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Mice Exterminators- How Much Would They Cost You?

Mice Exterminators- How Much Would They Cost You?

Mice Exterminators… How costly are they? When to call them?

The Guidelines in this Page

For any household, mice infestation for the first time may not look like a serious issue and you will prefer the DIY techniques to handle it. The cost of hiring a professional pest exterminator could be the second cause of not taking mice infestation that seriously.

After all, who would like to invest money for a professional service, if the problem can be solved using DIY techniques? By the way, you should not take mice infestation lightly. It is no way less serious than any rodent infestation.

On this page, you will find all the details about exterminating mice infestations with the help of a professional expert.

The Guidelines in this Page:

  • Is it Necessary to Call a Mice Exterminator?
  • When a Mice Exterminator is Actually Needed?
  • Are Mice Exterminators Costly?
  • What Should you Explain to the Mice Exterminator?
  • What to Look for in a Mice Exterminator?
  • How to Take Care of your Pets During the Mice Control Procedure?
  • Things need to be Done After the Mice Exterminators Leave
  • What Should you Tell your Neighbors?
  • Finally

Is it Necessary to Call a Mice Exterminator?

Examining the seriousness of the mice infestation you should decide whether you should call a mice exterminator or not. Scrawling mouse in your kitchen or even at your bedroom gives you a discomforted feeling. Such situations in front of family members and friends embarrass you more.

But it is not about the discomfort or the embarrassment; mice infestation can cause serious harm to your household. You will have to think wisely and consider certain points before looking for professional help.

Why Should You Call an Exterminator?

Trapping a tiny mouse in a DIY mouse trap may not solve your problem. Mice hide in dark places and it is difficult for you to know the population out there. They are fast breeders and a solo pair of mice can raise an army of mice infesters, ready to invade your home.

They carry many infectious diseases that spread diseases to humans and pets. They are clever pests and in no time they may crowd your inner walls, attic, basement or your garage.

Professional mice exterminators are trained individuals who have the proper knowledge and equipment to eradicate these pests from your house. Trying out different DIY methods may consume time which is an advantageous cause for the ever-increasing population creating mice.

When is a Mice Exterminator Actually Needed?

As mentioned earlier mice are fast breeders. The more time you take to decide whether to call a mice exterminator or not while trying your DIY experiments, the more the population of these pests increases in and around your house.

When is it Necessary to Look for Professional Help for Mice infestation?

A sensible homeowner always has his or her eyes scrutinizing each and every corner of the house, looking for minute discrepancy for the home environment and mice infestation is a vital one.

If you encounter mice droppings at the kitchen and washrooms, electric wires being cut haphazardly, tiny bite marks in furniture, upholsteries and beddings, tiny rasping marks on the walls of your house, well you have serious mouse infestation at your home.

A single mouse scrawling in your house during the day time could be alarming too. Mice prefer staying in dark shades and mostly they move around during the night time. Finding mouse at broad daylight means their nest has been over populated and they are looking for newer nests.

See this video to learn more about whether you have mice or other rodent infestation at your house or not:

If you Wish to Handle the Situation all by Yourself

No! This is a problem which you cannot handle all by yourself. The time you recognize that you have a mice infestation in your home, there could be hundreds of mice already inside your house damaging your property and attacking your kitchen.

As mentioned earlier, mice are nocturnal species which means you can hardly see them during day time. Even a single mouse found in day time means their nest has no place for the new mouse and it is looking to build a new nest desperately and so it has come out even in broad daylight. This is an assured sign of mouse infestation which can only be tackled by an expert.

Are Mice Exterminators Costly?

The cost depends on the seriousness of the infestation and the size of the property. The cost varies from $400 to $1000 maximum. The cost structure includes:

Cost of inspection:

A professional mice exterminator’s first job is to do a thorough inspection of the property to find mice dens, entry and exit points in and out of the property and the probable places where the exterminator can place the baits. The cost ranges averagely from $50 to $300.

The cost depends on the size of the property. Larger the size, larger is the cost. While doing the inspection of the property they do a systematic analysis to counter.

Check this video to know how an inspection is done:

Cost of treatment:

After a detailed inspection and analysis, the exterminator will give you the treatment cost which includes what kinds of baits he or she wants to use, what traps to be used, sealing the entry and exit points and finally the cleansing and repairing methods. It ranges between $200 to $600.

Cost of maintenance:

If you have a serious infestation, the exterminator may suggest a repeated treatment once or regularly so that the infestation does not repeat again in the future. You can go for a monthly, quarterly or annual contract of maintenance with the exterminator which usually ranges from $300 to $600 and is added to your bill.

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What Should you Explain to the Mice Exterminator?

Before calling a professional expert you should do your homework well and provide necessary information to him or her. By doing this you save time on unnecessary inspections.

Probable places of nests:

Mice built their nests which are in close proximity to food and water source. They burrow through your inner walls, attic, basements, and venting structures. They build nests near these places.

Since when did you suspect?

Go back to the time when you witnessed the first signs of mice movements in and around your house. This will help the exterminator to determine the importance of the infestation and the urgency to resolve it. Do not hesitate to accede that you have tried some DIY methods by yourself.

The sounds you heard:

Particularly during the night time, the scratching and squeaking sound you hear regularly from the walls, attic and basement are certain signs that you have mice in your house. Make sure you guide the exterminator to the actual spots where you have detected the sounds. It will be easier for him or her to place baits near them.

What did you smell?

Mice have a nasty smell of themselves. Dead mice are even worse. As the tissues of dead mice decompose they release a foul scent of methane, sulfur dioxide, and other obnoxious gases. This stinking smell is annoying to any humans. Mice droppings and urine also produce a foul smell and they tend to be stronger near to their nests.

Attacking on food at the kitchen:

Source of food and water are the chief reasons for mice to enter your house. The close vicinity of their den and the source of food is an ideal condition for them to survive and reproduce.

With their sharp teeth, they can munch through any food substance even packed or wrapped properly. They have enormous appetites and they eat almost anything. Scattered food particles and a messy kitchen is an assured sign of mice infestation.

What to Look for in a Mice Exterminator?

Mice infestation is a common problem in households and there are a lot of people in the market who claim to be experts for mice extermination. You need to choose from a crowd of professional experts actually.

Please consider these points before choosing the correct exterminator:


A mice exterminator must have proper documents to produce, explaining his or her competences. He or she should possess an accurate license, authorizations; insurance documents so that you become confident that you put your problem to the right hands.


A personal recommendation is always preferred by a friend or a family member. This boosts your confidence in approaching the exterminator to solve your problem. Obviously your friends and family are not going to misguide you.


Always check with the pest control company to know about the years of experience the expert exterminator has before confirming him or her. Once you are assured that the exterminator has provided a satisfactory service to customers, it becomes easier to confirm him or her.

Probable chemicals to be used:

Rodenticides could be fatal for mice infestations. Check with the pest control company, what kind of mice poison they wish to use for the infestation and what the toxic intensities of these pesticides are. Note down the product’s name and its registration number.

It is advisable not to use harsh chemical pesticides if you have pets and children in your home. They could be dangerous to them. Come to a common conclusion with the pest company or the professional exterminator for using pesticides which works for both of you.


Ask the exterminator whether he or she can give you a guarantee if, after treatment, the mice infestation repeats again. Generally in the case of mice infestations there lies a guarantee period.

Actually the guarantee depends on the goodwill of the pest control company or the exterminator and the pesticides used while eradicating the infestation.

Frequency of treatments:

It again depends on the seriousness of the infiltration and the vastness of your property. The exterminator, while doing the initial inspection will definitely give you an idea about the gravity of the situation and according to which will suggest the frequency of treatments. The cost may vary according to the frequency of treatments.

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How to Take Care of your Pets During the Mice Control Procedure?

No matter how serious the mice infiltration is, the first priority which comes to your mind is how to keep your pets away from the mice control procedure. Exterminators may suggest you keep the pets in a certain room where they would not apply mice poisons. But when rodenticides are applied, you should take more care.


It is quite natural that the pets will resist but make sure you put them in pet-carriers temporarily. These are movable small kennels where you keep pets for limited times. Carry the pet-carriers and keep them away from the pesticides. Dogs and cats have inquisitive natures and if set free, could cause them more harm.

Boarding Kennels:

Boarding kennels are places where pets are housed temporarily, especially when the pet owners leave the house for personal reasons. You can put your pets in boarding kennels too so that they don’t come across to the harmful pesticides applied to eradicate mice.

Things need to be Done After the Mice Exterminators Leave

  • As soon as they show you a green signal gesturing that your home is mice free, open up all closed passageways including windows, doors and other outlets.
  • Examine carefully so that you don’t find the least scent of any chemicals in and around your home.
  • Re-organize your home decor by moving furniture, fixtures and find them a new place to restart a new design of the house.
  • Start far-reaching cleaning approaches but do not upset the places where baits are still placed for precautions.

What Should you Tell your Neighbors?

You should never hide anything from your neighbors and they should not do that too. A mice infestation may start from any neighboring house and reach to your house as well. It could happen the other way round also. Once you see a mice infection at your house, you should alarm your neighbors.

Because once escaped from a house, mice tend to check in to nearby houses. Mice infestation is not an individual problem. It affects neighboring houses as well. A total approach to the problem may lead to a radical deletion of mouse infestation from a locality, entirely.


Mice spoil your home. They carry damaging diseases too. If, by a single call to an expert mouse exterminator solves your problem before it gets detrimental, what should you choose to do? Call an exterminator and call now! Beware; they are growing in numbers in no time.

Skip the research and talk to the exterminator to kill Rats and Mice

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