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Top 4 Best Mouse Baits To Buy Now 2020 Review

Top 4 Best Mouse Baits To Buy Now 2020 Review

What is a mouse bait? What are the baits to buy for mice infiltrations?

If you wish to use baits as traps for the mice infestation you are facing in your home, this page will guide you properly to look for the correct product. But before that, you should be aware, why mice are entering your house in the first place? After realizing the reasons for mice invasion you need to concentrate on the seriousness and the aggression of such a raid, the gravity of such a destructive invasion and how to restrict such a severe invasion.

Using bait is definitely one of the quickest methods of mouse invasion. It is a time-consuming process and not a quick event to remove mice infestation. This article gives you an overall idea about the 4 hand-picked baiting products, according to us and the skillful instructions to use them. But firstly:

The Guidelines on this Page:

  • Our chosen 4 Best mouse bait products:
  • How you have a mice infiltration problem? Why is your house?
  • What are the different types of mouse baits?
  • Which is the best type of bait you should look for?
  • Are mice baits harmful to Humans?
  • Our assessments: Best Mouse Baits
  • Finally: The Best Mouse Bait:

Our chosen 4 Best mouse bait products:

If you have a serious mouse infiltration problem in your house you need to act quickly. You can just click on the links below to choose the correct product suitable for your problem. However, we would like to suggest, you go through the whole article so that you gather a solid knowledge about mouse bait. After doing a far-reaching study we have come up with 4 mouse baits, which according to us are characteristically different and advantages for the users. Our chosen 4 picks are:

How you have a mice infiltration problem? Why is your house?

Mice or preferably the house mouse (Mus musculus) comes to your house with a specific purpose. They are one of the most annoying pests and can survive on divergent conditions. They come to your house mainly to look for food and secondly to breed. They reproduce rapidly but need a shady, humid atmosphere to do so. They can nest anywhere in your house, be it the attic or the basement or between the walls of your rooms. If you see one tiny scribbler roaming around your house, rest assure others are there nearby.

Getting rid of mice is not easy. You may try different techniques and yet fail. You may ask yourself, what is the pitfall of the process you chose? The elimination of mice depends on 3 factors and each factor depends on the other. The 3 factors are the lifestyle of the homeowner or the cultural factor, the constructional discrepancy of the house or the mechanical factor and finally, the process of elimination or the eviction factor. All of these are dependant on the other 2. If 1 is ignored, the other 2 won’t work.

Check this video to understand the ‘mechanical’ factor which describes the constructional discrepancy of the house. See how mice are squeezing in a house:

Lifestyle of the homeowner or the cultural factor:

The cultural factor depends on the home environment and the lifestyle of the homeowner. If you see mice infesting your house do a strict investigation to find:

  • Have you left bird food in your garden to attract birds, as you are a nature lover and fancy birds chirping around you?
  • Has your pet ate its food completely without leaving leftovers unattended?
  • Is your trash can sealed properly without leaving the tiniest entrance point for these rodents? Are they regularly cleaned?
  • Do you regularly wipe and clean your kitchen, especially after cooking food, leaving no food particles neglected? Even if you clean your kitchen properly, have you wrapped the excess food properly and kept it in a safe place as mice have sharp teeth to tear into food. Having a strong nose is an added advantage to them.
  • Perfect sanitation is also a factor. Good sanitation may not deter mice but bad sanitation invites more of them to thrive.

Initially, mice invade our houses for the search for food. If we are ignorant about our disconcerting lifestyles, more mice will target our house and no bait or trap can save us from them.

The constructional discrepancy of the house or the mechanical factor:

You might get tired by using different mouse removing techniques. You may feel that the mouse bait is a farce, traps don’t work, poisons are impure. Sometimes you may also feel that more the mice you get rid of, more keep on coming to your home? Well, this is definitely frustrating for you.

The only place you have not concentrated is the constructional discrepancy of your house, which we call the mechanical factor. Simply speaking, there are numerous entry points for mice to your home which you are not aware of. In the video shown above, you have already got an idea of how mice from tiny to the tiniest openings can enter your house. From pipes, narrow passageways or little cracks mice can mold themselves to enter your house. Their flexible body allows them to do so. If you cannot jam these points, your total mouse removal process will not see light.

Your garage is the ideal place of entrance for the mice. In general, we ignore the mechanical construction of the garage as we hardly spend time there. We keep the car and other unused or reusable things temporarily. The thin fissure between the wooden door of the garage and the concrete construction of the house is a perfect entry point for this flexible rodents. Once they reach the garage, your home is a simple target. You often store food materials in the garage as so much food can’t put in the fridge or the freezer in one go and that becomes their ample source of nutrition. We also store pet food and bird food in garages too.

The mechanical factor is essential to address a mice infestation as more there will be openings for mice to enter into your house, no matter how much you change your lifestyle or apply rodent removing techniques, they will replace the dead ones with fresh hungry generations.

Check this video to know more about the possible entry points of mice in your house:

The process of elimination or the eviction factor:

This is the last part of solving the mice problem i.e. application of rodenticides, baits, traps and other processes of mice removal. But if the first 2 factors are not addressed properly the 3rd factor won’t be functional and similarly, the 3rd factor if not applied properly the 1st and the 2nd factor will not work.

As a homeowner, you must opt for the effective and secured procedure for mice removal.

What are the different types of mouse baits?

Mouse baits vary according to the type of removal you look for. Each have their advantages and disadvantages. The choice of bait also depends on the atmospheric condition surrounding your household. Basically, there are 4 kinds of baits. Which are:

  • The soft baits:

    These are attractive baits with high palatability. They work in all climatic conditions. Though severe heat or cold may decrease their effectiveness.

  • Pellet baits:

    These are multiple feed baits. But pellet baits are not one of our recommended products as sometimes mice tend to escape from bait stations scattering these compact forms of toxins here and there, which may be harmful to pets or humans.

  • Super Blocks:

    The super Blocks are used by professional mice exterminators. By appearance, they are larger pellet baits which can be placed indoors and outdoors to diminish mouse infiltration without being damaged.

  • Food baits:

    Mice love what we eat and they keep on targeting them. A spoon of peanut butter or a piece of cheese in a snap trap may work wonders.

For your knowledge:

Please keep in mind, Do not purchase baits where the product description is incomplete or mentioned ‘Homemade’.

Which is the best type of bait you should look for?

The single feeding baits are the best products to eliminate mice infiltration. The advantage of these products are, they are all anticoagulants.

Although you may not be interested in the single feed products, especially for the mice infiltration, as they intake a negligible amount of food (containing bait) because of their tiny structures, but the newer single feeding mice baits have enough poison for a mouse to die in a single crumb.

But we still recommend the solid soft baits are the best of the lot. Beware of the place packs, which declare to be effective even without bait stations. They are placed in burrows, walls or other locations. The place packs contain grain pellets as baits which could be ripped apart by the sharp incisors of the little rodents and scattered around your house. Once if they are ingested by your pets, you are in deep soup. Victor Multi-kill Blocks, Contrac Blox, First Strike Soft packs or Final Blox are effective single feeding mice baits and if these products are ingested by pets or children, the antidote is mentioned in the label of the pack.

For your knowledge

You should always keep an antidote handy when you apply a mice bait. Most of the products available in the market have the antidotes mentioned in the pack itself. It is essential as if by mistake children and pets take in a portion of the poisonous bait by mistake can be treated immediately before going to a doctor.

Are mice baits harmful to Humans?


Placing a mice bait is a crucial job. You are handling a product that is toxic enough to kill animals. At the same time, there are pets and children in your home who, unknowingly can get close to the poison if you don’t give strict attention. While placing a bait you should keep in mind that the bait should be placed in a bait station only and the bait station should be tamper-resistant. There is a thin line between the words, ‘tamper-resistant’ and ‘tamper-proof’. In other words, the bait should not come out of the station even if it is stirred. Always keep an antidote handy (in most cases it is Vitamin K1). Read the label before using the product. Make sure not to use the bait if it does not have an antidote.

Our assessments: Best Mouse Baits:

These are our recommended best 4 mouse baits:

First Strike Pacs

First Strike Pacs

  • Active ingredient difethialone.
  • A combination of palatability and food aroma.
  • Fixed on the vertical or horizontal bars of a bait station.


It is a soft bait solution. Make sure you place the bait in the bait stations. This product can compete easily with available food products. The product’s taste and aroma attracts rodents easily.

Click here for the price

Thumbs Up
Attracts mice easily, because of the taste and scent.
Acts quicker than hard baits.
Thumbs Down
Climatic conditions affect the effectiveness of the product.
It is a difficult task to replace baits if initial products outflow or melt.
Comparing to blocks, the product seems to slip away from the stations.

Contrac Blox

Contrac Blox

  • Prepared with a blend of food-grade ingredients and small amounts of paraffin.
  • Less toxic to friendly animals
  • Works for similar pests


The product is used by professional exterminators to eradicate mice infestation. The product can be applied in all extreme climatic conditions. Mice to not reject the product for its palatability. A bit expensive than other similar products but has a market presence. The active ingredient is Bromadiolne.

Click here for the price

Thumbs Up
Mostly used by experienced exterminators of mice.
First-rate reputation in getting rid of all kinds of rodent infestations.
Unaltered in any climatic conditions.
Thumbs Down
The process of using the product becomes a bit dearer if the infestation is large and serious.
You might have to keep other attractive food materials at a distance before applying the bait.

Ditrac All-Weather Blox

Ditrac All-Weather Blox

  • Best for residential homes, agricultural buildings, garages, attics, sheds, yards, industrial and commercial buildings or food processing facilities.
  • Kills them dead.


Ditrac All-Weather Blox is a multi feeding bait. Mice need to ingest the bait more than 1 time to die. This product is efficient in all weather conditions. If you need a quick and fast result, this product may not satisfy your needs, otherwise, it is a safe product. The major ingredient is Diphacinone (.005%).

Click here for the price

Thumbs Up
Resistant to moist and marshy areas.
A peanut butter flavor attracts mice more.
Fewer chances of baits to be displaced from the stations.
Thumbs Down
Multi-feeding may not be proficient enough compared to a single-feeding product.
You have to be tolerant enough to watch the product working. It is not a quick functioning product.

MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse Bait

MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse Bait

  • Kills roof rats and house mice.
  • Best for agricultural and rural atmosphere.
  • It instigates a rodent’s typical yearning to gnaw.


Scenting like peanut butter, the bait itself works within 1 to 2 days. Unlike the other products mentioned above, this does not work in adverse climatic conditions and you may have to store it in safe places like attics or basements. But it solves your garage, attic or basement mice infestation problems. Unfortunately, it does not have an antidote and thus should be kept at a distance from pets and children. The active ingredient is bromethalin.

Click here for the price

Thumbs Up
Results within 2 days maximum.
Attractive bait for mice.
Thumbs Down
It can attract other pests like roaches and ants too.
The product has no antidote and hence should be kept away from pets and children.
Diverse climatic conditions may ruin the effectiveness of the product.

Finally: The Best Mouse Bait:

The perfect mousetrap for you depends on the type of infiltration you have in your house and how fast you wish to solve it. We would suggest you to go for Contrac Blox. A small amount of paraffin added to the attractive food bait attracts rodents. You do not have to change the bait before 40 to 60 days after the application. The product is safe for pets and children, which is a great relief to you. A change in weather conditions does not alter the efficacy of the product. Okay, the product is a bit expensive but guarantees you the worth of it.

It could be natural that you may wish to explore the non-toxic way to get these tiny animals to get out of your house. You can use the ultrasonic sound repellers for a change.

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