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Pick The Best Flea Spray And Get Rid Of Them At Once!

In this page, you will get to know all about flea sprays and how to apply them on these nasty pests. Furthermore, the article gives you a sound knowledge about fleas, how flea sprays affect the fleas, what should you look for in the sprays while selecting them and DIY flea sprays. Finally, we give you our choice of the best flea spray and the reasons behind choosing it.

The Guidelines in this Page:

  • Top 5 Flea Sprays
  • How Do Flea Sprays Eliminate Fleas?
  • Selecting the Best Flea Spray
  • Techniques to Use a Flea Spray
  • DIY Flea Sprays
  • Do Flea Sprays Really Work?
  • Assessments of Best Flea Sprays
  • Our Favourite: Adam’s Spray
  • Finally

Top 5 Flea Sprays

You should be aware of 3 things before we move towards the rest of the article:

  • The flea population is increasing day by day in the United States: You should have a sound knowledge about how to deal with these pests even if you, your pet or your house has not been affected by these pests. Infiltration can happen anytime.
  • They are hard to get rid of: To get rid of fleas you need to be calm and persistent. You will have to devote a lot of time and treatments can be costly.
  • Health hazards: Serious flea infestation can be harmful to you, your family, your pet and your neighbors too.

But you need not be depressed about the points mentioned above. Terminal treatments get rid of fleas totally. Sprays are one of them and here we will see how effective flea sprays are and how they exterminate fleas.

How Do Flea Sprays Eliminate Fleas?

Flea sprays kill fleas on contact without leaving any residual chemicals. Aerosol cans are commonly used as flea sprays. They dispense foggy liquid contents in them when sprayed. For natural and DIY sprays you can use spray bottles, preferably windex glass cleaners. The major ingredient of a flea spray is Pyrethroid.

Pyrethrin is a carbon-containing organic chemical compound, obtained from flowers of the pyrethrum group. The common example is the chrysanthemum. Pyrethroids are actually artificial modifications of pyrethrins which are toxic and are capable to control household and agricultural pest infestations. Certain sprays have IGR (Insect Growth Regulator) which restrict eggs to hatch, larvae to grow and pupae to move to the next step.

Selecting the Best Flea Spray

Focus and think aloud. A single spray may not work for your dog as well for your cat. Find out the reasons behind using a flea spray. Few sprays may be perfect to use at your home, on your pets but some may contain harmful insecticides that can damage the skins of your pets.

Pyrethroid works fine for your dog but is fatal for your cat, especially if they have residual effects. A cat’s skin is not safe for permethrins, essential oils, and natural oils too. The application of a flea spray also depends on the seriousness and the scale of the flea infiltration.

Get detailed information about the best cat flea collars.

Techniques to Use a Flea Spray

There are reasonable reasons and techniques regarding the usage of flea sprays. The toxic content of the sprays varies in different products. It is always advisable to read the instructions on the spray bottles available in the market. It gives strict instructions about how to use them. Our logical minds tell us to apply flea sprays at 2 places mainly. They are:

On the skin of the pet:

Skins of your pets are the main infected area. But don’t just shower your pet’s skin with the flea spray. Instead, give your pet a complete bath and make sure fleas fall off due to the bath. Rinse it well and apply the flea spray gently from head to tail. Rumple the furry surface of the body after you apply the spray. Don’t spray directly on the face of the pet as it may affect the eyes, nose, and mouth. You can spray on a soft cloth and wipe the face.

On the pet’s bed:

Flea eggs fall on places where the pets rest or sleep and a pet’s bed is the ideal place for that. Before applying flea sprays on your pet’s bed make sure you have vacuumed it. If flea dirt has polluted the bed, just get rid of the old bed and get a new one. Apply the flea spray according to your heart’s content. Make it wet with the liquid and gaseous ingredients. Wait till it dries. Invite your pet to its new bed to have a sound sleep. One thing you must make sure that the chemical content in the spray is not harmful enough to the skin of your pet or its bed.

DIY Flea Sprays


Before trying any professional product you may try to make a homemade spray and you never know, it could be effective too. The common homemade ingredient for a homemade spray is vinegar.

The easiest method to make vinegar spray:

  • Mix half portion of vinegar and half portion of water and put the mixture in a bottle.
  • Add a sprayer pistol cap on it or use an empty bottle of regular detergent sprays like windex, shout or max force as a container.
  • Shake the mixture well and spray it on your pet.
  • Wait till it gets dried and then sprays it once more so that the skin gets a denser layer of vinegar on it.

Although it is a natural product and easy to make, vinegar sprays are not 100% efficient. Fleas don’t get killed by the spray. The spray only repels them from the pet and for that, you need to apply again and again on your pet in equal intervals. These kinds of DIY sprays may give you false hopes that your pet is safe from fleas where on the other hand fleas may be infiltrating your house elsewhere.

Other homemade DIY flea sprays:

You can try out other DIY sprays that are homemade but vinegar spray is the best among them.

See the video to get some information about different homemade flea sprays:

Do Flea Sprays Really Work?

5% of the fleas that infect your pets are adult fleas and the rest 95% are flea eggs, larvae, pupae, and baby fleas. When fleas are inside cocoons they get protected from the sprays due to the silky skin around them. The flea spray should have the quality to destroy fleas of all types and that too also depends on the functioning ingredient in it. Unfortunately, flea sprays don’t work that effectively.

On one hand, you don’t want to harm your pets with excessive toxic sprays, you would rather choose natural ones instead. But on the other hand, natural solutions are not that professional to remove the entire flea population. The only option is to mix other flea removal products like flea shampoo, flea combs, and ingredients containing IGR along with the sprays.

Assessments of Best Flea Sprays

Let us have a look at the different flea sprays available at the market. Also, check out our recommended number one product:

Why you should choose this?

The spray is not to be applied directly on the skin of your pet. It is used around the places where your pets hang around. You and your pet needs to stay away from the place after the spray is applied, for example your room or corridor.

Once the spray dries up you can come back again. The product is capable to kill adult and growing fleas but is not effective on flea eggs or pupae. You will need an additional IGR agent for that. The major ingredients are Permethrin, Pyriproxyfen, and Pyrethrums.

Click here for the price

Thumbs Up
Effective up to 7 months
A 16 ounce container can cover up to 2,100 square feet
Reaches to hidden places like carpets, upholsteries, drapes
Easy to use: just spray!
Leaves no unpleasant scent or stain
Not messy
Thumbs Down
Takes 2 hours to dry up

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Why you should choose this?

Wondercide is a natural spray containing no artificial chemical elements, the major ingredients being cedar oil, lemongrass oil and rosemary oil. This spray is capable of both killing and repelling fleas on your pet. You can spray safely on your pet’s skin and on to your clothes. The natural ingredients decrease the prickliness on the skin of your pet and they fell relieved. Lemongrass oil and rosemary oil have a pleasant natural aroma but some pets may dislike the smell of cedar oil.

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Thumbs Up
Pleasant smell
No stain marks
Complete natural solution for flea treatment
Eliminates complete flea lifecycle
Thumbs Down
Pricy, compared to other alternatives
May not be that intense for serious infiltrations
Not water-resistant. You may have to reapply it after your pet takes a bath

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Why you should choose this?

You can directly apply this spray on your pets. But remember this is a highly professional product and will not work if you spray it in areas where your pet hangs around like Vibrac Knockout sprays work. Read the usage instructions on the bottle carefully. To be on the safer side, it is advisable to apply the spray on a piece of cloth before and then rub it on the skin of your pet. The active ingredients are Pyrethrins, Methoprene, Piperonyl Butoxide, Bicycloheptene dicarboximide, and IGR.

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Thumbs Up
Professional pest exterminators recommend this product
Thumbs Down
Cats being metabolically weaker may feel weak
Has a nauseating effect
Regular application is necessary as this product does not have a residual effect

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Why you should choose this?

Though being a powerful spray, it is known as the best flea spray. It can be applied on your pets as well as at the areas where they hang out. It works as a flea killer and as a flea repellent. The major components in the spray are Etofenprox which is a flea egg killer and S-Methoprene which is a powerful insect growth regulator. It has a foul scent but is the fastest reliever from biting fleas.

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Thumbs Up
Quickest flea killer for cats and dogs
Disturbs the life cycle of fleas (IGR) up to 2 months
Works for other biting pests like ticks and mosquitos too
Thumbs Down
Leaves a foul scent on the skin of the pet
Cats are allergic to Etofenprox
Oily and can affect the colour of your pet’s skin
Not advisable for puppies that are less than 10 weeks old and kittens who are less than 12 weeks old

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Why you should choose this?

This is basically a repellent spray. It keeps fleas away from your pets and is applicable for both cats and dogs. It is rather an alternative to Wondercide sprays and vice versa. If you wish to keep your pet away from toxic chemical treatments, this is a good product. The major ingredients are clove, peppermint, cinnamon, and cedar oil. Please shake the bottle before use.

Click here for the price

Thumbs Up
Pleasant scent
Made from natural elements and no toxins
Prickliness eases on the skin
Makes the skin of your pet soft and smooth
Thumbs Down
Low residual effect and needs to reapply in small intervals
Other flea removal products are necessary for complete removal of flea infestation
The spray cap may be rigid at times

Our Favourite: Adams Plus Flea and Tick Spray

Adams plus flea and tick spray are our favorite because of two reasons. If you compare it with other products, you will see that there is a dearth of totality in the rest of the products. Adams plus sprays contain etofenprox, which is an effective flea egg killer and S-Methoprene, which is a powerful insect growth regulator.

You can use the product directly on your pet’s body as well as a spray at the places where it roams around and loves to rest. The product kills fleas and repels them too. All the qualities mentioned above shines brightly over some minimal complaints about the product being too powerful or having a pungent odor.


Just because you have a flea spray in your hand that does not mean all your flea problems will get over. Flea sprays work but up to a certain level. Make sure you take other measures too like using pet shampoos during their bath, using pet collars, foggers, etc.

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