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Top 8 Best Mouse Traps To Buy 2019 Review

Trapping a mouseMousetraps have been traditionally used for ages to catch mice. As mice are tiny creatures and create nuisance in the house, people have tried different methods of catching them. Some are humane and some are unfortunately inhumane. This page will guide you to know facts about mouse traps.

Which one is applicable to your problem? Is it a snap trap? A clam trap? Or a multi-catch mousetrap and the advantages and the disadvantages of all the kinds. We will also inform you about the latest mousetraps available in the market. Finally, we will make an assessment of the existing products in the market and our recommendations for being the best overall and humane product and the best special product. Keep on reading to know more.

Our chosen number 1 Overall product:


The Victor Electric Mouse Trap is easy to use and uses a smart circuit technology to catch mice. It is a one side blocked container that kills mice within 5 seconds as soon as they enter into it. The trap is easy to use. All you have to do is to place bait inside the closed corridor of the trap, turn it on (either by AA batteries or by electric source), empty the trap once the mice get killed. It is reasonably humane and has no running cost

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Our chosen number 1 Humane product:


Not all people wish to kill mice to get rid of them. This product suits them fine. These mice traps come with spring doors that close as soon as the mouse enters the trap. This is a perfect product for small mice infiltrations where there is no use of poison, chemical or glue board while using it. Use a little bit of peanut butter as bait and wait for the mouse to enter the trap tunnel. The spring door shuts as soon as it enters and goes towards the bait. Carry the translucent trap, open the trap door and release the mouse far away from your house. You can clean the trap and reuse it again.

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There are more mouse traps (snap traps, multi-catch traps ) available in the market and this page will tell you more about them. But before that let’s go through the guidelines on this page.

The Guidelines in this Page:

  • Best 5 mouse traps:
  • Snap traps:
  • ​Top Bar snap traps:
  • Clam snap traps:
  • Top Clam snap traps:
  • Baiting Bar and Calm Traps:
  • Placing Bar and Calm Traps:
  • Glue Boards:
  • Multi Catch Traps:
  • Top Multi catch traps:
  • Advanced Mouse Traps:
  • Finally: The Best Mouse Trap:
  • ​What are the different kinds of mouse traps available in the market?

Best 5 mouse traps:

After doing extensive research in the market we have shortlisted 8 mouse traps, of which we recommend 5 best mouse traps according to the user advantages and other individual characteristics. Click on the links below to learn about the products and for further knowledge go through the whole article. Our best 5 picks are:

What are the different kinds of mouse traps available in the market?

Primarily the 3 major types of mouse traps available in the market are Snap Traps, Glue Traps, and Multi catch traps. You will have to decide on the type and the concentration of mice infestation in your house to decide on the type of product you should go for.

Snap Traps:

The snap trap has been used since ages to kill rodents but mice being swift and smaller in sizes tend to escape from the trapping mechanism of the setups. Still, snap traps are more effective if you have minor infestations. These should be placed along the paths on which mice travel with attractive bait on them. A metal bar is attached to a spring in the trap. Once the mouse approaches the bait the spring gets triggered and traps the mouse and kills it.

Glue Traps:

These traps are also known as glue boards or trays. These traps come with sticky pastes applied on flat plastic or cardboard surfaces which clasps the mice as they walk on them making them immovable. Glue boards are less recommended until you are really annoyed with the mice infestation in your house. It does not kill a mouse. If left alone, the trapped mouse dies out of starvation or die while getting its feet to break free. In doing so, they crush their necks, rip their skins and sometimes chew up their own legs resulting in a horrific death.

Multi catch traps:

This is the most advanced traps available in the market, preferably if you don’t want to kill mice to get rid of them. These are also known as live catch mouse traps. These traps are capable to capture 15 to 30 mice which you can, later on, set free at a distance from your house. These traps are also called curiosity traps as mice tend to explore new abysses near them. More about these traps are described later in this article. The final word is, this trap is used by professional exterminators to remove mice from your home.

After reading so far, if you feel mouse traps are a bit difficult for you handle, check out our recommended ultrasonic pest repelling products that use high ultra-sonic sounds to deter pests to enter your house.

Snap traps:

2 types of snap traps are available in the market, the bar snap trap and the clam snap trap. Functionally they are quite similar but have their own special features too.

Bar snap traps:

These are the newer versions of traditional snap traps to catch rodents but only smaller in sizes. These traps have springs on one side and a metal or wooden bases on the other side which are connected with a metallic trigger. Food or scents of food is used as bait and the traps are placed perpendicular to the wall. Once the mouse steps in the metal or wooden base, the trigger releases and traps the mouse by breaking the neck or skull of it. It sounds appalling but it is effective. The traps come in various sizes and materials (like a wooden base or a metal base) and are popular.
Check this video to learn more about snap traps and their uses:

Top Bar snap traps:

Here are our recommended top bar snap traps. Also, check the good features and not so good features of the products too. Our recommended products:

Bar snap traps

Thumbs Up
Bar snap traps are not so expensive and easy to handle.
Although not an easy scene to witness they are quick killers of mice. The rodent dies in one go.
You can discard and snap trap along with the dead rodent and buy a new one for further trapping. These traps are inexpensive and you won’t mind tossing an old one to buy a new one.
Safe to use with children and pets around.
It can be used for other rodents like roaches too.
Thumbs Down
The bar snap trap made from wood may lose its strength if placed in humid areas.
Not a pretty sight to see when the bar snap trap catches and kills the mouse. It could be messy at times.
Some products may injure fingers or paws of children or pets if unknowingly the trigger the trap. That is why it is always advisable to place these traps out of reach of children and pets.
Be careful while you fix the trap for the mice as sometimes the trap itself tends to snap your fingers too.

Clam snap traps:

In Clam snap traps the trapping mechanism is the same as that of the Bar snap traps but in this case, the mouse dies out of suffocation. It is not an instant kill trap and a lot of users prefer these traps for the easy removal process (not messy) of the dead rodent.
Check this video to know more about these traps, how to lay them and finally how to remove the dead mice:

Top Clam snap traps:

We recommend these products as our favorite. Check the good things and the not so good things about Clam traps. Our recommended products are:

Thumbs Up
Clam snap traps are more expensive comparing to Bar snap traps.
It kills within a few minutes after the mouse is trapped.
Not so messy compared to Bar snap traps.
Easy to dispose of the dead rodent. All you have to do is to pinch the rear part of the trap, the mouth opens and you can release the dead animal in garbage.
Easy to maintain and can be used many times.
Not that harmful for children or pets as the bite is not that hard and piercing.
Thumbs Down
Demands a daily maintenance procedure until they are operative.
Sometimes it becomes difficult to attract rodents to them because of the placement.

Baiting Bar and Calm Traps:

Be it a clam trap or a bar trap, baiting is necessary. It attracts the mouse towards the station. Baiting should include foodstuffs that the mouse has been eating in your house and not an alien product to it. It could include peanut butter, cheese, nuts, grains, sweets, meat, pet food anything.
You should always use a small amount of bait for the trap to work properly. Sometimes too much licking and nibbling of the bait helps the trigger not to set off. A little vibration on the trap helps the trigger to set off successfully. One more thing you should keep in mind that mice are clever creatures and they swiftly steal the bait from the trap without getting caught. That is why some people use dental floss to tie the bait (solid bait like cheese or meat) to the trap.

Placing Bar and Calm Traps:

Positioning a trap is vital to catch mice. You should place the bait near their ‘activity areas’ of these little rodents which is mainly your kitchen which is the major source of food for them. Also, place them near the inner walls, holes and other structures of your house where you discover mice droppings or rubbing marks.

The direction in which you lay the trap is also important here. Place the part of the trap where you have placed the bait, close to the wall so that mice find it in their regular course of path next to the wall so that they don’t walk around the trap.


Glue Boards:

Glue boards are easy to use but excessive usage of them can come across to the eyes of the animal rights activists. The main reason being, it is not a straight kill method and it is cruel in some ways. On one hand, it is true that mice and humans cannot survive in a healthy habitat as mice contaminate foodstuffs and are deadly carriers of diseases. On the other, you just cannot kill an animal that is harmful to you, so cruelly.

The process is simple. All you have to do is to put bait on the sticky or glue boards and place them near the activity areas of mice. To approach near the bait, their feet get stuck to the glue boards and they can’t move. They squeak aloud and become desperate to get out of the trap. Sometimes they become so violent that they chew up their feet to get freed. Finally, they die out of hunger. The sight is horrible and that is why the animal rights activists are dead against using glue boards. You should keep the glue boards out of reach of children, pets and other unharmful animals.
See this video to learn more about glue board traps:

Glue board traps

Thumbs Up
Less pricey compared to other traps.
It can be placed in areas where other traps can’t access.
A good monitoring device for pests.
It can be disposed of easily.
Thumbs Down
Inhuman method.
The glue boards do not target rodents exclusively. Even children, pets, unharmful animals like bees and birds get attached to it.
You will have to keep the WD- 40 reactions handy to free pets, children, birds, and other animals from it.
It is not a stand-alone solution for mice infestation. It should be used along with other products like snap traps or baits.

Multi Catch Traps:

Multi catch mouse traps are used in factories and other industrial areas or in hotel kitchens where there is a tendency of large mice infestation due to the handling and wastage of hefty amounts of food. Bait is not required for this trap stations, as mice enter inside them snooping and get trapped as the door closes. There are multiple doors inside the trap which makes them fall below or behind the space from where mice entered into the trap. Later on, the multiple doors are opened to dispose of the mice, cleaned and are ready for re-use.

Top Multi catch traps:

Comparing to other mouse traps, multi-catch traps are expensive because of its sole demand are in the industrial areas and complex kitchens in hotels. They are humane traps too. Check our recommended best Multi catch traps and also the good features and the not so good features of these products. Our top recommended products are:

Thumbs Up
Professional products, hence more operational where other products are non-effective.
Best product for kitchens in restaurants and hotels where rat poisons could be harmful.
Different kind of bait is available in the market and there is a strict competition between them. In this product, you don’t need a bait at all. Some mic may not get attracted to bait too.
A humane approach to dispose of mice easily.
Thumbs Down
Inhuman method.
An expensive product.
You will have to place and manage the trap correctly, otherwise, it will not work.
Needs strict daily observation and cleaning.
It is not a stand-alone solution for mice infestation. It should be used along with other products like snap traps or baits.
It is not a pleasing sight if you use it in your house.

Advanced Mouse Traps:

Electronic mouse traps:

The electronic mouse traps works with a power cord or by AA batteries. While using the batteries you can place them anywhere you please but if you wish to use the power cord, automatically you will have to place them near power plug points. Like any other normal mouse traps, bait is used to attract the little rodents and once they enter into the trap they get electrocuted and die. Certain products have illuminated lights to signal you whether you have a dead mouse in it or not. Once the purpose is done all you have to do is to clean the device and make it ready for the next usage. These are safer than toxic rodenticides to eliminate mice infestation.

Advanced mouse traps

Thumbs Up
Not messy.
A low charge of electric wave is generated whether plugged into a wall socket or if you use AA batteries. Safe to handle.
It can be cleaned and used several times.
Thumbs Down
It is an expensive product.
You will have to give time to see whether the trap is attractive to the rodents or not and how effective the product is.
It is an expensive product.

Trapper Hidden Kill Mouse Traps:

Any kind of mouse traps grab the attention of new persons coming to a mice-infested area. You know that you have mice problems but tell the other person? Unfortunately, the different types of mice traps laid in and around you might make them uncomfortable. Developed by Bell Labs, Trapper hidden kill mouse traps are ideal for offices, doctor’s chambers and even at your home where the trap is laid but hidden. The trap has 2-way entries leading to a pre-baited chamber. Once the mouse enters the trap both entries get closed, trapping the rodent and kills it. There is an indicator that signposts you whether there is a false alarm or really a rodent is trapped inside. The dead mouse along with the trap can be disposed of if needed as the price is really low.

This product, on the other hand, is not applicable for serious rodent infestation, especially in the industrial areas or in large kitchens in hotels and banquets. But still, this product is unique if you want to hide your mice infestation from others.

Finally: The Best Mouse Trap:

The perfect mousetrap for you depends on the kind and the seriousness of the mice infiltration you are facing. Also, another factor is important, which is how do you want to get rid of the little rodents from your proximity? For example, a kitchen in a hotel or a restaurant will deal with the problem differently than a common household kitchen. An industrial factory will also try to solve the issue in a reformed way than a typical neat and clean office. But ‘cleanliness’ of the whole process is the main factor which people opt for.

Snap traps are effective but are untidy. Glue boards are harsh. Clam traps are fine but you get to see the dead mice in front of you. Multi catch traps are expensive and such upkeep and caring become difficult for a homeowner.

Catching mice is important but we like to catch them in closed containers, don’t like to see dead mice and prefer tossing them out of the house once the purpose is served. Considering these points we suggest Victor Electric Trap as our overall number 1 choice and Trapper Hidden Kill as our special number 1 choice.

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