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Terro Ant Bait Review (In-Depth Guide)

For removing ants in and around your household, you need a perfect ant repellent solution and the first product which comes to your mind is obviously the Terro Ant Bait.


This article gives you a thorough knowledge of the product and how it can get rid of the ants ASAP.

Though being a nuisance to your home, ants are intelligent insects. They can build their huge colonies under your eyes and you may not have any clue, where? Terro Ant Baits are manufactured by one of the oldest pest control companies leading this industry.

The baits are capable of killing various species of ants and are handy for the users. They can be used indoors and outdoors.

The Guidelines in this Page:

  • The Rating counts
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • The Main Features
  • Evaluation of the Product
  • Comparing with Competitors
  • Finally…
  • Summary

The Rating counts

Terro is a very common name in households and it holds a reputed position in the industry too. It specializes in killing various kinds of ants with less effort. One of the most popular products is the liquid ant bait which is sold in packages with in-built stations. The bait works both indoors and outdoors. The bait has a useful design of packaging which makes it leakage proof.

This is an ideal product for people who do not wish to do too many experiments with pesticides and dislike finding traps and loopholes from where ants infiltrate, as it involves a lot of time and effort. For them, it is the easiest way to deal with the ants by simply putting the baits in cabinets, garages or at the backyard. But is the popularity of Terro Ant Bait that worthy? Can it really get rid of a whole ant colony?

The question lies there. The basic ingredient of the bait is boric acid or chemically known as Hydrogen Borate (H3BO3), which is derived from borax. As recommended by the USEPA (The United States Environmental Protection Agency) borax is a pesticide containing moderately toxic substances. It can kill a whole ant colony within a week, which may extend to a second week to endure more acuteness.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Ants are obviously a major discomfort for you at your home. They are also troublesome outside your home. Regular pest control methods and handy pesticides are also not an ultimate solution. You need to think aloud and choose the correct product for your problem.

You may have to take some hazards regarding that but the final result matters. Though being popular, Terro ant bait has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Please go through the points, before you set your mind to buy the product.

Thumbs Up
Star performer
Great return policy
Bait works on different species of ants
It can be used indoors and outdoors.
Bait stations are specially designed so that they do not leak.
The slow-acting toxin which can kill a big colony, including the queen.
Thumbs Down
Takes 1 to 2 weeks to be fully active
Not safe for children or pets
Borax is the main ingredient of the bait. Proper measures should be taken that it is not touched or ingested by humans and animals

The Main Features

Why Terro ant bait is a preferred over other products? Here are some reasons.

Easy to use:

It is very easy to use Terro ant bait. The simple instructions are:

  • Open the package, unpack the baiting station.
  • Place it where you desire, inside your home, outside your home in the yard or at the garage.
  • Collect the station; dispose of them when the treatment is over.

The application of Terro does not involve any complicated procedure and thus can be easily handled by anyone.

Have a look at the video where you will get an idea, how a Terro ant bait works:

Plus points:

Unlike Terro ant bait, some serious toxic baits and pesticides have harmful ingredients. You can easily place them anywhere inside or outside your house. They are flexible enough to be positioned in the nooks and corners of your house. A slender plastic sheath covers them from rain and thus is safer outside your house too. The children and pets do not get through the sheath as well.

You don’t need to maneuver with Toxic chemicals:

There are a lot of ant baits, granules or pesticides in the market while using them you need to handle them with your bare hands. The toxic ingredients in them get in touch with your skin and cause irritations or itchiness. Terro’s ant bait comes with an in-built ant station where the bait is already applied.

In that case, you do not have to touch the bait while the ants get attracted to the bait and enter the bait station. It is safer for children and pets as well. Even you may not manually touch the bait but it is always advisable to wash your hands with proper disinfectant after placing it. Keep it at a safe distance from the little ones, for safety.

Fast-acting formula:

Ants ingesting the bait die within a span of few hours to a few days and they die after they bring the bait to their colony. It takes the utmost 1 week to destroy the colony and a maximum of 2 weeks to kill all the ants. People who are facing serious ant infestation can be sure that their problem will be partially solved and that too instantly.

Effective on almost all species of ants:

Terro Ant Bait specializes in killing sugar ants but it is capable enough to eliminate other species of ants as the common black ants, pavement ants, cornfield ants, and pharaoh ants. Basically the product is capable enough to destroy nearly half a dozen ant species which might annoy you and your family.

Evaluation of the Product

Five benchmarks are considered while evaluating a product. They are:

The Goodwill of the Company:

The Terro brand is owned by Woodstream Corporation, which is an old and reputed organization. Terro offers a wide range of pest control products suitable for household usage. Terro ant liquid bait was first introduced in 1915 and it is known to be the “Gold Standard” when it comes to eliminating ants and destroying their colonies.

Though some negative reviews had come over from a few customers, yet it is considered as the best pest control product among a huge number of people. You have any problem with the product after purchase; simply contact a local representative for help or to discuss it. Even still, if you are dissatisfied with the product, rest assure either it will be replaced or you will get a refund.

The company also provides helpful advice regarding how to use the product effectively on its website. Most of the scientific research regarding the ingredients and the final product are done by the company’s in-house scientists, who assure you about the safety and efficiency of the product.

Major ingredients used in the product:

The major ingredient in Terro ant baits is boric acid, which is derived from borax, a very common mineral. Boric acid is a powerful insecticide that can eliminate different kinds of pests like ants, weeds, spiders, and molds. Boric acid kills the insect when they eat it. It disrupts their stomach and affects the nervous system.

It also damages the interior as well as the exterior of insects. Humans should stay away from boric acid or at least avoid direct contact (especially granules) as it may cause poisoning, seizures and even death. However, the sealed baiting stations of Terro are safe to handle as you don’t have direct contact with the bait.

Boric acid gets generated naturally in our environment. It is not that harmless if consumed in little doses. It is mainly used to control pests like insects, spiders, mites, algae, molds, fungi and weeds. Too much of it may kill plants and freshwater fish but it does not affect bees, birds or frogs.

How much user-friendly is the product?

Terro ant bait is easy to handle and is extremely user-friendly. Just un-wrap the paper jackets, place the bait stations in the affected areas and that’s it. If you are a person who dislikes complicated processes, likes to stay away from pesticides, then this is the perfect product for you. Simple to use, easy and effective.

Safety of children and pets in the house:

The bait contains boric acid and so it is not safe for children and pets. But the advantage of Terro is that this bait comes inside a sealed plastic bait station which is safe. The plastic coat of the bait station limits the little ones to have physical contact with the bait.

Over-all effectiveness:

Terro ant bait is effective on most of the ant species along with other pests. It has an immediate effective result. It wipes out a colony within one or two weeks. It comes with a protective in-built bait station which is safe for children and pets.

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Comparing with Competitors

The main competitors of Terro Ant Bait are:

Let us compare:

Terro Ant Bait with Harris Borax Liquid Ant Killer

  • Both products are top in the pest control market because of their easy usage methods.
  • Both are EPA registered for indoor and outdoor usage and so can be placed anywhere in or around your house.
  • Both use similar ingredients.
  • Destroy ants in an environmental friendly method.
  • Harris Liquid Ant Killer bait stations are open. The clear stations are also empty where the liquid bait has to be poured which may tip over or spill.
  • Not recommended for families having young children and pets.

Terro Ant Bait with Maxforce Liquid Ant Bait Gel

  • Both the products are effective for various kinds of ants including pharaoh ants and odorous house ants.
  • Both are indoor baits and can be placed or applied anywhere.
  • Maxforce Liquid Ant Bait Gel does not come with baiting stations.
  • The gel is applied by a syringe to the affected area.
  • Easily accessible to children and pets inside your house.
  • Could be effective for people who live alone or have older children.

See this video to know how Maxforce Liquid Ant Bait Gel is used:

Terro Ant Bait with Advion Ant Bait

  • Both the products can be applied indoors and outdoors.
  • Both the products can be applied indoors and outdoors.
  • Similar to Maxforce, Advion too comes in a syringe and is applied to specific areas.
  • May have to spend money on buying external baiting stations if the syringe does not work. You will have to physically pour the gel in the baiting station.
  • Liquid baits are not that effective at outdoors.

See this video to know how these kinds of Gel works:


If you have a serious ant infestation, we recommend you should opt for Terro Ant Bait. It is a total product as it comes with its own built-in bait station. The station is sealed and the toxin content in the bait does not come in contact with you, your children and pets.

It works for various ant species and can be disposed of easily once the purpose of using is over. Boric acid is a natural ingredient comparing to other synthetic chemicals used in other pesticides and thus environment-friendly.

Woodstream Corporation is an old and well-known company working in this field for a long time and hence, trustworthy. They not only make intense research to manufacture their products but also spend unlimited time on customer care.


Terro ant bait has been tackling ant infestations since 1915 and yet it is the best solution for it. Not only it is easy to use, effective and safe but extremely affordable too. For any ant problems, we highly recommend it.

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