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Some Useful Safety Tips Against Bed Bugs! (Be Bed Bug Safe)

Some Useful Safety Tips Against Bed Bugs! (Be Bed Bug Safe)

Nobody likes bed bugs because of their blood-sucking feeding habit. Their bites can annoy you by interrupting your good night sleep. So, it is necessary to take some safety measures to stay away from the bloodsuckers. The bed bug population has increased along with the increasing human population in the past decade.

Thee is a misconception about bed bugs that only poor and nasty people get bed bug infestation. Which is nothing but a myth, cleanest and wealthiest places on the earth also get bed bug infestation, check their history!

The Guidelines in this Page:

  • Why do you Need Safety from Bed Bugs?
  • Bed Bugs and Emotional Stress
  • Your Health and Bed Bug Bites
  • How to Stay Away from Bed Bugs

Why do you Need Safety from Bed Bugs?

No one likes to live with bed bugs! But sometimes it will not in our hands. There are various other annoying pests in the world, but you will hardly find any pests as annoying as the bed bugs.

Unlike other pests, bed bugs do not transmit harmful diseases, but they can play with your mental peace. After a hectic day, if you have to compromise your good night sleep due to bed bug bites, nothing can be worse than that.

Mental Stress

Lack of sleep for a long period may result in serious mental stress, which can reduce your cognitive ability. Besides, there are various issues related to lack of sleep; we at least need 6 to 7 hours of sleep to stay fit throughout the day. People with bad bed bug experience tend to get nightmares after a long time of the actual experience.

Physical Stress

Our physical stress is somewhat related to our mental stress. Besides, sensitive individuals get a cluster of red round bites which are extremely itchy in nature. After repetitive scratching and itching, they will feel warm while touching. It usually takes about a week to heal naturally, but in case this one week over, you need to see a doctor.

Doctors will prescribe a topical ointment to soothe the bite site and to escalate the natural healing process. To reduce the warm feeling ice bags can be applied on the bite sites. So, you need to adopt proper safety measures to keep a safe distance against the bed bug. The first safety step would be keeping a strict eye on your luggage while going and coming back from your travel destination.

You can use bed bug traps to track the presence of the bed bugs at the very first place. If the bed bugs, try to climb your bed, they will be trapped within the traps. In the case of prior infestation, these traps will help you tracking the particular furniture that is infested.

Bed Bugs and Emotional Stress

Lack of sleep and extremely itchy bites are the two main problems associated with the bed bug bites. It will play very badly with your emotional stress because dealing with bed bugs can be exhausting and emotionally draining. People sometimes feel isolated while dealing with bed bugs for a long period.

The presence of bed bugs is extremely disturbing because they interfere with your personal space and time. Naturally, you don’t want something to suck your blood and give you itchy red scars. After repetitive bed bugs bite, some people tend to get used to with the bites, which in turn can result in a bigger infestation.

The level of emotional stress may be increased if you apply random insecticides to remove the bed bugs because most of the insecticides contain harmful chemicals which can result in harmful health effects. So, in case of bed bug infestation, we recommend calling an expert exterminator from your locality to examine the situation. After evaluation of the infested area, they will suggest the best bed bug treatment for you.

Your Health and Bed Bug Bites

If you are allergic in nature, bed bug bites can cause adverse health issues to you. The bites may appear itchier to you, which might force you to scratch severely. Sometimes blood can be released from the bite sites out of excessive scratching. Moreover, a physical breakdown can result due to lack of sleep, which in turn can make you anxious.

Regular headache, nausea may also result after a certain period of less sleep. So, don’t panic after finding bed bugs in your bed or your couch, because out of panic, people tend to take wrong decisions. Do not jump on purchasing any random bed bug killing product from the market. Do your research first and call an exterminator to examine and consult about the state of infestation.

If interested, read our full guide about the best bed bug killing products.

Be Careful With The Application Of Pesticides!

Do not jump on purchasing any insecticide from the market, because every product claims they are the best and thanks to their marketing strategy, most people tend to trust them.

But we recommend you to research first and if necessary call a professional exterminator. Misapplication of the pesticide may create a huge mess that you don’t want for sure.

If you are living with children and pets, you have to be extra careful because the harmful ingredient of the insecticide may cause adverse health effects to them.

How to Stay Away from Bed Bugs

By now, probably you have understood what are the essential steps to keep bed bugs away from your home, if not, see below- where we have highlighted some effective bed bug safety precautions.

  • Use bed bug traps.
  • Keep your luggage far from the beds.
  • Carry travel-friendly bed bug spray.
  • Use mattress and pillow encasements.
  • Don’t overlook red itchy scars.
  • Call an exterminator in case of bed bug infestation.

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