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Find Out When To Call An Exterminator! (360 Degree Guide)

Find Out When To Call An Exterminator! (360 Degree Guide)

Do you see a couple of cockroaches in your kitchen, storeroom or any part of your home? You know there are many, it’s just a matter of time to find the others. If you don’t deal with them timely, they may crate harmful health issues by spreading stomach problems.

If you hate crawling insects, then you cannot tolerate the presence of cockroaches in your home. Getting rid of the cockroaches can be daunting if you do not know how to do it. Killing one or two cockroaches does not mean killing the entire colony.

Do not purchase any random chemicals from the market; you may end up creating a mess by an improper application. We recommend hiring a professional pest control company to deal with the cockroach problem. So, how do you know what is the exact time call an exterminator?

The Guidelines in this Page:

  • Should you Call a Professional Exterminator to Remove Cockroaches?
  • What is The Exact Time to Call an Exterminator?
  • Approximately How Much Does a Cockroach Exterminator Cost?
  • How to Approach your Exterminator?
  • How to Choose a Professional Exterminator?
  • How to Deal With your Pets During the Treatment?
  • Post-Treatment Precautions
  • Communication With a Neighbour Regarding the Treatment
  • The Final Thoughts on Cockroach Removal

Should you Call a Professional Exterminator to Remove Cockroaches?

This is one of the most common questions that come in a sufferer’s mind that should they call an exterminator, in spite of successfully killing and crushing a couple of cockroaches? What about some DIY methods? Are these helpful to remove the cockroach infestation?

Well, there are so many ways to deal with the cockroach infestation. We always recommend relying on the professionals because they know better what to do and when to do.

Why should you call an exterminator?

Cockroaches not only steal your food from the kitchen, besides they spread harmful diseases specially to the young adults because of their weak immune system. If you live with children and pets, you need to take special care to deal with the nasty cockroaches. Applying cockroach removal products without proper information may create unhealthy chaos in your home environment.

The first sign of cockroach infestation is to see a couple of cockroaches under your sink or near the trash in the kitchen. So, we always advocate of hiring a certified professional to deal with the cockroach problems. If you are facing the cockroach issues for more than a couple of weeks and fail to eradicate them on your own, then it’s the high time to call an exterminator.

What is The Exact Time to Call an Exterminator?

Cockroaches are one of the nasty indoor pests that can interfere in your kitchen without your prior knowledge. If you ignore them, they create serious menace. They roam around some of the nastiest places like toilets, sewage, garbage, and you just name it. From those places, they straight come to your kitchen and contaminate your food.

When you eat them, it’s normal you end up with a stomach problem. Do not wait for the worst part of the problem; deal with them at your earliest to minimize the health hazards. Call an exterminator within a couple of weeks after discovering cockroaches in your different parts of your home.

What will happen if you don’t treat them?

If you think living with cockroaches is no big deal, then hold on you are in trouble! Ignoring the cockroaches will help them to grow their numbers; they reproduce faster than many insects. By the time as they grow, they will find new places to infest within your home. If they stopped feeling a threat from you, they don’t bother coming to your personal space even during your presentation.

In case of unavailability of food, they can bite you or your family members as well. Another problem with the cockroaches is they poop everywhere they visit, it can be on your kitchen sink, on your dining table, on utensils, on containers, etc. the poop is tiny and black, unrecognizable in most cases. If these get mixed within the food, you know what can happen.

Sometimes they can trigger asthma symptoms in allergic individuals. If you have a sensitive digestive system stay away from them for your betterment. If you don’t want any of this to happen, you must not waste further time, just call a professional exterminator and eradicate the odious creatures from your abode.

How about DIY methods?

There are many DIY methods to remove the cockroaches from your home or office space. One of the best hacks to eliminate the cockroaches (especially the winged ones) is to use Sugar, Borax, Peppermint oil, Neem, Diatomaceous earth, silica aerogel, etc. Sometimes this works and sometimes doesn’t.

The internet is now full of bluffs and ill information, so before applying any of the DIY methods check carefully, do not make the problem worse by applying ineffective products. If you live with children and pets, try to be extra careful with the cockroach killing ingredients. If accidentally swollen by your children or pets, try to check with a doctor ASAP.

In the case of a larger cockroach infestation, the DIY methods won’t work much due to the repetitive nature of the roaches. We recommend getting the job done with the help of professional exterminators; it will minimize the cockroach trouble in a safer manner.

Approximately how much does a cockroach exterminator cost?

Whenever dealing with a cockroach infestation most of the individuals try to do it by themselves because of the cost. Sure, you don’t want to bother your budget due to this particular thing. If you are a homeowner, we absolutely understand your concern regarding the cost.

In this section of the guide, we are going to discuss the approximate cost of professional cockroach removal. The cost depends on the type of infestation and extension of the area. Approximately exterminator costs around $ 100 to $ 280. If you want high-end services, the cost may touch $550. The cost also depends on what kind of treatment you are going to opt for.

Professional extermination service can be of three types:


The first phase of every professional pest control service is an inspection. Unless properly inspected the area, no treatment shall begin. It’s an important phase to eradicate the cockroaches from your home. Your pest control company may charge you for inspection.

Check this video to see how an inspection should be:

During the inspection the exterminator track down the area of infestation and extension of the colony. Depending on that, the treatment shall begin. The approximate cost of the inspection phase is between $150 to $220.

One time treatment

In many cases, one-time treatment is enough to deal with a cockroach infestation. But it is hard to decide at the place because o their repetitive nature. A one-time treatment may cost $200 to $500 depending on the area and the type of infestation. If your property size is big enough, it may cost up to $800. Older properties need special attention as it attracts the cockroaches more than the new apartments. The more cracks and crevices mean more hiding places for the cockroaches.

Periodic Treatment

Sometimes, periodic treatment is necessary to eradicate a cockroach infestation from an apartment. In many cases, one-time treatment doesn’t work completely to remove the cockroach infestation. For periodic treatment, the cost is around $40 to $70 (monthly). Again, it entirely depends upon the type of treatment and the extent of the target area. The cost may go around $100 to $ 300 for quarterly treatment.


Contractual treatments may be necessary in case of medium to large cockroach infestation. If you live in a damp, dirty apartment, you will face cockroach infestation frequently. A contractual treatment can be helpful to eradicate larger cockroach infestation. It can take a week with multiple sitting; different eradication methods can also be included. The cost of this kind of treatment can be $500 to $1200 per year (or per treatment).

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How to Approach your Exterminator?

If you have made up your mind about contacting an exterminator to remove the cockroach infestation from your home, then read this section of the guide carefully. You need to be transparent with your exterminator. In most cases, you will be contacting them over the phone. They will ask you a set of questions to understand the cockroach infestation. You should provide all the information properly in order to run the treatment successfully.

Here are the basic questions they may ask you:

Location of the infestation

Irrespective of the pest control company, you will be asked that question, so before answering them try to look carefully. What is the location of the infestation? Is it in the kitchen, storeroom, washroom, living area, garden, etc. or anywhere else?

They will ask you whether the infestation is indoor or outdoor. If your garden or outside of the apartment id facing the cockroach infestation then the pest control company will decide the different path of treatment, whereas it will be different for indoor.

In most cases, the roaches love warm and humid environments, so if you are searching for the hiding place of the cockroaches start with those areas like under the sink, near the trash, within cracks and crevices, etc. Your exterminator may also ask if you notice any unusual behavior of the cockroaches other than stealing your food. So, try to notice if you see something unusual.

Information about locality

The exterminators may ask where you stay, is there any trash or municipality area around your house. Because in most cases cockroaches come from nasty market areas or from an already infected area. The treatment will be based on that information. Try to find out if any of your neighbors are facing the same problem or have faced it before.

Any unusual noise

Cockroaches make noise but not that we can hear. The American and Asian cockroaches make sound, which is ignorable to humans, whereas the Madagascar version makes hissing sound which can be annoying.

Any distinctive smell

Long term cockroach infestation produces a musty smell because of their poor and eggs and other body parts. So, if you feel some kind of musty smell in your house, don’t forget to mention that to your exterminator. The musty smell means you have a bigger cockroach colony somewhere in your house.

Type of damaged items

Sometimes, cockroaches eat fabric in case of unavailability of food. So, if you notice suddenly your clothes get a couple of holes out of nowhere, it may be the cockroaches. Don’t forget to mention this factor to your exterminator; it might be helpful for their treatment.

How to Choose a Professional Exterminator?

Choosing a proper professional exterminator is not a child’s play. Nowadays every company claims to be the best whereas in reality most of them fail to provide the desired result. So, be careful before hiring an exterminator. Try to talk to more than two or three companies, to get an idea of how they work, what they ask and many more about their extermination process.

Here we have highlighted a few points based on which you can choose a professional pest control company:

Company credentials

Company credentials are necessary to understand the reputation of the company. Today almost every company has an online presence. So, if you see your company online with a proper website mentioning the date of establishment, registration certificates, etc. you can trust them. Beware of fraud companies.

Don’t a polished website mean an efficient company. Try to talk to their executive and ask a couple of questions about the method and cost of the cockroach removal treatment. By talking to a couple of companies, you will get an idea about the background of the company. Try to notice their approach while talking to you.


Professional Pest Control Companies require several certificates from Government or Environmental Agencies to perform their job using powerful chemicals. If they have a website, certain specifications should be mentioned there, and if not found on the website, you can ask to show them in case of inspection. Do not go to the unregistered company.


It is an important perimeter before choosing your pest control company. You should look at their client testimonial section. You can ask them about their previous clients that they have served before. You can ask your friends, neighbors, relatives about your problem and ask if they want to refer any company for cockroach removal. They can provide valuable first-hand information from their prior experience.


Experience is another important parameter to decide a potential pest control company. Ask them how long they are into this business. If required, you can ask to produce their license mentioning the establishing year. You can check the company’s rating in their client testimonial section or other business listing sites.

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Guarantee on services

The Pest Control Companies must provide a guarantee on their services. Due to the repetitive nature of the cockroaches sometimes they re-infest within the same place. If the selected company refuses to provide a guarantee on their service, try to avoid that company. Because they will not cover in case of further infestation within a given period.

Method of action

Your company must tell you the way they are going to treat the infestation. The description of the treatment, the ingredient that is going to be used, details about gears, equipment, etc. Before using chemicals ask them its consequences, especially if you live with children and pets. If they are not providing you the necessary information, don’t zero down to that company.

Number of treatments

Before starting the treatment, ask them how many sittings, they will provide to remove the cockroach infestation from your home. Small indoor infestation requires one-time treatment whereas a large apartment may require monthly treatment or multiple treatments.

If you think single treatment is enough to remove to the nasty insects, then hold on, maybe you are wrong. Leave the matter on the experts, let them inspect your apartment first and then only take a decision. If your company claim to remove the entire infestation of your apartment at one go, then hold on, maybe they are bluffing.

How to Deal With your Pets During The Treatment?

If you are a parent, you know how sensitive pets are, you need micro monitoring to keep them safe. When it comes to dealing with pests, you have to be careful; the harsh chemicals may harm your loveable pets if not taken care of.

If you are hiring a professional pest control company tell them about your pets so that they can take necessary precautions while treating the infestation. The nature of precautions will be different based on the kind of pet you have.

For Dogs And Cats

If you have dogs and cats, let your exterminator know that before the treatment. Try to keep them away from the treatment area so that the chemicals won’t hurt them much. Don’t allow them to come near the target area at least for a couple of hours after the treatment. If the treatment does not involve chemicals, then ask your exterminator what kind of precaution you need to take for the safety of your lovable four-legged pets.

For Birds And Fish

Birds and fish are more sensitive than the four-legged ones. If you have any of them try to relocate them prior to the treatment and don’t let them in after 48 hours of the treatment. Ask your exterminator what precaution they are suggesting to keep your pets safe. Don’t let your pet exposed to the harmful chemicals of the insecticides.

Post-Treatment precautions

If you are going to hire a professional pest control company to treat your pest problems, you must be aware of the post-treatment precautions. The first thing that we recommend is to stay away from the treated area, at least for a couple of hours after the treatment.

After getting in the place trying to find out if there are more roaches roaming around. If found, don’t panic immediately let your exterminator know about that. You probably require another siting of pesticide application.

After the treatment, try to clean your home to avoid further infestation. This is the best way to keep the roaches away. Even if sometimes they enter your home you will come to your earliest, so it will be easier to eradicate them.

Communication With a Neighbor Regarding The Treatment

Cockroach infestation is one of the common problems faced by urban householders. If you are opting for professional pest control service let your neighbors know about it. Maybe they require some precaution. You don’t want your neighbors to get hurt because of your pest treatment.

Moreover, while the treatment the cockroaches may try to escape the building and end up into the neighbor’s place in search of a new place. If you were aware of them thy might take necessary precautions to avoid cockroach infestation in their place.

The Final Thoughts on Cockroach Removal

Cockroaches are one of the displeasing household insects which exist prior to humans and over time become a serious threat to mankind. They carry parasites of harmful diseases that affect the health of your family members. So, sharing your personal space with them is not an option anyway.

You should inform your neighbors about any ongoing pest treatment so that they can aware of your situation. This is not something you should be ashamed of, rather sharing the information means you care about their health, so that they can do the same thing when you need them the most.

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