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Top Cockroach Killing Products of The Year (Discover Exciting Products)

Have you finally decide to kill the cockroaches from your home?

If yes, then in this article you are going to reveal some of the most efficient cockroach killing products of the market. Needless to mention, cockroaches are one of the most disgusting pests on earth which annoys by stealing your food and scare you through its appearance. Naturally, you don’t want to share your kitchen with space.


Keep reading if you want to know more about cockroach killing products. In this article, we will guide thoroughly some of the most effective cockroach killing product so that you won’t get confused while purchasing a product from the market. One of the most irritating factors about the cockroaches is they prefer to live in the same condition as we do.

Food is the main reason behind their infestation within your home or garden. Like bacteria, the cockroaches can live in every possible place that has a surplus food source. Their population is impossible to control especially in tropical areas.

An entire cockroach colony can seamlessly grow on your leftover. If you do not kill them on time, they can come closer to you and sometimes may also crawl on to your face out of curiosity and warmth.

But the problem is bigger, whenever they eat something; they release feces behind, which may include your face or another body part as well. Due to their tiny size, in most cases, you overlook the presence of the feces.

So it is really hard to get rid of them easily.

Our step by step strategy to kill the cockroaches

If you think killing a couple of cockroaches means you will not face them till the rest of your life, then sorry you are dreaming! In order to get rid of them, you must have a full proof pest strategy. In this section, we will provide a step by step guide which will give you an idea about how your pest strategy should look like.

So let’s get started!

  • Cockroach traps- You need to use the roach traps in order to find the exact hiding places of the cockroaches. Unless that you won’t get a proper idea on where to apply the sprays.
  • Cockroach baits- The roach traps work amazingly along with the baits if you put them together or one by one, you cannot be wrong about their hiding places. These baits smell exactly like food to quickly attract the cockroaches.
  • Killer Sprays- This is the main step in killing the cockroaches. But be careful, most of the sprays contain harmful chemicals; in case of misapplication, those can harm your health. Do not use the baits right after the sprays; you may fail to locate their hiding spots because these sprays will poison the bait and the cockroaches won’t touch it, because they are smarter than we think.
  • Growth Regulators- The last and important step in our pest strategy includes the application of an insect growth regulator. The product consists of some growth regulation ingredients which stop the growth cycle of the cockroaches which in turn make them weaker and unable to reproduce, which means slow death of the cockroaches.

If you are 100% sure about a cockroach infestation in your home or office space, you can follow the above-mentioned steps to get rid of the nasty cockroaches. It goes without saying; you must maintain a higher level of cleanliness to avoid further cockroach infestation. If you are running out of time at least clean your kitchen and sink to stop cockroach attraction.

What are some common cockroach killing options?

There are various cockroach killing products available in the market, some of which we have already discussed.

A few good habits may actually keep you away from the roaches, first of which is not to leave your leftover uncovered. Try to cover your trash because in most cases the cockroaches straight jump on your trash due to the rotting smell of your leftovers. Make sure you cover every container that may contain food (both cooked & uncooked).

While cooking, try not to spill food particles (rice, flour, vegetables, oil, etc.) around the oven. Even if it happens accidentally try to clean them with disinfectant before leaving the kitchen. This way you can keep your kitchen clean always. Before choosing any option to kill the roaches, try to be sure about their hiding places. Otherwise, you may end up applying those chemicals in wrong places which might create a mess.

If you live with children and pets try to take some preventive measures as they are more sensitive than an adult human. Instead of using a solo product you can use a combination of products to ensure ultimate success. The best thing you can do is to use cockroach traps and baits along with the killing sprays followed by the application of insect growth regulators.

  • Cockroach Traps:

    Traps can be useful tools while capturing cockroaches. These traps won’t kill the cockroaches but will help to detect the presence of cockroaches in your house, so before applying any spray, try to use these traps.

    If you are confused about what to do and how to do, just relax! You might require professional help.

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  • Cockroach Baits:

    If you want to eradicate the cockroaches from your home, then you must use the cockroach baits. The baits will slower the overall process of poisoning.

    Before using the sprays and the traps you can use these baits, these will make the overall process much easier.

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  • Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs):

    If you want to deal with the cockroach infestation on a long term basis, you must use the Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs) to disrupt the reproductive cycle of the cockroaches.

    The baby cockroaches are harder to kill rather than the adult ones. So, if you use IGRs, it will regulate the overall growth cycle of the cockroaches.

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Best Cockroach Traps

If you want to use the traps to regulate the cockroach colony, you must know a few facts on how those traps work. You must place the trap near the probable places of the cockroach infestation. Once settled they do not prefer to change their place frequently.

So, the homeowner will come to know about the areas which need to be treated in order to remove the cockroaches.

Read about our Top Products

If you are planning to purchase a handy and effective cockroach killer spray then read the following product reviews handpicked by market professionals.

Why it is the best?

The unique designed trap is the most effective cockroach trap in the market. It is safe and eco-friendly and captures a large number of insects within a short period. It is suitable for medium to large-sized infestation.

The trap entrance is designed with two layers of door access which allow the cockroaches to enter but do not allow them to exit. The trap is bait convenient, so if you want to use the baits, you must purchase the trap.

Full Review

Why it is the best?

If you want to target a small to medium-sized cockroach infestation then go for the product. The mechanism of the trap is impressive; it allows the cockroaches to enter within the trap but do not let them escape it.

Apart from cockroaches it also kills spiders, ants, and other domestic insects.

Full Review


Why should you use the cockroach traps?

If you want to get rid of the cockroaches from your home, you must know about the areas where they hide. Otherwise, you would not understand where to apply the killing sprays and other products. So, your cockroach killing strategy must include the cockroach traps.

Why are the roach traps effective?

Before applying the cockroach killing sprays, you must know which parts of your house is infested by the cockroaches. The cockroaches expertise in hiding, but they cannot help food, and the traps are designed to attract them by providing an attractive smell.

If your trap managed to attract a few cockroaches, you would understand where these nasty insects hide which will be helpful in removing them from your home. If you are confused about what to do and how to do, just relax! You might require professional help. Use our exterminator search tool to free quotes from authentic local exterminators.

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When should you avoid using the traps?

Instead of its effectiveness, sometimes we recommend avoiding these traps. But why and when? The traps won’t perform in case of a larger infestation. The roaches are smarter than we think. If they understand how it works, they can easily overlook it.

Besides one trap will not work for long. You need to replace the traps frequently to trap the roaches. So, you need to be smarter to kill them completely from your home.

Best Cockroach Baits

The baits attract the cockroaches by providing a stimulating smell. The roaches lure to the bait due to its smell; the baits consist of poisonous ingredient which inhibits some important body function of the roaches once they get inside of their body.

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Why it is the best?

If you use the bait roaches will begin dying within 20 minutes after eating. It uses unique food-grade attractants which is more effective than other popular baits.

The best part of the bait is, it is formulated without the eight most common food allergens for sensitive applications which include food plants, schools, childcare, and health care facilities. You can use the bait both indoor and outdoor.

Full Review

Why it is the best?

We recommend this product because it is simple to set, just place them whenever you find some cockroaches and they will do the rest while you just sit back and relax!

This is not a bait but a bait station, you have to put suitable baits inside, it can be the one we mentioned before, or you can use some food that contains sugar to attract them. It is best for using around sinks, toilets, beside cracks and crevices, etc.

Full Review

Why it is the best?

This is perfect for indoor and outdoor use for both commercial and residential areas. It comes with a tight cap which will be intact over two years. The gel may dry up, but if the roaches eat it, it will still work.

Full Review


Things should be considered before using the cockroach baits

Baits are very useful in killing cockroaches. It will poison the entire cockroach colony if used properly. If you want a proper pest strategy, you must include the baits within it. There are several types of baits available in the market but try to buy one that specially targets the cockroaches.

Some bait claims to kill ants and spiders along with the roaches, though sounds good but try to avoid those products. Go for the baits which only claims to kill the roaches. You can also use some bait station which comes with pre-set gel bait. These gels work better than the granule baits.

You can check the video to know how to apply a roach gel bait:

The baits are perfect for both indoor and outdoor. But it will work better if you use them inside only. Before using them, make sure you know about the hiding places of the cockroaches.

Aadvantages of the roach baits

Baits will stop the colony of the cockroaches to reproduce further. This is one of the best ways to kill cockroaches. This works best when used with other roach killing products like traps and sprays. It is cost-effective and safe to use.

But if you live with children and pest, you need to be extra careful. Always read the instructions carefully before using it. See the backside of the product for instruction. Some products also contain a detailed user manual which you need to read thoroughly before use.

Disadvantages of the roach baits

If you are using baits, don’t think it will act like magic. It will take time to kill the cockroaches. You will see the results after 3 to 4 days, in some cases after 1 week. The baits consist of insecticide; whenever roaches will touch and eat that, poisonous reactions started to take place inside of their stomach.

Before using the baits, make sure you are placing it right. If you place it far from the actual living place of the cockroaches, they might not eat it, so try to place it near the infestation. If you are facing problem to find out the hiding spot of the cockroaches, try to use the traps.

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Best Cockroach Sprays

The sprays are the best cockroach killing products in the market. Do not get confused while buying a spray. Rather go through our guide to get an insight on some of the best roach killing sprays. You should buy one with a residual property. Non-residual contact killers are also available; you can buy any of them. Scroll down to see some of our top roach killing spray.

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Why it is the best?

Among all other cockroach killing spray we recommend this one because it kills on contact, besides, it has a residual property for ants and roaches which will work for weeks. The best part of the product is it leaves no chemical residue behind. It has an outdoor scent which will not bother you after application.

But read all the instructions carefully before applying, remember prevention is better than cure. If you live with children and pets, keep them away at the time of application. They are more sensitive than an adult human. Not only cockroaches, but it also kills almost all the crawling insects on contact.

Full Review

Why it is the best?

It provides guarantee on its extermination. It kills roaches, crickets, spiders, silverfish and mosquito. So, basically one solution to all your pest problem. If you want a product which provides the desired result quickly then go for it. It provides 4 month residual property.

Full Review

Why it is the best?

The chief ingredient of the product is Permethrin (40%) which work perfectly within the cracks and crevices of the home as well as your office space. Each packet contains water-soluble powder which can be used in apartments, buses, floor, factories, etc. Do not open the foil envelop unless you want to use it. Try to avoid it using around your food.

Full Review


Things should be considered before using the cockroach sprays

The sprays are considered as one of the most constructive cockroach killing products till date. In order to leverage its full power, it must be used with other cockroach killing products. The sprays will reach to every narrow area where other products might not reach. Try to use a spray with a residual property. The smell of the sprays irritates the cockroaches and drag them outside of their hiding places.

Check this video to see what happened to the cockroaches when the sprays are applied:

The sprays only contain the poisonous ingredient that kills them, but if cockroaches somehow manage to escape the spray, it will be hard to kill them further with the same product. Do not apply the spays on the roach bait, as it may poison the baits and the roaches will not eat it further because they can smell the poison.

Before buying a spray, make sure they won’t leave a bad smell and won’t stain your furniture. Whatever spray you are using make sure you are keeping your children and pets away from the vicinity of the spray.

Advantages of the roach sprays

The sprays kill the cockroaches faster than any other product. It can be used along with other roach killing products like the baits and traps. They kill the roaches on contact; some also come with strong residential property. The sprays are easy to apply and cost-effective as well, so go for it to remove the cockroach battalion from your home.

Disadvantages Of The Roach Sprays

If you think you are going to kill the whole cockroach colony with just one application of the sprays, then hold on, because it is nearly impossible. Since they reproduce faster, you need to keep using the spray after a small interval. As we mentioned before, try to keep your children and pets away from the sprays while using them.

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Best cockroach Insect Growth Regulators (IGRs)

Another efficient cockroach killing product is the insect growth regulators (IGRs). They work by interrupting the growth and reproduction process within the cockroaches. It should be on the baby cockroaches rather than the adult one.

Some IGRs also contain a certain regulating ingredient which makes the adults unable to reproduce. Before purchasing, read the instruction and ingredients carefully, so that you will understand how it works.

To know more scroll down and see our top recommended IGRs:

Why it is the best?

We recommend this product over others because this one is basically a bait mixed with an IGRs. In most cases, the cockroaches die after eating that. In case they don’t die they will be unable to reproduce further.

So, with this product, you will be one step forward to kill the cockroach colony from your home.

Full Review

Why it is the best?

Till date it is one of the best cockroach IGR in the market; with this, you can seamlessly control the cockroaches. This one is low toxic than other products and can be used both indoor and outdoor.

You can use it around food as well. Unlike other products, this one is a gel material that you need to press down on the product to attract the cockroaches.

Full Review


Advantages of the cockroach IGRs

IGRs can be a great addition to your cockroach killing strategy. It will stop the adult cockroaches to reproduce so that they can no longer populate within your house. IGRs will perform best when it is used with other cockroach killing products. These are easily available in the market and won’t cost you much.

Disadvantages of the cockroach IGRs

If you want to kill the cockroaches without following any further step then hold on, this product is not designed to kill the roaches on contact like the sprays. This is meant to interrupt the reproduction process of the cockroaches, so if you think with the use of an IGR, you can get rid of the cockroaches, it may disappoint you.

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