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Tips On How To Remove Bed Bugs (A Comprehensive Bed Bug Removal Guide)

Tips On How To Remove Bed Bugs (A Comprehensive Bed Bug Removal Guide)

Are you searching for how to get rid of bed bugs?

Then you can gladly end your search here because dear reader, you have come to the right place! In this comprehensive guide, we are going to discuss every possible trick and measure to remove these annoying bloodsuckers from your lovely abode.

In this comprehensive guide you will find:

  • How to get rid of bed bugs: Case studies and bed bug success story
  • How to detect bed bugs
  • How to challenge the bed bugs in its first place
  • Important tips on bed bug removal
  • Frequently Asked Questions with all the answers

Bed bugs may enter your home unknowingly through luggage, used beds, used clothes, through car seats, couches, and several other items. They flawlessly fit into every possible place due to their flattened body shape and easily remain undetected for several months.

So what leads their hideous nature? This is mainly because of their unpredictable feeding habits. An adult bed bug can survive about a month without a single blood meal.

So can they be defeated permanently? Well, the answer is NO.

You probably have heard about a common myth related to bed bugs that only poor people get bed bugs. But in reality, even the wealthiest houses may suffer from bed bug infestation. From five star hotels to motels, palaces to cinema halls, from ships to buses they can be everywhere.

There are so many bed bug removal products in the market which include bed bug powder, bed bug sprays, vacuums, heaters, etc. which can be used to defeat deb bugs. Your bed bug defense mechanism may include effective bed bug pillow encasement.

In this comprehensive guide, you will find some useful tips on how to find bed bugs, some effective bed bug treatment and also about the extermination mechanism.

The Guidelines in this Page:

  • Can Bed Bugs be Defeated?
  • Thorough Guide on How to Prevent Bed Bugs
  • Smart Tips on How to Avoid Bed Bugs
  • How to Recognize a Bed Bug
  • How to Recognize Bed Bug Bites
  • Thorough Guide on Bed Bug Prevention Method
  • How to Take Care of Bed Bug Bites
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • The Do’s And Don’ts Of Bed Bug Removal
  • Final Thoughts Before Wrapping Up

Can Bed Bugs be Defeated?

We can understand your level of emotional stress behind looking for an answer to this question. Bed bugs can be your worst nightmare if you ignore their presence for a long time. But if you keep a strict eye on the regular sanitation habit of your home you can challenge their presence in the very first place. And yes they can be defeated!

The bed bug bites may cause itchiness which can easily turn into anxiety due to the pain and other negative side effects. Mentally their presence is very harassing because you never want a guest like bed bugs for whom you need to compromise your good night sleep. Though they can remain undetected for several months they can reproduce really faster.

An adult female bed bug can lay 5 to 6 eggs per day and amount 500 to 600 eggs throughout its lifetime. They always try to remain closer to their food sources. In your house which will be your family members and beds are the places where bed bugs will access you without any hazard.

So, what are the main reasons for bed bug infestation?

Needless to mention, in that context, the bad influence and advice from the internet is the main culprit. Apart from that:

  • Overlooking the initial infestation scenario
  • Excessive travel
  • Not changing mattress for a long period
  • Unskilled exterminator
  • Get used to with the bed bug bites (thus you don’t even realize you are surrounded by bed bugs)

Irrespective of the difficulty and harassment in abolishing these stubborn bloodsuckers, there are a few tested methods to kill bed bugs without the help of a certified exterminator. Here in this guide, we will talk about those methods.

But we recommend, if the infestation level reaches beyond your treatment it is maybe a high time to call an efficient exterminator because they know better what you need. Now let’s take a look at some success story of bed bug removal to motivate you while going forward with your bed bug treatment.

Thorough Guide on How to Prevent Bed Bugs

As you can see in this section we are going to comprehensively discuss the ways to prevent Bed Bug infestation, reading this important as we know: “Prevention Is Better Than Cure.”

Maintaining a few essential steps to prevent bugs entering your home can magically save your huge amount as well as keeps you away from certain anxiety and emotional stress.

1. Scrutinize your room upon arrival using flashlights

In most cases bed bugs enter your home unknowingly with your luggage, they also love to travel like you! You normally take them with you from hotels, cinemas, motels and from anywhere. They do not stick to your body while traveling but hide within your bags or other luggage.

According to the famous entomologist, Dr Waldvogel here are some tips to safeguard your luggage from the penetration of bed bugs:

  • Try to keep your belongings in an airtight bag.
  • Try to zip up your luggage as soon as possible after use.
  • Use luggage rack and avoid using bedsides to incline your luggage.
  • After coming back from your trip empty the luggage bag and place silica gel in it.
  • You can soak your luggage under sunlight for one or two days as bed bugs cannot stand sunlight.
  • Local pest strips can be placed inside of your luggage throughout your trip.
  • Try to empty the airtight bag directly into the heater or washing machine, so that if beg bugs may enter there they can die easily.
  • Dry wash and other heat treatment options can be considered

Apart from the above-mentioned points, there are several other advice regarding the prevention of bed bugs, which include checking the mattress for the presence of bed bugs after arriving into your room, these are useful advice indeed.

Our researchers talked to the owner of Fischer’s Pest Control In Las Vegas: Mr. Mike Fischer who state bed bugs are frequent in high tourist spots. Be careful your spotted creature doesn’t necessarily have to be bed bugs.

2. Avoid Encounter With Second-hand Materials

To save a few bucks it is sometimes feasible to purchase second-hand materials, be it clothes or furniture. But be careful saving a few bucks may lead to a bigger expense, because it may allow the unwanted guests to enter your home.

So here we recommend to completely avoid using any second-hand material to prevent bed bug infestation. Inspect the materials (especially clothes) carefully which you may leave to your friends’ place for a long period. You never know you may invite bed bug infestation along with your belongings.

The famous doctor Peek From Oklahoma University mention a couple of ways to for a successful beg bug prevention:

Clothes: In case you are using second-hand clothes the treatment will be more or less like traveling. Apply as much heat as possible while washing your clothing materials.

Siting materials: Like sofas, chairs, couches, etc. check their springs by pushing them down. Even after purchasing a new item consider applying a heat treatment before using.

While purchasing used material from anyone you should ask about the history of the material which may include the place of origin of the material, the usage method, moreover- “Why They Want To Sell It Out”? focus on the particular question more and try to evaluate the person’s reaction. It’s easy to get fooled but with slight consciousness, you can avoid inviting trouble to your home.

3. Use Dryer On Luggage

Taking further reference from the above-mentioned point (the first one) second hand, used clothes and clothing materials from travel should be passed through the heat treatment which will ensure 100% elimination of bed bugs from your clothes.

On that note here are three steps of the process described by The University of Minnesota:

a. Isolating already affected materials: Categorize your clothes for dry wash, heat treatment and other methods of a wash so it will be easier for you to detect clothes for particular wash types. Clothes that are needed to go through dry cleaning should be placed on the dryer with high heat.

b. Washing thoroughly: Directly remove the clothes to the washers from the bags and don’t forget to dispose of those storage bags.

c. Heat treatment: It is a good alternative for dry washing though we recommend it to perform along with washing to ensure ultimate bed bug prevention. Beg bugs cannot withstand heat over 120 degrees so they will die.

d. Separating clean clothes: After washing separate your clothing material while keeping them in the almirah. If your home is already infested with bed bugs separate your washed clothes in airtight bags.

4. Don’t Avoid Early Signs Of Biting

Detecting early signs of bed bug biting can not only save your time and money but will also relieve you from anxiety and emotional stress. For that having proper knowledge of early signs of bed bug biting is essential. After discovering the early biting signs you need to know about what steps should be taken.

Here in this section of the guide, we mention a few early warning signs of bed bug biting:

Bites from the bloodsuckers

At the initial stages of infestation, you may get a few bites but it can easily be confused with mosquito bites. The early signs of mosquito bites look almost similar to bed bug bites.

But in reality, bed bug bites are more painful and itchier than mosquito bites. The bed bug bites usually take a longer time to heal. They also leave behind a scar at the biting site.

Blood patches on your bedding material

Another important early sign of bed bug infestation is scattered blood patches on your bedding material especially on the bedsheet. At the time biting due to overfeeding they may get crashed with your body which leaves the stains behind.

So if you discover some kind of stain don’t overlook it may be an early sign of bed bug infestation.

A Success Story of Bed Bug Removal

Highlight: This story is about a divorced mom and her son who unknowingly brought those culprits

The Testimonial: One day the son returned from his father’s house with bed bug bites near his waistline. Though, the mother failed to identify those bites as the bed bug bites. She eventually misunderstood those with mosquito bites perhaps some other insect but not bed bugs.

Another reason behind the thought was her ex-husband had so many pets in his house like dogs, cats, etc. so she thought it is maybe just a mild allergic reaction. So she overlooked it! After a couple of weeks, the son continues to get the bites as she thought of allergic reactions. Now the whole situation was turning skeptical.

The doubtful scene ends when she finally found a bed bug in her own bed, though she killed it without even knowing it was a bed bug. Later Google images helped her to confirm those were nothing but the bed bugs. After finally confirmed their presence, the very next morning she called a local exterminator to inspect the situation.

A team of six exterminators came to check the whole house. They carefully check all the cracks and crevices for the presence of bed bugs. They found the couch which was situated near the den was infested, and it is the only source of infestation yet.

So the mom had a couple of options:

  • Throw the couch and treat the room
  • Treat the whole room along with the furniture

The mom took the smartest option which was the former one. The couch was old enough so she decided to throw it and treat the room.
The exterminators removed the furniture along with the baseboards. All furniture was sprayed thoroughly with Bedlam insecticide. The cracks and crevices were also sprayed with it to ensure the ultimate protection.

The team then took off some other suspected materials along with the faceplates and applied a bed bug powder with the help of a duster.
After the treatment, the exterminator’s team suggested the mom leave the treated room until the next appointment. Their appointment was fixed after two weeks, in between, they have checked the room for any other trace of bed bugs.

Eventually, they won’t find any bed bugs; it was good news indeed!

Well, was it?

A couple of weeks later the mom noticed a beg bug on the couch which was placed in the living room. It was comfortably crawling around so the war wasn’t over yet! She spent a fair amount of time behind researching some bed bug killer products available in the market. After that, she decided to purchase CimeXa (green colored insecticide). She also buys a duster and bushes for smooth application. Not only had that she also purchased mattress and pillow encasement.

She carefully dusted the whole house and then went for the installation of the encasement. During the installation of the encasement, she further noticed a couple of dead nymphs on her box spring which ere dried up during the powder application. While inspecting the living room she further found one adult bed bud dried up under her armchair.

SUMMING UP: The initial examination, followed by the exterminator’s treatment removed most of the bed bugs, but the use of dusters, mattress and pillow encasement and a month-long time, finally help the job done with ease.

Smart Tips on How to Avoid Bed Bugs

In this guide, if you are looking for a few tips maintaining which you can practically avoid large scale bed bug infestation then read forward.

Here we will discuss a few simple precautions that can help prevent bed bug infestation in your home:

  • If you are a traveler kindly keep a strict eye on your belonging while coming back to your places. You can use heat chambers and vacuums while washing them as excessive heat will kill bed bugs and other harmful pests.
  • Avoid buying second-hand furniture. They are the great source of the bloodsuckers. The worst part is at the time of buying you will never realize the presence of bed bugs on that particular furniture.
  • Use encasement for your mattress and pillows, so that even if you brought these bloodsuckers unknowingly they could not penetrate to your bed. Additionally, the white color (in most cases) of the encasement will make it easier to find the bed bugs.
  • We recommend purchasing a higher quality encasement to avid tearing and spending an extra penny in a shorter interval.
  • Check the encasement regularly, if you found any hole do not overlook, it may be an early sign of bed bug infestation. It’s high time to change the encasement and inspect your home.
  • Avoid use clutter in your home to minimize the hiding places for bed bugs.
  • Frequently use the vacuum to remove unwanted allergens from your home.
  • Be skeptical while using third party laundry services. Avoiding those will ensure avoiding bed bugs.
  • Try to seal the cracks and crevices around your light socket and baseboards to minimize the hiding places of the bed bugs. Without cracks, it will be easier for you to detect their presence.
  • Try to buy a portable heating chamber to treat any item that you think needs to be washed. Be careful while purchasing they must not be EPA regulated.
  • If you have pets wash them frequently because they are a good host for bed bugs, you never know they may enter your home with the monsters.

How to Recognize a Bed Bug

Identifying bed bugs can be laborious because they can easily be misunderstood with their close relatives in the pest world. Bed bugs are small, oval brownish pests that live on animals and humans for their blood meal. Adult bed bugs have flattened bodies that are about the size of an apple.

After a heavy blood meal, they swell and turn into a reddish color. Bed bugs cannot fly though they can crawl really faster. An adult female lay 5 to 6 eggs daily and about 550 eggs throughout its lifetime. Under the favorable condition, an egg can be hatched within a week and they can develop into an adult within a month.

Adult bed bugs can produce three to four generations per year. Bed bugs belong to the Cimicidae insect family sharing more than a hundred varying species. To identify bed bugs without a mistake you need to understand the basic difference between:

Bird Bugs and Bed Bugs

Bird bugs are also known as bird mites or bird lice- look almost similar to the bed bugs. An adult bird mite is 0.5 to 0.7 mm long whereas a bed bug is 3 to 5 mm long. As their name suggests they tend to feed especially on birds.

So why we are talking about bird bug here? Well, they might crawl into your space after the bird left the nest or died anyway. Bird bugs are more robust than bed bugs as they can survive without a blood meal for about six to nine months. So removing them after a serious infestation will be hectic.

Basic Difference Between Bird Bugs and Bed Bugs

Bird BugsBed Bugs
Smaller in size (0.5- 0.7 mm)Bigger in size (3 to 5 mm)
They live upon their hostsThey bite and hide back
Don’t have faecal traces Do have faecal traces
They prefer birds but look for other option if requiredBed bugs only feed upon human, sometimes on the bat
They cannot reproduce on human bloodHuman blood is their main source of food

How to find bird bugs?

If you suspect you have bird bugs check your pets ASAP to see if they are already infested with them. Thoroughly check any adjacent attic or gutters because they find a way to each you through them. It will easier for you to remove them if you can find their source.

Bat Bugs and Bed Bugs

Bat bugs are the closest relative of the bed bugs. It is often suggested by the reports that bed bugs are a descendant of the bat bugs who used to feed on cave-dwelling humans hundreds of years ago. Bed bugs are commonly mistaken with bat bugs due to their similar appearance.

Basic Difference Between Bat Bugs and Bed Bugs

Bat BugBed bug
Rely on bats for a blood mealRely on humans for a blood meal
Cannot reproduce on human bloodCan only reproduce on human blood
Their hair length is longer Their hair length is shorter

How to find bat bugs?

If you doubt having bat bugs check your attic, basement or any other adjacent place which is connected to the outside sewerage system. In the case of more doubt, we recommend calling a local exterminator to check the presence and extent of the infestation.

Check for any bat nest in your garden because removing the bat is directly related to getting rid of the bat bugs. You can further apply some bug spray and powder for a permanent bug solution.

Fleas And Bed Bugs

Fleas often can be mistaken with bed bugs due to their biting tendency. They also leave similar marks after biting. Though they have many things in common, fleas and bed bugs do have some differences.

Basic Difference Between Flea Bites and Bed Bugs

Fleas BitesBed Bugs
Fleas are smaller Bugs are bigger than fleas
Fleas can bounce and jump, but cannot crawl fasterBed bugs cannot jump but crawl faster
They can transmit diseaseIn most of the cases, they do not transmit disease
They have irregular and itchy bite marksThey have red bite marks which appear within a cluster
Fleas target your lower leg and feet while bitingBed bugs target body parts that are attached with beds while sleeping

How to find Fleas?

Pets are the greatest carrier of flies, so in case of any doubt go and check your pet ASAP. They may have taken these unwanted fleas to your home. If you have pets then these fleas are from outside without any doubt. They can come through other pets or from their vet. If your pet catches fleas they likely to spread it in their sleeping materials or other areas where they might sleep.

In case if you found any trace of fleas on your pet we recommend shampooing thoroughly, changing clothes of their sleeping area and discarding previously used materials. You can also use flea traps to trap and detect them.

Mosquitoes and Bed Bugs

Now here are the two annoying terms in one line, indeed. Sometimes mosquitoes are also confused with bed bugs. Even after having bed bug infestation some people often still think it is a mosquito bite, but in reality bed bug bites are more annoying than mosquitoes.

Basic Difference Between Mosquito Bites and Bed Bugs

Mosquito BitesBed Bugs
They can flyCannot fly
Cannot crawlCan crawl real fast
Feel the biting at the very momentCannot feel the biting right then
Itchy mark will disappear within hours Biting marks will not disappear within a couple of days

How to find mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are easier to find than bed bugs or any kind of bugs. Their peculiar buzzing sounds make them detected easily. Here are some useful mosquito removal tips which include removing water holding utensils and with clearing bushes around your house.

If you keep water on a broken flower tub or on any other material it will act like their perfect habitat which allows them for seamless reproduction. So, we recommend removing stagnant water sources to stop mosquito reproduction.

100% Confirmation on Having Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can rarely be seen during the day as they are nocturnal. To get the ultimate confirmation you have to manage to catch one. You can take a picture and search it on Google or else call an exterminator to examine what kind of pest is that.

But if you want to be confirmed by your own here are some quick things to check:

  • They usually bite at night
  • You make wakeup with red itchy and swell marks
  • They to bite on the body parts which attach with the bedding material
  • Clusters of red bite marks
  • Bloodstains on your bed sheet or pillow covers

Generally, the bed bug bites are mote itchier than mosquito bites and these bites stay for a longer period of time in comparison to mosquito bites, as stated above in the table.

You can go for using bed bug traps which will be beneficial for trapping and tracing the presence of bed bugs in your home. There is a slippery substance in the traps more like powders, so once the bed bugs get trapped they cannot crawl back to their hiding places.

You can then check the video on how to find bugs in your home:

How to Recognize Bed Bug Bites

In this section of our guide, we would like to discuss you can be sure the particular bite is from bed bugs? This is an important question that needs to address carefully because these identification procedures are the final game-changer. After detecting bed bugs, now it’s the high time to be 100% sure about their bite.

Whenever a bed bug bites, you will encounter a red circular or oval bite mark more or less similar to a mosquito bite. This makes bed bug bites harder to detect in its first place. Gradually the biting areas will start to itch and swell, eventually, form a lump, now it’s high time to get your fighting strategy ready because you have a bed bug infestation.

You won’t realize that you are being bitten by bed bugs because they use certain anesthesia. Aren’t they smart? Yes, they indeed! Many other allergic reactions may occur due to bed bug bites. According to a report published by Micheal Potter, the famous Entomologist more than 25% of people never realized they have been bitten by bed bugs, though it sounds strange it’s the truth.

Don’t consider yourself unlucky on that ground. Those who do not realize, pose more risk than those who can realize because they can take necessary measures to get rid of bed bugs.

Is there any serious disease associated with bed bug bites?

Most of the time there is no serious harm with bed bug biting apart from itching and swelling. It has been researched that bed bug bites containing a combination of neutralizing factors, which is responsible for reducing the chances of disease transmission. In most cases, bed bugs do not carry harmful diseases.

A study from Penn Medicine conducted in the Center for Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics shows Bed bug can transmit a parasite that causes Chagas disease. A research report from Oxford University Press state that bed bugs bites caused sickness in a 67-year-old male.

Under that circumstance that individually developed irritation and skin rashes after bitten by bed bugs. Reports from Austral Entomology cited- a couple of researchers purposefully allowed bed bugs to bite them for researching purposes were developed itching, skin rashes, and hives.

They reported feeling lethargic along with a short session of enormous sweating. The strongest point of the research was- both of the researchers have bitten by bed bugs before but never felt those symptoms. The report further did not stretch the conclusion stating the probable reasons.

Our researchers assume that even if you are not allergic to bed bugs, in general, there may be some situations under which you may develop some allergic reaction from bed bug bites. There is no rule book regarding allergic reaction to beg bugs, anyone may or may not face the same thing for over again.

Thorough guide on removal of bed bug infestation

Now if you are already aware of your bed bug infestation problem check out the thorough guide to removes the bloodsuckers from your abode. In this section, we have focused on a few predominant steps through which you can get rid of bed bugs. From dos and don’ts to hiring an exterminator to check the status of the infestation-everything you will find within a few scrolls!

Thorough Guide on Bed Bug Prevention Method

Here our researchers have mentioned the few important steps to get rid of bed bugs seamlessly:

Don’t Panic

After realizing that your home has been attacked from a bed bug infestation, please don’t panic. Certainly, you are not the only person to face the nightmare. We understand its very frustrating to see someone is taking charge of your home but wait, to defeat them you must have a proper strategy that doesn’t sound like magic.

Bed bugs are annoying but you have to be smart. Only the useful steps will help you to get rid of them. Unnecessary panic may take a minute to create a mess by worsening the infestation.

360 Degree Inspection Is Required

Sounds like police though but you have to make your skeptical mind to convince it’s the high time to examine every corner of your home. The job can be laborious and at the same point essential too! For inspection, you can choose any time slot throughout the day. Either by compromising your work or by compromising your sleep.

To be precise there is no rule book of an ideal time of bed bug inspection. Whenever you are planning to start your investigation start with the most favorable place of bed bugs- mattress. In 70% cases, bed bugs are likely to found on the mattress. Keep a flashlight or torch to search cracks and crevices properly, you can found them there due to their flattened body and hideous nature.

Do not leave the almirah and electric switchboard to look for. Though we highly recommend you to hire a professional or electrician to do the initial uninstallation. This information will show the right path towards the right products available in the market for bed bug removal. It will include best pillow encasements, mattress encasements, sprays, powders, heaters, and many other weapons.

Find our suggested bed bug mattress and pillow covers here.

Hiring A Local Bed Bug Exterminator

Before hiring an exterminator to invest a little on researching a few things, do not leave everything upon the exterminator as you don’t anything about the potential of the exterminator. Every second exterminator claims to be the best due to the easy marketing strategy, whereas in reality situation will deviate.

Don’t let your expectation to supersede your research whereas giving priority to the later will reduce the chance of miscommunication. Don’t get carried away with your emotion after discovering a bed bug infestation. Google will show you many paths according to that particular brand’s marketing strategy.

You can expect to be lucky with your first hired exterminator, but whom to blame if just the opposite results? Think!

Washing and Sanitizing Almost Everything

Irrespective of the place of bed bug occurrence you need to isolate every suspected material of your house to wash it. After executing the cleaning of the targeted areas it’s time to introduce proper chemical treatment from experienced professionals to avoid trial and error methods. Planning a roadmap will be feasible while separating and sanitizing each material of your room.

Clothes or fabric materials: The particular group of clothes that escaped your consideration needs to be separated from the washable ones. Bed bugs cannot withstand temperature beyond 120 degrees Fahrenheit, so eventually bed bugs and their newly hatched/laid eggs will demolish. After cleaning and drying opt for ironing, to ensure double layered protection. Then pack them inside a sanitized bag and keep it aside.

Hard materials: Any materials other than cloths fabric are falling under this category. Unlike clothes, they cannot be cleaned easily. They should be placed under an airtight container which will eliminate further bed bug movement. After that, you are ready to proceed with your desired bed bug treatment method.

Opting for heat treatments: A viable alternative to your bed bug solution in treating every infested material in the heating chamber. They will ensure success by killing bed bugs by placing everything under heat treatment. They can be expensive but at the same point of time effective. That’s why we are keeping this option here. If you want a healthy abode you cannot ignore the effectiveness of the heat chambers.

You can check our heat treatment for bed bug removal guide here.

After isolating your belongings which should include mattress, pillow covers, every crack, and crevice you must treat them with vacuum cleaning. Especially cracks and crevices require the treatment more than anything else because they are the ideal hiding place of bed bugs.

Watch the video to get a deeper knowledge about getting rid of bed bug infestation based on Los Angeles:

How to Take Care of Bed Bug Bites

You can only look for the answer to the above question either out of curiosity or out of bed bug biting experience. Former is unlikely though appreciated but the later will be taken care of here.

Do you know what is the best way to treat bed bug bites?

By not scratching the bite sites. Cut your nails immediately if a similar situation is going to take place. Though touching is also not recommended, it cannot be avoided you are allowed to tap slightly on the bed bug bite sites. If you are going to check with a doctor (general physician- followed by a dermatologist) they will prescribe a soothing ointment which will not only reduce the itching but also help the swell to dry up first.

If you do not have sensitive skin you can avoid the step, though at your own risk. They last longer than mosquito bites and leave a lighter scar after getting dried up. Sometimes the bite sites may appear warm while touching; you may sense a burning sensation upon touching.

Applying an ice bag can be recommended while direct ice application is strictly prohibited as it may worsen the scenario if you have sensitive skin. In that case, consider wrapping the ice cube within a piece of soft cotton and let it soothe the burning sensation.

Check out the guide for more information on bed bug bites

Frequently Asked Questions

Do not let your emotional stress to be increased due to the mishap, rather skip the situation smartly by reading our “Frequently Asked Questions” section on how to choose the best exterminator for your bed bug infestation.

Any trace of reference: Research properly before hiring a professional exterminator, look for their presence on major online platforms like Google, LinkedIn, etc. their online presence will indicate their authentication.

Do they hold the license for executing the special job: If they are from your State you can easily trust their level of professionalism.

Do they provide a guarantee: Before choosing a professional from an organization check carefully if they provide guarantee on their service. Bed bugs are generally hard to demolish so if an organization provides a guarantee on their service they can be trusted.

Do they provide proper insurance: Yes you need that too because it’s a tricky job to do the company must provide insurance for a particular period within which if a further infestation occurs they will do the treatment without talking further penny.

The pricing details: Before jump onto choosing any bed bug treatment package compare to other organization’s pricing list. Not necessarily spending extra money will ensure early success. Don’t get carried away with those emotional buffs.

The service details: The organization is bound to describe the step by step treatment process along with proper explanation behind choosing the particular treatment (or, the combination of treatment) before executing. If they deny explaining that does not choose the organization. Remember, clarity between the customer and the service provider should be given the utmost priority.

How long the treatment will last: This question is a must to ask and to be answered with. Check their way of speaking while answering the question. Have faith in your sixth sense.

What are the components of their treatment: They should clearly mention the particular material (s) they are going to use for your bed bug treatment. If you have children and/or pet around give a special emphasis on the answer to the question.

What part of the area will be covered: Ask them what part (s) of your house will be covered by their service. Remember, removing bed bugs from a single area won’t stop spreading the infestation.

Do they have a proper website: It’s not a mandate though, but in the digital era it has become essential for every reputed organization irrespective of their domain for a strong digital presence. We believe a sound digital presence will enhance their authenticity. Every possible detail of the company should be mentioned on their website.

So you have checked all the above-mentioned parameters with your desired company? Don’t wait to contact them now!

Skip the research and talk to the exterminator to kill Bed Bugs

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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Bed Bug Removal

Read them carefully for some extra knowledge irrespective of your extent of an infestation and the stage of treatment you are going through. We have everything covered regarding the Dos and Don’ts of Bed Bug bites. Once you are done share the valuable information with others as well- as ‘’Sharing is Caring’’ right!

We know you do care about the health of your house as well as your family members, so go through the Yes(s) and No(s) of bed bug bites:

The do’s of Bed Bug Treatment

Use bed bug traps:

If you are confused and cannot detect the problem then bed bug traps are ideal for you. With the traps, you can easily detect the threat and can take necessary measures accordingly. If the infestation already does not reach your mattress chances of success with bed bug traps are more. These traps contain a powdery material so that once the bed bugs enter they cannot get back to their previous place.

Use heat treatments:

It is one of the most viable treatments of bed bug infestation. Bed bugs cannot stand the heat, probably because of the very reason they do not like to stick to your body. You can use streamers for your luggage to treat them after coming back home, heat treatment while washing your clothes will reduce the chances of bed bug remains. So, the heat treatment method is a great preventive way to get of rid of bed bugs.

Purchase/rent heat chambers

If you travel a lot and previously faced bed bug infestation for more than a couple of time then it’s the high time to consider taking some serious steps regarding the prevention method. You can purchase a heat treatment chamber to wash your clothes after coming back from your work or holiday. Though the heaters are a bit expensive it can save further expenditure on bed bug infestation treatment. You can rent the heaters and reduce the chances of bed bug infestation.

Use silica gel

Silica gel or silicon dioxide is a great drying agent that can be used to prevent bed bug infestation. These are synthetically produced in the lab especially to extract moisture from the insects the will come to its vicinity. Using silica gel is a good option but it alone sometimes fails to prevent bed bugs. It should be used with other bed bug powders like diatomaceous earth to ensure ultimate prevention.

Check your mattress along with the Box Spring for any sign of infestation: In case of arousing any doubt, check your mattress first. Detecting the culprits at their origin can save you more time and money. While checking mattress please carefully check the place around box spring along with the hardboard.

Heat treatment your clothes

To prevent any chances of bed bug infestation heat treatment is exceptional. After coming back from your holiday or work trip don’t forget to wash your clothes in the heating chamber. As we mentioned earlier that bed bugs cannot tolerate overheat, during washing they will eventually die. After washing, heat pressing will ensure the ultimate protection.

Use Pillow encasements

The bed bug pillow encasements are a great way to prevent bed bud in your pillow. The fine knitting of these pillows will chance the entry of bed bugs in their very first place. Besides, these are waterproof and prevent any other body fluid to enter the pillow. So not only bed bugs you will get of any other dust mites and allergens while using encasements.

Use mattress encasements:

If you want to protect the most comfortable place of your house from the invasion of these monster bloodsuckers then the mattress encasements will be your must-have weapon. You can save your expensive mattress from the bed bugs and also these encasements will keep the bloodsuckers away from your bed. These encasements will not kill the bed bugs rather force them out of your bed so that it will be easier for you to detect their location.

Frequently use Vacuum for double-layered protection:

If you want a clean and healthy environment for your home which will be free from bed bugs and other annoying allergens throughout the year then start using vacuums. With regular use of vacuums, you will not only keep your house clean but also keep a strict eye on the type on the allergens that regularly try to enter your house.

In the case, of bed bug infestation vacuums will keep your awareness in the very first place so that it will be easier for you to plan a defense strategy. Click here to check our recommended bed bug vacuums.

The don’ts of Bed Bug Treatment

Try to treat the infestation on your own:

If you don’t want to create a mess with your bed bug infestation problem then please avoid treating the bed bug infestation on your own. Sometimes house owners end their problems with a bigger mess just because of a lack of information and awareness. To increase knowledge internet information is good but when it comes to practical solution experienced professionals should be hired.

In spite of all your knowledge you may end up misunderstanding some other insects with bed bugs, so better to avoid any confusion, before taking necessary measures ask opinions from the professionals or just rely on them.

Use Foggers:

Foggers do not work well with bed bugs as it works for mosquito. A report published by The Journal Of Economic Entomology states that using foggers in case of bed bug infestation won’t help much because they do not work on cracks and crevices where normally bed bugs hide. Using foggers will damage your health, especially if you have children and pets around try to avoid them.

Use blowers:

Using blowers will worsen the bed bug infestation situation as they will tend to hide in a new location. So instead of capturing and minimizing the infestation, with blower, you will eventually create a mess.

Overlook early signs of biting

If you are lucky enough by not having sensitive skin and like many others, if you do not irritate with bed bug bites then you are in danger if you have a bed bug infestation. Do not convince your mind that the bite marks are from mosquitoes rather than bed bugs. If the biting marks will not disappear within 24 hours then check carefully if you have bed bugs around.

Get used to with the biting every night:

If nothing can bother your sleep even bed bug bites then you are probably inviting a mess to your home. It will not only give the bed bugs more time to settle to your place but also you are putting your family members’ health at stake.

Throw away belonging out of concern:

Before getting 100% sure about your bed bug infestation do not just throw your belongings out of panic. It may be other insects not bed bug. Or even if it is bed bug just throwing away things will not help you much. So, before taking this kind of decision call a professional exterminator to check and evaluate the situation.

Sleep in various abandoned place:

If you are a traveler with carefree down to earth nature then your stress level may easily upscale with your bohemian attitude. If you love to sleep just anywhere and everywhere then probably by now either you have faced bed bug infestation or there are already hundreds of bed bugs living behind your bed sheet. So take care of your belongings and luggage after coming back from your travel spot.

Use Diatomaceous Earth:

The DE is worked by extracting the outer layer of the bed bug skin thereby drying them up to death. A study published by PCT Magazine shows the effect of applying diatomaceous earth on bed bugs. Through their study, they evaluate 6 apartments facing the infestation in Central Kentucky. In all the apartments only diatomaceous earth was used to treat the infestation. The application of DE eventually increases the number of bed bugs in 5 the apartment. You can go for a silica gel which gives better results when used.

Start applying insecticide on your own:

By now you know why you should not opt for the step. You don’t want to be responsible for your family members’ health hazard right? Then avoid using any insecticide before consulting a professional. Do not let the marketing trick of the product to control your mind. Every product nowadays claims to be the best but in reality, most of them fail to perform. Do not use other chemicals like Lysol, Bleaching powder, boric acid, etc. go get rid of the infestation.

Skip the research and talk to the exterminator to kill Bed Bugs

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FAQs about treatment on bed bug infestation

Well, congratulations! You have come to the last section of the guide where we are going to discuss some frequently asked questions regarding bed bug infestation. If you still have any questions left unanswered you can check the section where we bet you will get the answer of desired bed bug questions.

In case if we missed something further, let us know in the comment section and we will add them here at our earliest.

Q1. After the first treatment should I throw my stuff to get rid of bed bugs?

If you have opted for the first treatment then do not throw your belongings even if they are infested. Wait for the second treatment and ask your exterminator what you should do. If you don’t want to take any further chance of infestation then it’s up to. But it’s our recommendation that doesn’t throw the thing out without proper reason

Q2. What product should I use at the place of DE?

You can use CimeXa which has been killing bed bugs with ease for the last few years as reported by the victims. It’s a silica gel formula that acts faster than DE.

Q3. What do bed bugs look like?

Bed bugs are small, oval brown colored pests which are almost 3 to 5mm long, the size of an apple seed. They cannot fly but can crawl faster. Click here to know more about how bed bug looks like.

Q4. How to detect their presence?

After returning from travel, check your luggage thoroughly. In case of any doubt start searching from your mattress and board box. You can use bed bug traps to understand whether they are present at home or not.

Q5. What should be my luggage option to reduce bed bug infestation?

Use luggage with zippers so that after use you can zip it up. Go for waterproof options so that the bed bugs cannot enter to your luggage. Avoid using luggage with a hole or tear. Put a small packet of silica gel inside of your luggage so in case of bed bugs enter it will lead them to die to lack of moisture.

Q6. How to keep mosquito, bugs and other insects away from home?

To get rid of the flying insects you can install a net to your windows. For bed bugs, regular use vacuum and use a bed bug trap to detect them. For mosquitos keep a handy spray with you whereas it’s not an option with bed bugs. A healthy lifestyle and regular inspection reduce the chances of bed bug infestation.

Q7. How to identify bed bug bites?

Bed bug bites are red, circular, lumpy and appear in clusters. These bites are itchy most of the time. They normally take 2 to 4 days to disappear. Click here to know more about how to identify bed bug bites.

Q8. What are the most common places of bed bug hiding?

Bed bugs love to hide from humans for that they choose to live in cracks, crevices, and other narrow places. Their flattened body helps them to hide in such places. They love to remain close to their food source that is why they hide in pillows and mattresses. So start searching from your bedsheet first!

Q9. What are bed bug’s sources of food?

The only source of their food is blood. Without human blood bed, bugs cannot reproduce. They can survive without a single blood meal for weeks. In cooler weather, they can survive up to a month without a blood meal.

Q10. Who should bear the expense of Bed Bug extermination, between the tenant and the landlord?

It depends on the situation. Usually, landlords are responsible to bear all the expenses. But in case only that tenant is facing the issue but not others then it may assume that the tenant is responsible for the bed bug infestation and thereby all expenses will be on the tenant.

Q11. Why the bed bug bites itch?

Most of the people especially with sensitive skin tend to face the problem because they are allergic to the particular coagulant used by the bed bugs. That’s why the bite sites tend to form a lump after some time.

Q12. Why I am more sensitive to bed bug bites?

Studies shows, more than 33% of people do not usually feel the bed bug bites. Do not consider yourself lucky if you are one of them. It’s more dangerous when you don’t realize the hazardous effects of bed bug infestation. But if you are allergic you can detect early bed bug infestation which helps you save more money.

Final Thoughts Before Wrapping Up

Now you are here, at the end of the comprehensive bed bug guide. In case you overlooked, within the guide we have covered- how to remove bed bugs, how to identify bed bugs and their bites, how to prevent them and so many other points.

This guide will impart a 360-degree idea if you are suffering a bed bug problem. Don’t get used to the bloodsuckers, rather follow the steps mentioned above to get rid of the bed bugs and to ensure a clean and healthy home environment.

Skip the research and talk to the exterminator to kill Bed Bugs

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