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Top 6 Best Mosquito Traps Reviewed

Can you really trap mosquitos? Do they really fall into your traps? Certain questions like these may jam your minds and on this page, all these questions will be answered along with the guidelines to choose the correct mosquito trap for your problem. You may wonder how do these mechanized traps work? Are they applicable for indoor as well as outdoor usage?


Getting rid of mosquitoes is totally impossible, but at least, you can deter these insects from your home who keep on disturbing you and your family.

What are the features you should look for when you buy a mosquito trap? What are the different kinds of mosquito traps available in the market?

Once you get to know the answers to all these questions, we will suggest you go through our recommended products so that you can do a comparison and come to a conclusion.

Our chosen number 1 product


  • Easy setting.
  • Controls a large population of mosquitos.
  • Strong integral attractors.


Obviously, you have come to this page because of severe mosquito infiltration and you must be desperate to get rid of them totally. These annoying pests can make your lives miserable. But the true fact is you just cannot get rid of them totally. They stay as they have been staying since ages.

The product is pocket-friendly, easy to use and consistent. The electric insect killer is capable of killing mosquitoes within a radius of half an acre. If you add mosquito repellent like Octenol, the radius may increase up to 1 to 1.5 acres.

If you compare Flowtron DK-15D with Dynatrap dt2000xl, 2 things should be kept in mind. One, the former product is less expensive than the other and two, the second product may cause a bit of difficulty while setting up as it comes with a UV light and a Carbon dioxide emitter which releases a lot of heat.

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To know more about mosquito traps and their usages, our recommended products, and their assessments, keep on reading the article.

The Guidelines in this Page:

  • Best Mosquito Traps: Our Recommended Top 6
  • What is a Mosquito Trap?
  • How do Mosquito Traps Work?
  • Indoor Mosquito Traps and Outdoor Mosquito Traps
  • What are the Different Types of Traps?
  • What Kind of Mosquito Trap you Should Buy?
  • What Additional Things to go for While Buying Mosquito Traps?
  • Do Mosquito Traps Really Work?
  • Assessment of Top 6 Mosquito traps
  • Our Best Choices: Flowtron and Dynatrap Dt2000xl: Why?

Best Mosquito Traps: Our Recommended Top 6

If you have a serious mosquito infiltration at your home and you really need to get rid of them immediately, you can click on the links below to know about the products and find out the best product according to your choice.

Our best 6 products are:

What is a Mosquito Trap?

A mosquito trap works like a magnet drawing them towards it. Just like an iron gets pulled toward a magnet, mosquitos get pulled to these traps, misunderstanding them as warm-blooded animals. Why so? Mosquitos have a receptor in their bodies by which they get attracted to Carbon dioxide (CO2 ) and the skin odor (containing minute chemicals) of our bodies. They can sense these 2 elements from a far distance. If a mechanical trap can produce a similar odor containing the chemicals, mosquitos get driven towards it, get trapped and die.

How do Mosquito Traps Work?

First, you have to know what actually attracts the mosquitos. They are drawn towards warm-blooded animals by the CO2 which they exhale during respiration. There is a chemical component called Octanol, which gets released when we perspire. Mosquitos get attracted to it too. They can track warm-blooded animals from quite a distance and use light as the medium to navigate.

They avoid harsh sunlight during day time as scorching sunlight easily dehydrates them. But soft light from the moon and stars makes them easier to find their targets. Though bugs can’t see things like other animals do and are sensitive to several light frequencies, with the help of that soft light, they can navigate easily.

More a mosquito trap is close to an ideal situation for them to get attracted to, the best is the product. Mosquito traps attract them, suck them in and the mosquitos die either by suffocation or by drowning in water. Just make sure to keep the trap in the direction of the wind. If the weather is blowy and the trap is faced opposite to the direction of the wind, you might not trap any mosquitos at all.

Watch this video to know exactly how mosquito traps work:

Indoor Mosquito Traps and Outdoor Mosquito Traps

The use of indoor mosquito traps and outdoor mosquito traps totally depends on you. Indoor traps are not water-resistant, the coverage area of them are smaller compared to the outdoor ones and are not recommended for heavy usage because of the release of CO2. Outdoor ones have larger usage areas with an immense release of CO2.

Indoor mosquito traps:

These are small traps, capable of covering comparatively smaller areas, especially at the indoors and are targeted for less population of insects. You should place the traps inside a room, close the door of the room and leave the room as soon as you have placed it. You should leave the room otherwise, the mosquitos will go for you (because of the continuous exhalation of CO2 and the excretion of Octanol) instead of the trap.

These traps are less functional in open spaces like the halls or dormitories. They are quick solutions for small infestations. Indoor mosquito traps are less expensive, movable and they use light bulbs and temperature to attract a smaller population of mosquitos. Mosquito zappers are the best examples of indoor traps.

Outdoor mosquito traps:

The main reason behind using outdoor mosquito traps is only to kill the female mosquitos who lay eggs which eventually helps in increasing the population. Once you get rid of the female mosquitos, it reduces the reproduction rate and then easily you can get rid of the entire population. Outdoor mosquito traps are more powerful than the indoor ones and are capable to attract a larger population of mosquitos.

Average outdoor traps range up to 300 feet, which could be ideal for your garden or other open spaces, especially if you have water bodies like ponds, swamps and other wetlands near your house which are the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitos. Outdoor traps don’t provide an instant result. It may take 6 to 8 weeks for you to see the actual outcomes. You have to be tactful and do trial and error methods to ultimately find out the perfect solution for mosquito eradication.

What are the Different Types of Traps?

Mosquitos get attracted to the warm-blooded animals because of the chemical (Octanol) they excrete, their smell, the amount of heat they release from their bodies and also the CO2 they exhale. These are the main components included when preparing mosquito traps, obviously artificially. The following are the commonest mosquito traps you can opt for:

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) mosquito traps:

These traps help mosquitos to misunderstand them as warm-blooded animals and humans as warm-blooded animals and humans exhale carbon dioxide. These are propane-fueled traps that get converted to CO2 and mosquitos get attracted to them and get trapped. These are high-priced traps but work for a longer period. The only disadvantage is propane is a highly flammable hydrocarbon gas.

Heat-light mosquito traps:

These traps use ultraviolet and infrared rays as attractants released at different frequencies. The traps produce energy that resembles the heat which gets discharged from human bodies. The mosquitos get attracted to the heat and rush towards the traps. The lights in the traps help them to guide towards the source of the heat. This is a safer product and can be used indoors as well as at the outdoors.

DIY mosquito traps:

Like most of the insect traps, we tend to experiment with DIY traps too. How it can be different in the case of mosquitos? The homemade trap is basically a solution of sugar and yeast, which when mixed produces carbon dioxide. The solution drives the mosquitos to a water-filled container where ultimately, they drown and die. It is not a functioning solution for a trap for mosquitos. Sometimes it may work for indoor infestations but is actually inoperative for outdoor applications.

What Kind of Mosquito Trap you Should Buy?

All the traps may not work in all situations. They are reason-specific and area-specific. The concentration of infiltration is also another major factor to decide what should the features of the traps would be when you buy them. Reasonable research and strict observation of the infestation at the initial level is mandatory before buying a product. Here are some factors that you must consider before buying a mosquito trap considering, which will be suitable for you:

The concentration of infiltration and your actions for solving the problem:

If there is a major infestation, most of the traps won’t work, be rest assured. You will be needing other removal techniques along with the traps. If mosquito infestation is at a moderate level, you may use traps that range up to a long-distance, use propane-fueled traps that emit carbon dioxide and other potent attractants. Heat-light traps for smaller indoor infestations can solve your problems if you have a minimal mosquito problem. So, choosing a trap solely depends on the depth of the intrusion and how you wish to tackle it.

The type of mosquitos that are bugging you:

There are more than 3500 types of mosquitos having displeasing habitats. You should identify the kind of mosquitos which are invading your house (for that you need to do a strict observation) and act accordingly. You may apply some specific chemicals or take definite measures to counter the mosquito type.

See this video to know more about the types of mosquitos that can infest in your house:

Perfect areas to place the mosquito traps:

Indoor traps can be placed in relatively smaller closed locations but for the outdoor traps, you should place the traps in shady areas, where mosquitos prefer to hang out and in the direction of the wind. You can use a blowing fan so that mosquitos get attracted to the traps too.

Level of infestation and affordability:

Outdoor traps are comparatively expensive than the indoor ones. Obviously, outdoor traps cover a larger area than the indoor areas. Propane though being an active component in attracting mosquitos towards the traps is also an expensive element. If you wish to avoid high electric bills, CO2 gas cylinders are easy options but you need to replace them regularly and that is also a costly affair. The main thing is that you need to face the problem at an initial stage because as the infiltration increases, the cost of getting rid of mosquitos also upsurges simultaneously. Tackle the problem from an early stage and you can afford to eliminate mosquito problems at a lesser cost.

What Additional Things to go for While Buying Mosquito Traps?

Different traps have distinctive attributes, with the help of them they get rid of mosquitoes in their unique ways. The heat-light traps use infrared and UV rays to attract mosquitos and eliminate them. These traps require electricity plugs to work.

Carbon dioxide emitting propane traps need gas cylinders and attractants to refill. You don’t need to buy additional pesticides if you are using home-made mosquito traps. But you should definitely add a spray or fogger along with the traps to get the prompt effect.

Do Mosquito Traps Really Work?

Again it depends on the concentration of the infestation, the location of your residence and the type of mosquito species that are bothering you. Some mosquito traps, particularly which have larger ranges and may attract other insects too, which in the long run can complicate your problem to extend.

Indoor traps are perfect to get rid of mosquitos from a smaller radius of the area but you will have to make sure that after laying the trap you will have to leave the area, otherwise, they will go after you instead of the trap. Outdoor traps work perfectly if combined with other mosquito removing products like sprays or foggers. This methodology might give you a 100% removal system.

Assessment of Top 6 Mosquito traps

Please find below our assessed best mosquito traps. You can quickly click the links and have a full description of the products, their good and nor so good attributes and finally decide, which is the correct product to solve your kind of problem. Our top 6 products are:

Flowtron BK-15D

  • Excellent product to cover up to half an acre.
  • Location-specific product.


The 15-watt bulb is capable of attracting outdoor insects and the product is comparatively affordable. If you wish to increase the radius of the field, all you need to do is to buy extra add-ons which include octanol attractants. Hang the product at least 25 feet away from your home for optimum results.

A windy atmosphere helps mosquitos to reach the trap. Certain nocturnal creatures get attracted to the product as well, which includes bats. But bats too kill mosquitos.

Full Review

Thumbs Up
Easy set-up and usage technique
Kills a large population of mosquitos
Contain strong in-built attractants
It does not need regular cleaning
Thumbs Down
Bulbs get fused and need to be replaced regularly
Some mosquitos may avoid the suction-fan
If damaged, integral parts may turn out to be expensive
Harmful for beneficial insects like bees or bats

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DynaTrap Dt2000xL

  • Perfect for a coverage area of 1 acre.
  • 3 attractants for all-out results.
  • Weather consistent and hence durable.


The suction fan attracts the mosquitos and captures them with ultraviolet light, titanium dioxide coat, and carbon dioxide and kill them. It is an outdoor product and is weather resistant.

Results are seen within a month but should be kept away from home as the product could attract a wide population of mosquitos which can cause further harm.

Full Review

Thumbs Up
Plug and play device
3 attractants for all-out results
Coverage up to 1 acre
Thumbs Down
A short power cord makes its movement limited
Attractants may not be that functioning
An expensive product

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Mega-Catch ULTRA Mosquito Trap

  • Applicable to a specific species of mosquito.
  • Good customer feedback.
  • Capable of killing near about 10,000 mosquitos in 2 weeks, if location is set.


This particular product reflects the scent of the bodies of human beings, emerging heat, and chemicals by which mosquitos get attracted to it, ranging up to 1 acre. You can control the settings of the hunt according to the species of the mosquitos you are dealing with.

You may trap 10000 to 12000 mosquitos of similar species within a time frame of 2 weeks. The CO2 attachment needs to be adjusted according to the attract-power unit.

Full Review

Thumbs Up
Capable of killing a large population of mosquitos instantly
A perfect product to be applied near breeding grounds
Reduces the population of mosquitos considerably
Thumbs Down
Expensive product
Within a range of 3 months, you need to refill CO2
There are some technical issues that need to be resolved

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Dynatrap Ultralight Mosquito Trap

  • Pocket-friendly.
  • The coverage area extends up to 300 square feet.
  • Location-specific product.


The product works by using an ultraviolet light that produces heat and a minimal amount of CO2. A perfect product for usage in enclosed areas and can be used outdoors, if not tampered by adverse weather conditions. It is a product to be used for small mosquito invasion and may not be powerful for a vast infiltration.

Full Review

Thumbs Up
No additional attractants needed
A perfect product for small indoor or outdoor infestation
Thumbs Down
May attract beneficial insects
Mosquitos may avoid suction fans
Fragile traps

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Aspectek Bug Zapper & Electric Indoor Insect Killer

  • Indoor use only.
  • 2800 volt wattage of power.
  • 12 months secured warranty.


This is a mosquito zapper that uses bulbs and needs electricity to operate. Though being an indoor product, it can be used in covered outdoor places too. The trap should be laid during the night time when the mosquitos are more active and they get attracted to the night lamp which glows during the night. A perfect product for kitchens and stores.

Full Review

Thumbs Up
Cleaning dead mosquitos is an easy task
A flawless indoor product
Covers a larger area
Good customer feedback
Thumbs Down
Not applicable for outdoor usage

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Patriot Mosquito Magnet

  • Retrieving your favorite outdoors.
  • Control mosquito breeding.


It has a 50 feet power cord which helps you to plant the trap in any place you wish. As mosquitos fly they are sucked inside the trap and die. The trapping elements include heat, moisture, CO2 and other secondary attractants to trap the mosquitos.

Full Review

Thumbs Up
Coverage area up to 1 acre
Easy to use, just plug and play
Mosquito magnet works in a harsh environmental atmosphere
Additional elements are octenol and lurex 3
Thumbs Down
Using a standard 120-volt outlet works perfectly
The red light sometimes misguides
No additional attractants
Poor customer service

Our Best Choices: Flowtron and Dynatrap Dt2000xl: Why?

Flowtron (number 1 product):
  • DIY technique.
  • Traditional zapping method for killing mosquitos.
  • Different baits can be used to attract mosquitos.
Dynatrap Dt2000xl (fastest setup):
  • Although being a bit pricy, comes with all attractants.
  • Need to place 25 feet away from your home and reverse to direct wind to get results.

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