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Top 5 Best Ant Baits You Need Today

Are you looking for the best baits for ant infestation? You are in the correct place!


Ants make their nests almost anywhere and everywhere and they enter your house only for food. But they cause a lot of nuisance by spoiling your food, biting you and spreading bad odor.

It is therefore very important to identify the initial ant infiltration at your house and find a quick solution to the problem.

Otherwise, if ignored it could turn to be a serious issue. This article guides you to choose the appropriate ant baits for your ant problems.

The Guidelines in this Page:

  • Our recommended 5 Best Ant Baits
  • The Regular ants we come Across
  • What is an Ant Bait?
  • Kinds of Ant Baits
  • Ants Baits: Indoor and Outdoor Usage
  • Are Ant Baits Effective?
  • Your pets and Ant Baits
  • Ant Traps: What should you consider while buying?
  • Product Reviews: Ant Baits
  • Finally…

Our recommended 5 Best Ant Baits

Looking for a quick solution? Check out the 5 ant baits suggested by us. Keep on reading for more info.

The Regular Ants we Come Across

Ants, according to their kinds sense the different odors and foodstuffs near them. Depending on the likeness towards the ingredients of food, indoor ants are two types. They are either sugar ants or grease ants. Sugar ants get attracted to foods that are sweet in taste, such as candy, chocolates, pies, etc.

Carpenter ants, field ants, pavement ants, pharaoh ants are examples of sugar ants. Grease ants prefer foods containing proteins and fats rather than sugars. They carry food particles or dead insects back to their nests so that they can feed them to the queen or the larvae.

The commonest type of grease and is the fire ant. To know, which is the best ant bait to use for the ant infestation, place a little bit of sugary and fatty food at different parts of a room and see where they move to. Ants, according to their food likings fall for these two food types.

But the process might get a bit complex when you try to attract outdoor ants towards the bait. Learn more about ants, their types and their preferences in this article.

What is an Ant Bait?

Ant Bait is an insecticide that is mixed with food particles or liquids so that ants get attracted to them. Some ants die while eating them and others carry them back to their colonies as food and end up killing the larvae and the queen ant. The best ant baits promise a long time solution, which initially kills ants within a few days and terminates the whole ant colony in 2 weeks.

Kinds of Ant Baits

You can make your own ant bait. Homemade baits are simpler. Just mix borax or boric acid with any food particle or liquid and apply. But sometimes the homemade ones are less effective than the professional baits available at the market which works on other insects as well. Both are described below:

Regular Ant Baits:

The popular types are:

  • Liquids: A sweetened solution which will attract the sugar ants.
  • Gels: Squeeze the gel at the pores and cracks from where ants come.
  • Solid: Larger granules, preferably for outdoor ant infestations.
  • Powder or Dust: Fine powder-like substance which can be applied on trails, cracks or holes from where ants enter.

It may look like that liquid baits are more effective than the other baits since it is easier for ants to carry it back to the nest to kill the queen or the larvae but practically it does not work as it seems.

Homemade Ant Baits:

Homemade ant baits may work and may not work also. The commonest ingredient in homemade bait is borax, which is available in any malls, supermarkets or hardware stores near you. Watch this video for practical experience:

Ants Baits: Indoor and Outdoor Usage

The bait that you buy tells you specifically whether it is suitable for indoor or outdoor usage. Some common baits work for both places. Generally, baits that have stronger and effective chemical insecticide in them are suitable more for outdoor usage than indoor.

Are Ant Baits Effective?


They are the ultimate solution for all your ant problems. The incredible result is bound to convince you of their ability to solve your problems. Initially, you might have to do experiments with the various products available at the market but once you identify your problem, find the correct product to apply; you have hit the bull’s eye!

Baits may be slow and kill ants within a day or two. But your goal is to clear the colony. So if you don’t see any changes within a week, sorry the bait is not working! Even the best ant baits sometimes don’t work. Ants may ignore granular or liquid baits, as they may not cater to their likings and further problems arise.

Though this is a one in a million cases as most of the baits are successful when applied on the required ants’ species and infestations. Now you have a sound knowledge about baits and how they work. Here are some of the best baits available near you.

Your Pets and Ant Baits

Ant baits are not that poisonous to your pets if not taken in large quantities. But if taken in large amounts, it can be fatal. It is quite natural that sweet baits and protein baits will attract your cats and dogs and they are unaware of the deadly insecticide inserted in them.

It is always advisable to use baits available at the market which incidentally appeal to the ants abut are repulsive and hence harmless to pets. The best bait around the family animals are those, which they don’t EAT!

Ant Traps: What should you consider while buying?

You must recognize the type of ants that are causing you trouble. A Bait useful for a specific species may not work for the other. Gather maximum knowledge about the kind of ants which are infiltrating your indoors and outdoors and their consequential baits.

The more you know about these factors, it becomes easier for you to choose the perfect ant insecticide. Buy the perfect product according to the place of infestation. Ant granules are not that effective for indoor ants like carpenter ants. Pet owners, please choose a suitable bait that is effective to ants but does not harm your pets.

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Product Reviews: Ant Baits

Why is it different?

It is available in a container with sweet flavoured bait inside it and this very much attracts the sugar ants in large size.
Just place the bait on the floor, beside the ant trails. They carry it back to their colony. This particular liquid ant bait promises to clear the nest within 2 weeks.

Full Review


Thumbs Up
High success rate.
Kills a variety of species.
Being liquid in nature, it is easy to carry.
TERRO has good brand recognition.
Fast results.
Thumbs Down
Too much dead ants to clean up.
Not effective for grease ants.
Could be avoided by ants initially and eventually they might look for other food sources.

Why is it different?

Ant bait granules are effective and they kill near about 15 species of indoor and outdoor insects. As granules in nature, they can be spread around your house. According to the company it covers up to 540 linear foot distance. The bottle containing the granules has a long shelf life and it can be used several times by closing the lid.

Full Review

Thumbs Up
Good for outdoors as it is water proof.
Visible results in 24 hours.
Do not attract pets.
Attracts a variety of ants.
Thumbs Down
Not as intoxicating as other ant baits.
Intelligent ants do not fall in to the trap. Even when carrying them to their nests, ants stay away from them.

Why is it different?

It looks like a medical injection with a syringe on its mouth. The syringe helps applying the gel to cracks and holes in your house.
The gel is sweet in taste and hence attracts sugar ants and you will see the outcome within 5 days maximum.
Maxforce gel is effective for 2 weeks after application.

Full Review


Thumbs Up
Strong attractant to sugar ants.
Remains active for weeks.
As time passes the gel solidifies and blocks holes and cracks which do not allow ants to pass through them.
Thumbs Down
Grease ants, like fire ants avoid it.
Pets may get attracted to it.
Sometimes have assembling malfunctions and syringes are too delicate to handle.
Gels get rubbery by losing moisture within a few hours.

Why is it different?

This bait is a complete solution for ants, both sugar and grease and for cockroaches. Accompanied by a shaker, this bait is perfect for any area of application. Just shake and apply! Immediate contact kills the insects rather than waiting for them to ingest or carry to the nest.

Full Review


Thumbs Up
Result in short time.
Versatility of granules for different pests.
It is labelled as“general ant bait” and you don’t need to worry about the type of species which infested your house.
Thumbs Down
Granules are hefty and ants may not carry them back to their nests.
No specific shelf life.
Sealing and packaging are sometimes defective, losing the quality of it.
Some ants might avoid them.

Why is it different?

The white dust powder comes with a shaker that you can easily apply to floors, holes, and cracks of the walls. When ants approach it they get killed as soon as contacted. Unlike other products, its durability lasts up to 8 months.
Having the advantage of being waterproof, you can use it both in indoor or outdoor affected areas.

Full Review


Thumbs Up
Gives immediate result for ants and other bugs like cockroaches and spiders.
If baiting doesn’t work for ant mounds, the killer dust has immediate effect on them.
Pets do not get attracted to it.
Ants do not come back to places where the dust has been sprinkled once, hence a long term solution.
Powerful dust and has immediate effect.
Thumbs Down
Unlike traditional ant baits it does not weaken ant’s behaviour and hence is not a long term or permanent solution.
May not be waterproof always, especially during rainy season when ants do come back.
The white powder sometimes stains during usage. You should be careful so that it does not do any external damage.
The powder has no taste or odour and may not attract ants.
The container is not that hardy and so you tend to drop the powder everywhere, which may cause damage.


The winner is TERRO T300B Liquid Ant Baits. Considering the various ant issues and the ability to attract ants towards them, Terro Liquid Ant Baits tops the others. Other ant baits have a lot of maintenance issues and need other accessories with them to work properly.

Sometimes, after all the hassles they might not work also. Terro promises a quality ant product as it attracts thousands of ants (depending on the size of ant infiltration).

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