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Do Cockroaches Bite?

Do Cockroaches Bite?

Cockroaches omnivorous; they eat almost everything that we eat. They have found to eat human flesh, both living and dead. When you are asleep, they may take a bite of your fingernail, eyelash, hair, etc. So yes, cockroaches can bite you!

Here are the things you will learn in this article:

  • Can cockroaches bite you?
  • Why do cockroaches bite you?
  • Under what circumstances a cockroach may bite you?
  • What do cockroach bites resemble?
  • Are cockroach bites dangerous?

Just like other households creepy crawlies, cockroaches can’t avoid human flesh. They are classified as omnivores, which means they eat everything from plant to meat. They can feed on almost anything that runs over their ways (plants, meat, trash, and so on). You won’t feel their bite like mosquito or bed bug, due to that we sometimes fail to realize their bite, it only makes the infestation worse.

The Guidelines in this Page:

  • Do The Roaches Bite Humans?
  • Why Would Cockroaches Bite You?
  • Under What Condition Cockroaches Can Bite You?
  • Are Cockroach Bites Harmful?
  • How to Deal With Cockroach Bite?
  • How to Put a Stop to Cockroach Bite?

Do The Roaches Bite Humans?

In most cases, cockroaches do not bite humans. In case of severe infestation, if you suddenly stop providing food, they may bite you. They will start looking for alternative food, and during that process, if you come across, they may bite you. They also bite you if you feel threatened; if you somehow manage to catch them, they may bite you to escape. They tend to bite while you are asleep, but it is very rare.

Watch this video to see what cockroach bites look like?

Why Would Cockroaches Bite You?

Cockroaches are shy and don’t like human presence; they will stay in your house only due to food. Though it is very rare that they bite you, but that happens, it may be due to food like smell. If they can smell something stimulus (food) on your body, they may smell and tempted to eat that.

If you carry any leftover unknowingly, they may come for that. So, it is very important to clean your hand after having a meal; you must wash your mouth otherwise, the smell may attract them. If you sleep near or on your kitchen floor, chances of getting their bite are higher. But they will not dare to come to you while you are awake. So, what parts of the human body are more prone to get cockroach bite?

These are:

  • Mouth
  • Face
  • Hands
  • Finger (both palm and foot)

But in most cases, you will hardly feel any difference; these bites won’t cause you pain or itchings like mosquito or bed bug bites.
If you compromise your cockroach infestation for a long time, they will start ignoring you due to their increasing number; under such conditions, they may bite you, though this is also rare.

Under What Condition Cockroaches Can Bite You?

Unlike other pests, cockroaches have nothing to do with the human presence, you will find them in your kitchen or storeroom. If you love to smell your hand after eating and enjoy the faded food smell, they can be their victims. Cockroaches are attracted by the stimulating food smell; that is why you may find them roaming around your kitchen.

If you have a separate storeroom as an extended part of your kitchen, cockroaches may hide them. If not removed they may form a large colony within a short period. Under such a situation you may get cockroach bite. In order to keep a healthier home environment, it is better to have a meal in dining; you must not eat food in your bedroom.

Especially if you know you have cockroaches in your house. The smell can attract cockroaches in your personal space; it will be difficult to remove them from those areas. If you keep leftovers in your living or bedroom, they will surely come in search of that and may end up biting you.

Are Cockroach Bites Harmful?

You may experience swelling and rashes if cockroaches bite you. In most cases, individuals fail to realize the bite; if you have sensitive skin you may face irritation followed by swelling and rashes. If you have asthma, you may get allergy out of cockroach bite, as they may carry the allergens.

But honestly, cockroach bites are not as serious as mosquito or bed bug bites. Cockroaches roam around in typical nasty places, which may include toilet, garbage, trash, hospitals, etc. that is why they are considered as the carrier of E.coli and Salmonella; your skin may be exposed to these harmful bacteria if they bite you.

Symptoms of a cockroach bite

If you are allergic in nature or have sensitive skin, you may get an allergic reaction out of cockroach bite. Here are some symptoms which will appear in case of cockroach bite:

  • Red rashes on your skin (due to saliva and faces of the cockroach on your skin)
  • Swelling (due to poisonous reaction with your skin)
  • Itching (don’t itch them, apply an antiseptic, or best see a dermatologist)
  • Red bumps
  • Cluster of bumps

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Diseases Cockroaches Carry

As we mentioned earlier cockroaches roam around nastiest places like garbage, toilet, hospitals, etc. they carry pathogens of harmful diseases like:

  • Cholera
  • Giardia
  • Listeriosis
  • Dysentery
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Escherichia Coli
  • Streptococcus

We recommend professional cockroach treatment to avoid the risk of getting infected by these harmful diseases. Keeping your household clean and free from cracks and cervices is the easiest way to keep cockroaches away. Always wash your hand before taking a meal and clean your kitchen before leaving. Try to cover the trash, especially during the night, since cockroaches are nocturnal.

How to Deal With Cockroach Bite?

If you feel the cockroach bite, you must have sensitive skin, because in most cases, individuals with normal skin won’t feel their bite.
If it feels scratchy, we recommend not to scratch, for that cut your nails short. In case of further itching, use a disinfectant to soothe the area. Remember, the scratching makes the situation worsen.

If the bite site feels like burning, you can apply ice or other topical ointments. You can rub sliced onion on the area to get rid of the itching. If you experience inflammation (which is highly unlikely), try rubbing alcohol those are meant to use medically. You can apply ice to suppress the burning sensation.

Baking soda paste is another effective mixture that can be used to soothe the bite site. Mix it with water and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes after application. Then wash it with plain water. In case the victim is your child, do not apply any DIY method as it may worsen the infection because they have more sensitive skin than adults. Straight take them to a doctor and start the medication accordingly.

How to Put a Stop to Cockroach Bite?

Cockroaches don’t like human presence, but at the same time, they can’t help their affection towards food. Their menu card almost covers everything from plant to meat as they are carnivorous in nature. If you carelessly leave leftovers in your kitchen or other parts of your house, naturally they can be attracted as they can smell food from a long distance.

So, if you want to keep them at bay, start dealing with the problems at its roots, clean your kitchen every time after cooking, especially at night, as cockroaches are nocturnal. Avoid spilling while cooking as they can live on a tiny bite for over a week or so. In case of unavailability, they can survive more than a month without food.

So, if you leave leftovers in your kitchen it will be enough to feed the entire colony. Don’t forget to close your trash; otherwise, they will jump on those to feed. Also, seal the cracks and crevices of your kitchen and living area as cockroaches are experts in hiding.

For faster results, you can try using cockroach traps, so that it will be easier for you to catch them. Traps will make it easier for you to detect the hiding places of cockroaches. After using traps for about a week if you still find more cockroaches, we highly recommend calling a professional exterminator.

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