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Review Of Harris Bed Bug Killing Spray (Thorough Analysis)

If you are looking for the best bed bug killing sprays in the market, then Harris Bed Bug Spray is the one you should consider. In this section of the article our team of researchers reviewed the product thoroughly, so before purchasing a spray to kill the bed bugs, read it carefully to discover everything about the Harris Bed Bug Killing Spray.

So, how effective is it?

Bed bugs are one of the most irritating pests in the pest world because of their blood-sucking habit, without which they cannot reproduce. There are various products available in the market which can kill bed bugs effectively; the sprays are one of them. It is designed by combining a few powerful chemicals to kill the bed bugs on contact. But why we are talking about Harris Bed Bug Killing Spray?

Read the review below, to find out our answer from the manufacturer’s point of view. We have done in-depth market research and see what we found!

The Guidelines in this Page:

  • Section A: The Rating of the Product
  • Section B: Pros and Cons of the Product
  • Section C: Salient Features of the Product
  • Section D: The Overall Review
  • Section E: How it Works Against its Competitors?
  • Section F: Final Thoughts

Section A: The Rating of the Product

Upon asking about the rating, a few users replied that some of them have successfully removed bed bugs with this product. So, does it kill the bed bugs promptly? Unfortunately, No! Every product requires some time to perform and produce the desired result. If you are relying only on that spray to get rid of the bed bugs from your home, then you probably will not achieve success quickly.

This spray works better when combined with heat treatment. Do not apply the product if you are not sure whether you have bed bugs, because it contains harmful insecticides which might harm your health. To become sure about the presence of bed bugs in your home, you can use bed bug traps, which are chemical-free and provide quick results against the surveillance of the bloodsuckers.

Mattress and pillow encasements can be used to bring an extra layer of protection against the bed bug infestation. If nothing works, or if you are extremely confused regarding what should be done to combat the bed bug infestation, the best thing you can do is to hire a decent exterminator.

The Harris Bed Bug Killing Spray can kill the bed bugs on contact. But it is mandatory to locate them first if you apply the spray without locating the bed bugs not only the product will be waste but also the harmful chemical may result in an adverse effect on your health.

After researching the market, we give 3 Starts to the product, because so many bed bug sufferers achieve a positive result from the Harris Bed Bug Spray if applied with other bed bug killing products like diatomaceous earth, etc. Whereas some say, they did not get the desired result from the product. So, it depends on what type of infestation you want to combat.

Section B: Pros and Cons of the Product

The Harris Bed Bug Killing Spray provides the desired result depending upon the extent and area of infestation. You need to locate the bed bugs before applying the product because it only kills the bed bugs on contact.

Let’s see some of the pros and cons of the product:

Thumbs Up
Kill the bed bugs on contact
Have a long residual effect
Have non-staining property
Safer than other contemporary bed bug killing spray
Odourless formula
Thumbs Down
Don’t available in smaller pack
Struggle to kill the bed bug eggs
Release pungent smell instead of claiming odourless
Only kill the bed bugs once dried
The nozzle is made from poor material

Section C: Salient Features of the Product

In this section of the guide, we are going to discuss some predominant features of the Harris Bed Bug Killing Product.

The formula
  • The formula is a liquid spray which can be applied to the target area directly. The hiding places of the bed bugs.
  • The container is bulk and comes with a nozzle for easy application.
  • Can be used safely around children and pets.
  • After application, it takes a couple of minutes to dry and work on the bed bugs.
  • It is one of the positive features of the product. It does not emit any annoying smell after application.
  • Most of the bed bug spray releases a pungent smell after application.
  • Due to its odorless feature, it can be directly applied to the mattress, carpets, etc.
Safer than other products
  • The formula of the spray is not harmful so that it can be safely used around children and pets.
  • You do not have to wear gas musk while applying (except sensitive individuals).
  • It can be used indoor and outdoor.
Do not stain
  • Like other bed bug sprays, this one does not stain after application.
  • The spray can be directly applied to the target fabric materials.
Longer residual effect
  • After application, it requires a couple of minutes to dry, and then only it can work on the bed bugs.
  • Once applied, it can keep on killing the bed bugs for 7 to 10 days.
  • It gives the best result if applied regularly.
  • After 15 days of application (twice a week), you will notice dead bed bugs around.
Bulk container
  • The spray comes in a bulk container (1 Gallon); the great value pack is perfect for repetitive application and long term use.
  • It comes with a nozzle for easier application.
Can be used indoor and outdoor
  • Apart from using indoor, it can also be used outdoor.
  • It not only kills bed bugs but also other residential insects and pests.

Section D: The Overall Review

For an easy review of the product, we have pre-set six criteria, those are:

The Brand Value

Harris is America’s oldest EPA registered brand. Since the early 1900s, it is manufacturing un-matchable pesticides and solving pest problems. They have more than 55 different products to kill a wide range of insects and pests. From cockroaches to bed bugs every pest can be killed with Harris range of products.

Because of their wide range of effective products, they are professional’s favorite. One of the best things about the company is they provide outstanding customer service regarding every Harris product. You will discover many tutorials on their website on how to use their products, so there will be no confusion.

Their product packaging and labeling will maintain the utmost transparency with the buyers with clear instructions. No matter which part of the world you are living in, you can avail of their products with free shipping. Free shipping also available in selective products.

Ingredients used

The effectivity of each product highly depends on its active ingredients; the Harris bed bug spray uses deltamethrin as its active agent. This ingredient is highly toxic to a wide range of insects, pests, and fish.

The amount used in bed bug sprays is not harmful to humans, but the raw ingredient is neurotoxic to humans. It can cause asthma in some individuals. The good news is bed bugs are not resistant to deltamethrin which allows the Harris Spray to successfully kill the bed bugs.

Method of use

The success of a product depends on its proper use if we fail to use the product according to its direction bed bugs may survive, and in turn, you may doubt the effectivity of the product. The Harris Bed Bug Spray is easy to apply; the bottle comes with a nozzle to spray the liquid.

The nozzle can reach narrow places like cracks and crevices, so chances of survival for the bed bugs are less. One issue with the product is its size. The container is huge; it contains 1 Gallon which makes it difficult to use around the household. For easier use, you can pour it into a smaller container.

Instead of the issues, the packaging requires 3 to 4 minutes to open and apply with the nozzle. The best part of the product is, it does not require to mix with other pesticides; it is enough to work on its own.


Before using any product, you should be concern about its safety, especially if you are living with children and pets, since they are sensitive to harmful insecticides. With Harris Bed Bug Spray you need not worry about child or pet safety because it is EPA certified. Be careful if you have ornamental fish in your aquarium because the insecticide is fatal to the aquatic life.

As per the review and reports, to date, no one falls sick due to the use of the product. But if applied regularly on a high a dose it can be neurotoxic. Some sensitive individuals may also develop an allergic reaction or asthma attack due to its excessive usage. Another ingredient of the spray is lauryl sulfate, which may develop dermatitis after prolong use. So, try not to use it for a long period.

Overall Usefulness

The users suggest it is very effective in killing the bed bugs. Because of the bulk container, it can be used over and over for a longer period which further ensures its effectivity. But over the period bed bugs are developing resistance towards the insecticide very fast.

But Harris managed to kill the bed bug effectively so like now we can expect in future they will come up with a more powerful formula to kill the bed bugs.


Price is another perimeter that we consider while purchasing any new product. Harris spray cost 23 to 24 $ which quite affordable for 1-gallon bed bug spray. Comparing with other bed bug sprays, this one is pocket-friendly and worth buying.

Section E: How it Works Against its Competitors?

We have analyzed the Harris spray from all aspects, and now we know its pros and cons, so let’s compare the product with some of the bed bug products, like:

Comparison Between Harris Bed Bug Spray And Bed Bug Buddy

Bed Bug Buddy kills and prevents bed bug infestation for up to 30 days; it claims to prevent future infestation. Not only adult bed bugs it also kills the eggs and nymphs successfully.

The product can be used to kill the bed bugs because it is non-toxic and does not impart any harmful effects on a human. But the Harris Bed Bug Spray works better and faster than the Bed Bug Buddy; specially it comes with a nozzle which makes it easier to apply.

Comparison Between Harris Bed Bug Spray And Raid Deep Reach Fogger

Raid Deep Reach Fogger is an aerosol that is sprayed around the target areas to kill the bed bugs. It claims it can reach cracks and crevices to reach the bed bugs, but practically it entirely depends on the process of application, because the mist cannot reach the target places on its own.

If you see their marketing strategy and product description it looks like it is effective on the bed bugs, but after extensive product research, we found that the bombs and foggers are ineffective on the bed bugs, they can easily escape the product which results in re-infestation and also new infestation.

On the other hand, Harris is an odorless and non-stating formula that can be applied directly to the target materials. This product has a higher residual effect than the previous one.

Comparison Between Harris Bed Bug Spray And Eco Defense

Eco Defense is a natural formula to kill the bed bugs. It contains organic ingredients only, no chemical. The non-toxic ingredients eliminate bed bugs on contact, apart from adults it also successfully kills the nymphs and eggs. It’s wont stain your bedding material so you can directly apply it on your bedding items like mattress, pillow, blanket, etc.

When it comes to safety, we also give thumbs up to the Eco Defense natural formula, but the Harris Spray kills the bed bugs really quickly so we will suggest this one above the former one.

Section F: Final Thoughts

Over the years, along with increased use of insecticides, bed bugs have developed resistance towards most of the pesticides. That is why we say bed bugs are the most difficult pest to kill. The different product works. Differently, sometimes a single product can work like magic, whereas in most cases, one product needs to be combined with other treatments.

However, we always recommend hiring a professional exterminator before using any pesticide because they know what to use it and how to use it. You can use our exterminator search tool to get a couple of free quotes from authentic local exterminators; the overall process requires less than 30 seconds so that you can start the process now!

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