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AMDRO Ant Bait: How Effective Is It?

Let us discuss a detailed review of AMDRO ant baits in this section. You must be wondering why AMDRO ant bait is so popular in the market for the removal of ants from your home? The main reasons are its superior characteristics compared to other products and efficiency.

The bait is made of fatal insecticides that are capable of eradicating a total population of ants from a nest including the queen ant. The product can wipe out a populous colony of ants within a week and is applicable to nearly 23 kinds of ant species.

The Guidelines in this Page:

  • The Rating of the Product
  • Pros and Cons of the Product
  • The Key Factors
  • The Assessment
  • Comparison with Other Similar Products
  • Finally

The Rating of the Product

AMDRO Ant Bait is the most popular name in the insecticide industry and they have various products for an indoor invasion as well as outdoor invasion. The main bait consists of AMDRO Ant Bait granules which are applied outside the home so that ants are restricted to come inside in the first place.

To use them indoors you can use bait stations. The bait itself attracts the ants and the bait station allows you to apply them even in remote locations like inside cabinets, along sidewalls and others. In both cases, once a worker ant tastes the bait, it brings it back to the nest and shares with other ants including the queen ant.

The main ingredient is hydramethylnon which is an EPA registered insecticide capable of killing ants, cockroaches, termites, and crickets. It is a slow-acting pesticide and works when ingested but is capable of killing a population of ants within a week.

Some people who want an instant result, because of a heavy and regular ant infiltration may not opt for this product. But for a total cure, if you can spend a week, this is the right product for you.

Pros and Cons of the Product

None of us wish to see ants scribbling in our houses. They are harmful to you, your property and even to your children and pets. For applying any new product in the market it is very important to study the pros and cons of it. Some features are beneficial while some may create hindrances. Let us study the good and the not so good features of the product:

Thumbs Up
The product is applicable to carpenter ants and other 23 ant species of ants and other insects like cockroaches, termites, and crickets.
Very good feedback from users, especially for the customer service policy.
Being granular baits, it can be put in bait stations and used inside the house premises.
The slow poisoning method is capable of killing an entire colony including the queen ant.
Creates a barricade around your house against ant infiltration which lasts up to 3 months.
Easy to use.
A 12-ounce bottle can work up to a distance of 540 linear feet.
Thumbs Down
The main ingredient hydramethylnon is a toxic element and thus the products cannot be used where pets and children hang out.
Direct application on vegetable gardens can be detrimental.
If it gets wet, the granular bait loses its effectiveness.
You will have to give at least a week’s time to the product to see results.
The granular baits without a bait station can only be used at the outdoors.

The Key Factors

Why AMDRO Ant Bait is different from other products? Here are the reasons:

Easy usage:

Just pour the granular bait around your house. Make sure that the place where you are pouring the granules is dry. Take immense care, so that pets and children don’t go near them. Once you have done this, you can relax as the rest of the job will be taken care of by AMDRO Ant Bait.

Check this video by AMDRO on how to use the product and the removal methods:

You apply only once:

This is the unique feature of this product. In many pesticides, you need to re-apply the product for a total solution. In the case of AMDRO Ant Bait, you need to apply the product only once. You sprinkle the granular baits, ants pick them up and bring them to their colony and slowly the whole population dies after ingesting the product. You can reapply the granules to check further ant invasion in the future.

Works for various species of ants and other insects:

AMDRO Ant Bait effortlessly kills carpenter ants which are really troublesome pests around the house. Along with carpenter ants, it is capable of killing pharaoh ants, texas leafcutting ants, acrobat ants, bigheaded ants, argentine ants, crazy ants, harvester ants, cornfield ants, field ants, native and foreign fire ants, odorous house ants, ghost ants, pavement ants and various other insects like crickets, termites and cockroaches.

Constant protection of your house:

Ants cannot become resistant to AMDRO Ant Bait and so there is no need for numerous usage of the bait. Nearby budding ant colonies will stay away from the bait and the dead ants. For constant and consistent protection of the home from ants, AMDRO Ant Bait can be used throughout the year.

Harmless for the natural environment:

The main ingredient being hydramethylnon, the product is less toxic and environment-friendly. Every pesticide has toxic elements. Likewise, AMDRO also possesses its toxic content but since the granules break down, leaving almost no residue behind, is less toxic compared to other products. Rainwater also washes the chemical attributes of the product.

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The Assessment

While reviewing products, we investigate the following features of the product:

Consumer satisfaction and customer service:

The company which manufactures AMDRO, now commonly known as Ambrands is American Cyanamid, which has been in the market since 1978. The goodwill of the company lies in its quick response to clients whether they call, send mail or make queries about any products. The company is out of the United States and specializes in manufacturing pesticides and agricultural chemicals. Ambrands believe in a full satisfaction guarantee. Even after that, if you are not happy with the product, you can return it and get your money back.

The major component used in the product:

Most of the products of AMDRO use hydramethylnon as the main ingredient. It works by interrupting the energy production in cells of ants and slowly poison them so that they have a delayed but definite death. Ants get attracted to the bait because of its scent. They eat some of it and carry some, to the nest for other ants. The delayed action of hydramethylnon helps the ants to travel to and fro.
This feature is also present in another popular bait called Terro Ant Baits.

Easy usage technique:

Just follow the instructions on the pack and nothing much you need to do. Just sprinkle the granular baits around your house and wait for the results. Make sure they are not spread in wet areas as water reduces their strength. Keep children and pets away from the baits as, if ingested accidentally, it could be alarming. You can use a bait station, pour the granules inside and place it inside your home. Make sure the bait station is tamper-resistant.

Watch this video for more knowledge:

How safe are pets and children?

AMDRO Ant Baits are not pet-safe or children-safe and hence should be applied around your house carefully so that they don’t get close to it. A few hours later you can allow pets and children to roam around the places where you have sprinkled the bait but keep a close watch on them so that they do not ingest, lick or even touch the granules. Do not spread the granular baits on vegetation in which you feed your pets. It is better not to spread the product on vegetable gardens at all.

Overall Usefulness:

This is an effective product but it takes time to eradicate a whole colony of ants. You have to give at least a week to see the result. The granular baits can kill various ant species along with termites, crickets, and cockroaches. AMDRO Ant Baits are not that expensive if compared to similar products. The number of usages from one container definitely satisfies the price of the product.

Comparison with Other Similar Products

Comparing AMDRO Ant Baits with Ortho Home Defense MAX Insect Killer Granules

  • Both products can be spread outside the home to prevent the entry of ants.
  • Both kill ants along with other insects.
  • Ortho lasts for 3 months where AMDRO needs to be applied more regularly.
  • Ortho uses bifenthrin (upsets the nervous system of the ants) as the main ingredient and AMDRO uses hydramethylnon as the main component.
  • Bifenthrin has a longer effect on the biological atmosphere comparing to hydramethylnon. Common beneficial insects and animals like bees, fish and other wildlife animals have a larger risk of life. Considering safeguarding the environmental health, AMDRO is a better product.

Comparing AMDRO Ant Baits with Advance 375A Select Granular Ant Bait

  • Both products are granular baits.
  • They attract ants with their smell, allow ants to ingest some and take back to the nest some.
  • Both products are low-priced and come in different kinds of bottles.
  • Advance 375a needs a baiting station wherein AMDRO you may use a baiting station or just simply sprinkle the product itself.
  • Advance 375a uses abamectin (upsets the nervous system of the ants) as the main ingredient and AMDRO uses hydramethylnon as the main component.
  • Abamectin is an extremely toxic component having residual biological and physical effects on other non-targeted animals and humans.
    In 2 major issues, AMDRO is a better product. One, it is comparatively safer for environment and two, you may or may not need to buy a bait station (unless for indoor usage).

Comparing AMDRO Ant Baits with Spectracide Ant Shield Insect Granules

  • Both products are granular baits, can be sprinkled outside the home and are less pricey.
  • Both the products can be applied multiple times for a secured ant-free home.
  • Both products should be kept out of reach of pets and children.
  • It takes AMDRO to take some time to kill the ants while Spectracide kills instantly. Spectracide can be useful if you are looking for quick action but can be tiresome if an ant colony already exists.
  • Using Spectracide, you kill the ants which you see in front of you. The ones in the colony, especially the queen remain safe though.
    For a clean, effective and long term solution, AMDRO is a better product.

Comparing AMDRO Ant Baits with Terro Ant Bait Traps

  • Both products are popular.
  • Both products have been in the market for a long time.

This video will guide you to choose the best product among the two:

For more detailed information about Terro Ant Bait Traps, you can click here.


If you want to restrict ant infiltration in your house, especially during the warmer months in a year, you should definitely opt for AMDRO products. The most important feature is, the manufacturing company holds a reputed name and believes in a full satisfaction guarantee.

Customers can even get their money back, if unsatisfied. Instead of killing the ants scribbling near you with an instant insecticide the ant baits in this product terminate a total colony of ants, containing working ants, infants, eggs and the queen ant with a high chance of no further ant infiltration in future.

All you have to do is give at least a week’s time for the product to function. Comparing to other similar products AMDRO ant baits are less toxic and environmentally friendly which can be applied multiple times if needed. But generally, a one-time application solves the major issue.

They are less-pricey and even if you wish to save money, you can buy them in bulks which will be even cheaper. The only one thing you should keep in mind is you should keep the granule baits away from children and pets initially when applied, as later on, they break down into smaller particles.

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