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How to Keep Cockroaches Away?

How to Keep Cockroaches Away?

Are you looking for the perfect way to get rid of the cockroaches? Here you go!
You have come to the right place. In this guide, we are going to discuss a few effective ways to keep cockroaches away from your home and office space.

How to Keep Cockroaches Away

So, let’s discover what will you learn in this guide:

  • What drives the cockroaches towards your home or office?
  • Can cockroaches harm you?
  • Can you get rid of the cockroaches naturally?
  • Our step-by-step guide on how to get rid of the cockroaches.

These nasty food stalkers may peep behind your sink while you are preparing your dinner. It’s a normal cockroach scenario we have heard from several sufferers.

So, what does that mean? Are you bound to share your space with these obnoxious insects?
Not Really! WE HAVE GOT YOU COVERED because you are in the pest control zone.
After thoroughly reviewing the market and discussion with the sufferers, here our team have come up with a few solutions on how to remove cockroaches from your kitchen and other target places.

The Guidelines in this Page:

  • What Drives the Cockroaches Towards your Home or Office?
  • Can Cockroaches Harm you?
  • Can you Get Rid of the Cockroaches Naturally?
  • Our step-by-step Guide on How to Get Rid of the Cockroaches
  • Final Thoughts About the Cockroaches

What Drives the Cockroaches Towards your Home or Office?

Cockroaches love food and warmth along with shady places which help to hide perfectly from your eyesight. If your home or office provides at least two of these elements you will have cockroaches easily. They reproduce really fast if you ignore them within just one month, they may triple their number.

With a few tiny pieces of your excess food, they can easily survive. So, if you are reading this, naturally you want an easy solution to kill the cockroaches. But first, try to find the reasons that attract the roaches in the first place.

Below we have highlighted some reasons, let’s check them out:

1. Surplus Food

The first and foremost reason behind cockroaches is your surplus food which you might leave within your kitchen uncleaned. They can smell food from a long distance, even the smallest spills and leakages cannot escape their sense. That is why in most cases you will find them near your trash. They will literally jump on everything you left.

Here we have mentioned a few steps following which may help you keep the cockroaches out of your kitchen.

  • Clean your kitchen every time you leave. Clean your kitchen even after preparing your breakfast.
  • Don’t leave the spills; the cockroaches can easily smell it.
  • Try to use a vacuum cleaner to clean your kitchen. At least once in a day.
  • Do not leave any cooked food in the kitchen uncovered when you are not there.
  • Always use an airtight container to store the cooked food.
  • Do not let your trash open all the time; the cockroaches will easily get into it in search of food.

If cockroaches multiply their number within your space and suddenly you stop feeding them, they will start biting you.

2. There May Be Some Leak

Like different individuals, cockroaches have different food preferences and comfort zone. Some may prefer stagnant water, so if found a couple of cockroaches roaming around your washroom, near the basin don’t wonder! They love humid condition or moisture because it helps them to perform their regular body functions.

So, if you have a humid area in your home like a storeroom, laundry room, drains, etc. it will easily attract the cockroaches towards your abode. If they start to invade your personal space, it will be a structural menace for you. So, try to repair the leaks ASAP.

3. Shady Places Like Cracks, Crevices, etc.

As we have mentioned before, the roaches love shady places to hide because they don’t like direct light. Because of the flattened body and dark shady color, they can easily fit into any place. You sometimes overlook them instead of roaming around near you; this is because of their unique color.

Check this video to see how cockroaches move from one place to another:

They have a flexible exoskeleton which is rubbery but tough at the same time, and because of this, they can hide within ultimate narrow spaces. By quick hiding, they can escape from their predators like lizards, birds, snakes, etc. It is not practically possible to find every single crack of your house, and even if you somehow managed to identify those cracks, you cannot repair them. So, yes you are in trouble!

4. Lack of cleanliness

If you do not clean your kitchen regularly, it will attract the cockroaches easily. Not only they will come but they also will start to live within your kitchen permanently. And if you don’t want these, then start cleaning your kitchen regularly.

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Can cockroaches harm you?

Nobody wants to share their space with these wired insects. With their sudden unpleasant appearance, they can scare you. Apart from scaring you, do they also harm you? Do they bring any disease in your home?

Is there any sickness associated with cockroaches?

The worst part with cockroaches is, they leave their poop behind which is hard to detect through naked eye. Their poop is smaller than rat’s poop. The bacteria present within the poop is harmful to human. Since they live closer to the human food sources, it can easily be mixed with the food and in turn land within our stomach and eventually sicken us.

Through different phases of their lifecycle, they shed tiny body parts behind, which freely roam around our household. It can be mixed with water and our food which we might intake unknowingly. Are you allergic to the cockroaches? Have you ever felt any of these symptoms?

  • Runny nose suddenly appears at any time of the year and does not let up easily.
  • Respiratory problems, along with coughing and hacking. Sometimes wheezing can be coupled with any of the symptoms.
  • Sudden rash breakout in some parts of the skin.
  • Loose motion for a couple of days.
Do cockroaches transmit any disease?

Since cockroaches share a close connection with foods, they sometimes result in stomach problems. But why such a disease? This is because they carry and disperse the parasite of different harmful disease.

Though there is no strong evidence which can prove the fact that the cockroaches can transmit diseases to a human being. If you clean your home regularly, you can easily avoid the cockroaches and the harmful pathogens.

Make sure you clean your kitchen every time after finishing your cooking. Don’t leave your trash opened overnight since it’s the ideal time for the roaches to run their search. Keep your microwave and cabinet as clean as possible. You can apply phenyl, or any other disinfect to ensure the ultimate cleaning of your kitchen.

Can Cockroaches Bite Me?

Cockroaches will not bite you like bed bugs or ants. In most cases, we don’t even realize their bite. In case of unavailability of food, they may try to bite you, but it may only happen if you are asleep. Whenever they feel your presence, they will try to remain still so that you won’t feel their presence.

They will take their next step if they feel you are not around. Cockroaches are only attracted to food; if they somehow bite you, it may be the reason you have stopped providing them food.

Check this video to know more about: Why Would A Cockroach Bite You?

Can you Get Rid of the Cockroaches Naturally?

So, can you get rid of these annoying insects naturally?

You don’t want to hurt yourself or any of your family members with harmful chemicals right? We completely understand your concern. Here we have highlighted a few natural remedies through which you can get relief from the cockroaches naturally.

White Or Apple Cider Vinegar: A Natural Cockroach Repellent

As we know, vinegar is a natural cleaning agent with a strong pungent smell. If you clean your kitchen with apple cider or white vinegar it will help to keep the cockroaches away. That is why vinegar is considered as a natural cockroach repellent.

Cockroaches do not like the strong smell of vinegar, so they avoid coming to those places that have been cleaned by vinegar. If you are running out of time at least try to spray a small amount of vinegar to keep them away.

Sugar And Baking Soda- The Magic Combo

Baking soda is a great ingredient to bake bread, cakes, and other dishes because it helps the dough to expand and take the mouth-watering shape.

But how it can kill the cockroaches?

When a cockroach eats that the baking soda starts to perform the same within its stomach and the cockroach eventually dies out of swelling and expanding. Sugar is mixed with baking soda for preparing the bait, to use it as bait, without which you won’t be able to attract those creatures, so if you want to remove the cockroaches from your home, just try it. Trust us; you will absolutely love this.

Citrus Juice- Another Natural Cockroach Repellent

Citrus fruit also emits a strong scent which is hated by the cockroaches. That is why in many households, the grandmothers used to clean the kitchen with lemon juice. So, if you are a homemaker, strict about the cleanliness of your home, try this out now to keep the cockroaches away naturally.

You can also pour the lemon juice mixed with a small amount of water (1:1) in a bottle and spray it to the shady areas of your kitchen to keep these creatures away. Lemon is also a strong cleaning agent; it will easily clean oil, grease and foul smell from your kitchen which is an important factor to keep your kitchen clean and refreshing always. Remember, the scent is the main factor that attracts the cockroaches in its first place.

Avoid Using Bleach

You may think cockroaches can be killed with bleach because of its pungent smell. Just hold on! Do not use bleach just because of its strong scent. Because It may damage your property because of its extremely acidic nature. If interested, read our full guide here and discover more about the effectiveness of the bleach to kill cockroaches.

Our step-by-step Method of Getting Rid of the Cockroaches

Though the cockroaches are one of the most irritating and scary insects in the pest world, they can be killed easily. This is because of their not so fast nature and size. If you want to eradicate the cockroaches from your kitchen and other areas, you must require a proper pest strategy. Here our team of researchers has come up with a thorough approach for 360-degree cockroach removal.

1. Detect Their Hiding Places

The whole approach is to keep the matter as simple as possible, which is to keep all the chemicals away unless you are sure about their hiding places. How do you know where cockroaches may hide?

As we mentioned before cockroaches love to hide within shady places, so you should look at the following areas to find them:

  • Cracks and crevices of your kitchen
  • Behind the gas cylinder or big containers
  • Underneath of your sink
  • Cracks and crevices around your trash
  • Around any pipe leakage
  • Corners of your kitchen and store room’s door and window
  • Any place of your home where light cannot enter easily

You can use cockroach traps to detect their presence in the target areas. You will get a proper idea of where to apply the killing products (sprays).

2. Using Cockroach Sprays

The second step of our pest strategy comprised of application of cockroach sprays. The traps will provide a fair idea about their hiding places, so you can now apply an effective cockroach spray. Most of the cockroach sprays contain harmful chemicals, so be careful while applying; otherwise, you may end up creating a mess.

Improper application may also result in the harmful health problems of your family members. Target the cracks and crevices of your wall and other places, the spray must reach the void spaces of the cracks. You can use cockroach bait to detect them and of course, sometimes kill them with it too, in the next point, we are going to discuss that.

Till date sprays are the most effective way to kill the cockroaches because within a short time it collapses the central nervous system of the roaches. The sprays contain pyrethroid, which is the active ingredient of the product which also leads the roaches to death.

3. Using Roach Baits

Using roach sprays is our third step, though you can use it anytime while searching for the cockroaches. You must have an idea about where the cockroaches come so that you can place the bait accordingly. The roaches sometimes eat the bait partially and take it to their colony.

If you want to kill them using the baits, it’s better to use the chemical baits; the roaches will be attracted to the bait because of its stimulating smell. However, killing the cockroaches using bait is a slower process than applying sprays.

Because the bait contains a lower amount of insecticide than the sprays, so it naturally takes longer to perform. If you get success from the bait, you can also use some insect growth regulator which the fourth and last step of our pest strategy.

4. Applying Insect Growth Regulator

You can start using some insect growth regulator which acts by inhibiting certain body functions of the cockroaches. But it can only be used with the adult cockroaches. Because the eggs and baby cockroaches are impossible to kill.

Female cockroaches produce an egg case which is called oothecae which are protected by a proteinaceous outer layer which helps it to stick to a surface.

If you can start applying the growth regulator from the first stage, it will successfully regulate its growth, but remember you cannot stop applying it suddenly, otherwise they will become resistant to the growth regulators, and you will never kill them with these.

Final Thoughts About the Cockroaches

Though these nasty, obnoxious insects live on the earth prior than a human being, through time, human has taken control over their colonization. Under any circumstances, you cannot compromise with them, because if they think you cannot control them, they become desperate; they will start stealing your food even in your presence.

So, right after realizing their presence, you must adopt a powerful pest strategy to kill without wasting much time. If you don’t want cockroaches in your home, keep the entire home environment clean and healthy as the roaches do not attract to the cleanliness. If you think cockroaches can create menace only within your home, then hold on!

If you want further assistance to remove the cockroaches from your home, you can contact us; you can also use our exterminator search tool where easily you can get a couple of free quotes from trusted local exterminators. The overall process will take less than 30 seconds.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call now!

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