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Best 5 Ant Killers For The Kitchen

Are you finding ants in your kitchen? Check the best products to get rid of them.

Ants can be a nuisance in your kitchen. A kitchen is a sensitive place where you prepare food for your family and ‘hygiene’ is the first word that should be considered. These crawling creatures look for food anywhere and everywhere and a kitchen is a potential source of it.

They are also capable of carrying bacteria which could cause fatal diseases along with foul odors along with them. That is why the principal thing you should do is to get rid of them from your kitchen at once.

In this section, we will provide you with all the necessary guidelines so that you can keep ants away from your kitchen, finding the nests of the ants near your kitchen and finally give you the details about our chosen 4 best ant products for your kitchen.

All the products mentioned above are capable of killing kitchen-ants but their applications vary. Go through the products and find out which is the one for you.

The Guidelines in this Page:

  • Best 5 Ant Killers for your Kitchen
  • How to Get Rid of Ants in your Kitchen? What are the Preventive Measures?
  • Finding the Ant Nest
  • Which are the Best Products to Get Rid of Ants from your Kitchen?

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Meanwhile, let us make a quick overview of the products we recommend:


  • Pre-filled bait stations.
  • Borax is the main ant killing agent.
  • Easy to use.
  • A perfect indoor product.

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  • Sugar attractant bait.
  • The plunger device makes it simple to use.
  • Need bait stations if baits are needed to be kept intact.
  • An indoor product.

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  • A DIY approach towards ant infestation and hence pocket-friendly.
  • Just need to add water to make the solution.
  • Kills ants with a pinch.

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  • Kills ants on contact.
  • 6 weeks of residual effect.
  • Both an indoor product and an outdoor product.

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  • The gel contains a distinctive attractant.
  • A low-key designed product which attracts ants easily.
  • Effective for various species of ants.

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Best 5 Ant Killers for your Kitchen

How to Get Rid of Ants in your Kitchen? What are the Preventive Measures?

For ant infestations, prevention is always a better measure than a cure. Restrict their entries in the first place. Mostly, ants come in households in search of food. If you can take certain measures that they don’t find food easily at your home, in no time they will evacuate your premises. Following are some methods using which you can restrict the entries of ants in your kitchen:

Regularly wipe the different surfaces of the kitchen to eliminate trails or place baits along with them:

Whether indoors or outdoors ants travel in straight lines. This is because when they travel they leave a pheromone (semiochemicals secreted from the body of ants) which helps other ants to crawl in the same route for a similar cause (finding food being the major cause).

Wiping the surfaces with a strong disinfectant disintegrate further ants to follow the pheromone and walk in the same route. Ants, after finding a food source carry particles of food back to their colonies to feed infant ants and the queen.

Once you discover a trail, you can place baits around the trail so that ants can carry it to their colonies and eventually kill other ants.

Following are the measures you should take to minimize ant infestations in your kitchen:

Using the vacuum cleaner:

Regular vacuum cleaning is necessary to suck the ants into it, especially at the baseboards of the inner walls, beneath the furniture and carpets, and corners of upholsteries.

Shutting the trash can properly:

Proper care should be taken of the trash cans so that they remain sealed when not in use.

Storing food in air-tight containers:

Excess food should be kept in air-tight containers so that ants can’t get easy access to them.

Seal cracks and crevices:

Use caulk and other sealing adhesives to shut minimum cracks and crevices in your home. Ants are tiny insects and they can easily pass through them.

Clean drains and gutters:

Ants like to make colonies near moist and damp areas and the drains and gutters of outside your house are perfect places for them to nest. Regularly clean them so that ants don’t reside there.

Regular cleaning of basements and foundation structures:

Ants also reside in basements and in the foundation structures of your house. Species like carpenter ants can be really harmful for the foundation of your house. Regular cleaning will restrict them to approach those places.

Keep vegetation at a distance:

Sometimes trees and other vegetation that are too close to your house become bridges for ants to come to your house. Regularly clean and trim them and keep them away from your house at a safe distance.

Apart from the measures mentioned above see this video to learn about 7 more easy and useful ways to control ant problems:

Click here to know about the best methods to get rid of ants in general.

Finding the ant nest:

If you find ants crawling inside your kitchen, then probably there is an ant colony nearby and the working ants are collecting food for the infants and the queen. Finding swarmers (flying ants) near your house is more threatening as swarmers leave an old colony to start new colonies.

Follow the ant trails carefully without disturbing them to find the nest. The sooner you find the nest is better for you. Once you find the nest, identify the queen and somehow make it come out of the nest (pouring boiling water on the nest is the easiest way). Once you have trapped the queen, it becomes easier for you to terminate the nest.

See this video to see how to catch the queen ant and that too within 15 minutes:

Which are the Best Products to Get Rid of Ants from your Kitchen?

Ants are eusocial insects and it is really a hard task to get rid of them from your kitchen. They travel in groups, work in groups and reproduce in large numbers.

We are giving you 2 options to get rid of ants from your kitchen. The first one is using the natural way and the second one involves referring to professional products available in the market.

Using natural products for ant problems:

Keep in mind that following the natural route, you can deter ants and kill them too with common home herbs and spices. Natural remedies have been practiced for ages and they are still effective.

These are a list of some of the natural products available in the market which you can use to get rid of ants from your house:

Kirkland Saigon cinnamon powder:

  • Highest coumarin content.
  • Powder and easy for indoor use.


Cinnamon is the commonest spice to get rid of ants from your kitchen. Although being non-toxic, this product can kill ants and the strong scent deters them to enter in your kitchen too. Sprinkle the cinnamon powder on places where you feel ants regularly travel.

Heinz White Vinegar:

  • Alcohol-free product.
  • It can be applied in foundation structures, window sills, door jambs.


Mix 50% vinegar with 50% water and make a solution that kills ants on contact. This natural pesticide also blocks ants entry through cracks and crevices.

Food grade diatomaceous earth (DE):

  • Excellent insect controller.
  • Durable product.


DE is not that harmful to you (if used in proper dosage) and when applied to pests it dehydrates their exoskeleton and ultimately kills them.

Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap:

Dawn Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap

  • Kills ants on contact.
  • Spray the solution, whenever you see ants.


Mix 50% vinegar with 50% water and make a solution that kills ants on contact. This natural pesticide also blocks ants entry through cracks and crevices.

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Using professional products for ant problems:

If home remedies and natural products could heal ant problems, professional products would not be so popular and available in the market. These products use chemical pesticides that are stronger and have a more long-lasting effect.

Our chosen top 4 products are:

TERRO Prefilled Liquid Ant Killer II Baits:

TERRO Prefilled Liquid Ant Killer II Baits

  • Ready-to-use prefilled bait stations.
  • Attracts ants easily.
  • Best product for common house ants.


The major ingredient is borax which is mixed with the sweet bait in the prefilled bait station. The product is capable to attract more ants compared to other similar products as they are liquid baits and are easily ingested and carried to colonies by ants thus slowly eradicating a whole colony. More the number of ants ingesting and carrying the bait to the colonies ensures you a lesser number of ants crawling inside your house.


TERRO Prefilled Liquid Ant Killer II Baits kill ants in your home (while they ingest) and in the colonies (when they carry them back there). A hassle-free product to handle as they come with preinstalled bait stations.

The product has been in the market for quite a number of years and has no complaints from the users. In fact, in grave situations, it is believed by the users that the product works better than its competitors.

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Combat Ant Killing Gel:

TERRO Prefilled Liquid Ant Killer II Baits

  • It can destroy a whole colony of ants.
  • Easy to use for hard-to-reach places.
  • A perfect product to get rid of the cornfield, White Footed, Argentine, thief, odorous, house, pavement, and little black ants.


Being a gel, this product much more user-friendly and the syringe helps you to spread the gel in minor cracks and crevices from where ants enter your house. It is a perfect indoor and outdoor product.

More the number of ants ingesting and carrying the bait to the colonies ensures you a lesser number of ants crawling inside your house.


The gel is flexible and can be injected even to the tiniest cracks from where you suspect ants have been entering your home. The main ingredient is fipronil which is mixed with the sticky gel, restricts the ants to enter your house in the first level.

Ants carry the gel back to the colonies to do the rest. Similar to liquid ant baits, this gel gets rid of ants in the first place (killing them when ingested). The product is effective at the outdoors as it is, indoors.

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TERRO T401 Ant Killer Aerosol Spray:

TERRO T401 Ant Killer Aerosol Spray

  • Kills on contact (carpenter ants and termites).
  • Residual effect for 4 weeks.
  • Both an indoor and outdoor product.


This is a perfect kill-on-contact product. You can keep the spray handy and whenever you see trails of ants, just spray on them and they die instantly. The product has a residual effect for a month. The spray dries ants as soon as it is applied to them.


The keyword for the product is ‘killing the ants immediately’. TERRO T401 Ant Killer Aerosol Spray has effects on ants for a month and they are made to function on worker ants, especially those who are prone to infiltrate your house to look for food.

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Advion Ant Gel Bait:

Advion Ant Gel Bait

  • Kills Argentine, carpenter, big-headed, cornfield, ghost, crazy, harvester, field, honey, little black, odorous house, pavement, Pharaoh, pyramid, and White-footed, and red imported fire ants.
  • It provides a high kill rate.
  • The major ingredient is indoxacarb (0.05%).


This gel bait gives quick results. The more time you expose the bait and more population of ants will come to it. Don’t get panicked by the visual of dead swarm ants inside your kitchen.

The gel is made to be kept undisturbed for more ants to get attracted to it (ants feed on dead ants too). Once you are satisfied with the pile of dead ants in your kitchen and outdoors, clear the mess and start afresh with an ant-free environment.


A speedy method of removing ant infiltration. The powerful ingredient indoxacarb (0.05%) is capable to remove ants in all stages of their lifecycle.

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As mentioned earlier, preventive care should join hands with removal procedures, if you want to get rid of ants, especially during the spring and summer seasons.

Using the best product, that is suitable for your kind of ant infiltration (Kitchen ants for example) will give you a fruitful result. The choice is yours.

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