panic, calm down. Do not apply random bed bug sprays as it contains harmful chemicals which might your health. You may end up creating a mess. Besides, if you apply those sprays the bed bugs will move to new directions in order to escape the chemicals, which may result in a new infestation.

If you are allergic or live with children and pets, you must avoid the bed bug sprays. Today the internet is full of ill information which is spreading faster than lights. Don’t get carried away with any of the DIY methods, as most of them are failed to provide the desired result in practical.

Do not spend your money and time on trial and error method, instead call an exterminator to examine the target area. They will come and thoroughly examine your home or office space with the proper equipment and will also suggest proper course treatment to remove them from your place.

If you are targeting a larger area like a whole floor, your office space or an entire apartment you must go for heat treatment, because bed bugs die above 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat treatment will generate nearly 200 degrees Fahrenheit to kill the bed bugs.

The heat must be evenly distributed throughout the target area, including cracks and crevices, otherwise escaped bed bugs may result in re-infestation. For a better result, a bed bug spray with a strong residual effect can be applied followed by heat treatment.

But during and after (at least for a couple of hours) the treatment keeps your children and pets away from the area. In the case of a small infestation, you can use heaters to remove the bed bugs.

If interested, you can read our full article on Why Use Bed Bug Heaters To Kill The Bed Bugs.

Check this video to see how to identify the bed bugs:

What will happen if you don’t treat the bed bug infestation?

Who wants to live with the bed bugs? Everyone wants a clean and beautiful house right, so living with bed bugs is not an option under any circumstance. Some individual with not so sensitive skin does not even realize the presence of bed bugs. Are you one of them? Then no doubt you are in danger!

Because in case of bed bug infestation you will not realize their presence which will eventually support the bed bugs to bite you and your family members more and more. It goes without saying that small infestations are easier to remove than the bigger ones.

So, if in one fine morning you woke up with excessive itching and red scars, check your mattress immediately you may end up finding a few bed bugs crawling beneath your bedding material. If you don’t treat them for a longer period, they will spread rapidly to all the apartments situated in the close vicinity of the infested building.

Check this video to see what will happen in case of large scale infestation:

Useful Images of Bed Bugs

  • Here we have a top view of an adult bed bug sitting on human skin probably preparing for biting.

    This is a zoomed image actually bed bugs measure 3 to 5 mm in length.

  • Here is the real size of a bed bug, still zoomed, but it will give you a fair idea about how tiny they are.

  • Picture of Traumatic insemination i.e a male and female bed bug is mating in this picture.

  • Picture showing bed bugs having sex and their eggs.

  • Picture showing a bed bug on a human’s hand, see how tiny this is.

  • Picture showing Belly of a female bed bug after insemination.

  • The picture is showing a microscopic image a bed bug.

  • The black and white image is showing ultrastructural morphology on the dorsal exoskeletal surface of a bedbug.

  • Picture showing recently molted adult bed bugs.

  • Picture shows bed bug bites around the wrist.

  • Picture showing bed bug bites on somewhere in the body, but the bite seems at least one week older.

  • The picture is showing bed bug bites on the lower portion of the leg.

  • Picture showing a side view of bed bug probably preparing for biting.

  • Picture showing an upper view of a bed bug on a carpet or some other bedding material.

  • The picture is showing a number of bed bugs along with their eggs, on a bedding material.

  • Picture showing a large bed bug colony on the underside of the canvas.

  • This is a scanning electron micrograph which shows some of the ultrastructural morphology on the ventral side of a bed bug

    From this view, we can understand the insect’s skin-piercing mouthparts it uses to obtain its blood meal from humans and other mammals.

  • The black and white picture is showing all the stages of bed bugs from eggs to adult, surrounding a coin to get a better idea on their size.

  • Image showing a sleeper with a bed bug infestation.

  • This image shows each and every cycle of a bed bug. Follow arrows from the egg stage, and you will understand how they grow step by step.

  • Always check the mattress, especially their corners whenever you are going to stay in a hotel.

  • Look for any signs of bloodstain on your bed sheet; it may be the result crushed bed bugs while sucking your blood.

  • Always use a mattress encasement to keep the bed bugs away from your bed.

Final Words!

Now that you have discovered bed bugs from different angles, hopefully, you will successfully identify them in case you see them in your house. Again, we want to warn you about not to panic, just stay calm and call a professional exterminator company to examine the whole situation. Let’s see what they will suggest.

Take the necessary steps according to their suggestions. Try to talk to more than two pest control company to get quotes, you will understand the type treatment and cost of bed bug removal. You should always choose a highly skilled exterminator to perform the task.

Please note: Don’t try to apply any DIY method to eradicate the bed bugs from your home, let the professionals do the work. You can check our exterminator search tool, where you will get a couple of free quotes from authentic local exterminators.

Skip the research and talk to the exterminator to kill Bed Bugs

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Image Source: flickr & Pinterest

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