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How Much Do Bed Bug Professionals Charge? (A Useful Guide)

How Much Do Bed Bug Professionals Charge? (A Useful Guide)

Bed bugs are the toughest pest to remove; the bloodsuckers are nocturnal and difficult to find during the day.

After facing a bed bug infestation, you may feel tired due to lack of sleep, because the night is the feeding time of the bed bugs.
In most cases people panic after discovering bed bug infestation, here lies the danger! Out of panic, people tend to take bad decision which in turn intensify the problem.

The Guidelines in this Page:

  • What is the Right Time to Call an Exterminator?
  • When Should you Seek Expert Help?
  • How Much Does a Bed Bug Professional Cost?
  • What Details Need to be Shared with your Exterminator?
  • How to Choose a Good Bed Bug Professional?
  • How to Keep your Pets Safe During the Treatment?
  • Post-Treatment Tips
  • How to Deal with your Neighbors?
  • Final Words

After discovering a large bed bug infestation in your home, you should call an exterminator without wasting further time. They need to check the extent of the infestation, depending on that they will suggest a proper method of eradicating the bed bugs.

What is the Right Time to Call an Exterminator?

Bed bugs are tiny reddish-brown pests which feed on human blood. They are extremely hard to remove and almost resistant to all kind of insecticides. So, if you want to get rid of them, the best thing you can do is to call a reliable exterminator without messing things up.

When should you call an exterminator?

Is this your first interaction with bed bug infestation? Then you should not waste more time, just call a professional to examine your situation. Don’t jump to purchase random bed bug killing products from the market. Many of them claim to be the best, but practically, most of them fail to perform.

Because of their nocturnal nature, they are hard to find during the day through naked eye. Due to their flat body, they can easily hide within the cracks and crevices of your furniture. They feed on human blood and cannot reproduce without that. Bed bugs can survive for months without a single blood meal.

Bed bugs love to hide within your bedding material, so if you think you have bed bugs, start your search from your mattress. An adult can lay up to 250 eggs throughout its lifetime; these eggs require 7 to 10 days to hatch.

The bed bug eggs have a higher survival capacity than the adults, the thermal death point of the eggs is 140 degrees Fahrenheit whereas adult bed bugs can survive up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Professional exterminators use special kind of equipment which can produce enough heat to kill them.

Proper equipment with necessary gears must be used to remove the bed bugs at one shot, which is nearly impossible for an amateur to do. That is why it is always better to call a professional to remove the bed bugs.

If you apply random spray or powder to kill the bed bugs, after application, it may look like all the bed bugs are gone, but after a couple of weeks you will find them again crawling on your bed. That is why it is always better to get the job done by the professionals.

When Should you Seek Expert Help?

Well, it’s a tricky question to answer. If you want to play by the rule, then you should call the exterminator as soon as you found any trace of bed bugs in your home. They spread really faster, so if you want to get rid of them real quick calling an exterminator should be your only option.

If you have already used some of the bed bug killing products and fail to get the desired result, maybe it is the high time to call the exterminators. If you are allergic or live with children and pets, you should avoid using bed bug sprays and powders as the fume may cause harmful health effect.

Some chemicals that are used in the sprays are neurotoxic to human, so you should take special care while dealing with those products. We highly recommend you not to use any random product to kill the stubborn bed bugs, instead hire a professional exterminator who will take care of the whole infestation scenario with ease.

What will happen if you don’t call an exterminator?

Skip the research and talk to the exterminator to kill Bed Bugs

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If you overlook the extent of the infestation and keep trying to kill the bed bugs on your own instead of repetitive failure, then you will create nothing but a mess. You may get dermatological problem due to harmful chemicals used in the insecticides.

If you are living with children and pets, you should avoid using any insecticide, rather call an exterminator, who will suggest you some natural and safe method to get rid of the bed bugs.

The bite mark of the bed bugs trends to itchy, and they took almost a week to heal naturally. If it takes more than 10 days to heal, you should see a doctor and also call an exterminator before things go out of your control. If you apply the spray or powder on your own, you may end up wasting money. So, think rationally and hire a professional exterminator.

Things you can do:

In case of larger bed bug infestation, there is nothing much you can do by yourself expect taking a couple of rational decision.

First avoid scratching the bite site, in case of excessive urge try to shorten your nails. Repetitive scratching may result in blood spilling, under which the bite site may feel warm.

You can apply an ice bag on the bite site to soothe it. Otherwise see a doctor who may prescribe a topical ointment to soothe the area and to escalate the healing process.

Don’t go for DIY techniques; most of them are nothing but a bluff. If you do so, you will be entirely responsible for the consequences. Do not go for bed bug bombs and foggers as they fail to provide the desired result. And last but not the least don’t panic, just stay calm.

How Much Does a Bed Bug Professional Cost?

It highly depends on the type and extend of the infestation. Not all infestation cost the same. If you already have made your mind to hire an exterminator, you should be aware of its cost. The package will depend on the type of treatment you are going to opt for. It could be:

One Time Treatment

Smaller bed bug infestation usually requires one-time treatment. Before actual treatment the infested area requires a thorough inspection. The treatment may start from the same day or within a couple of days.

One time treatment may include the application of bed bug spray coupled with heat treatment. On an average, one-time bed bug control treatment ranges from $ 350 to $ 2,000 depends on the size of the area.

Package Based Treatment

If you own a hotel, school, hospital, or any other public sector, then you should opt for contract-based or package based bed bug treatment. In that case multiple application is required; it may take a couple of weeks to do.

You may require evacuating the target area, in case of insecticide application. Heat sensitive materials required to relocate before applying heat treatment.

The package based treatment has 2 to 3 phases which may include:

  • Pre-inspection
  • Application
  • Post-check-up

The inspection phase may cost $140 to $250 depending on the carpet area and extent of the infestation. If you opt for monthly contract, it may cost you between $ 40 to $ 80 for each visit. In case of a couple of visits within a month, it may cost $ 50 to $ 90 per visit.

If you choose quarterly package for 360-degree removal of bed bugs from your property, it may cost you around $150 to $350 per visit.
The number of bed bugs throughout the world increased dramatically over the past decade, along with the growing human population. Needless to mention, they are the most annoying pests in the world.

They can spread really faster and can survive without a single blood meal for over a month. Continuous micro monitoring is necessary to keep a safe distance from the bed bugs.

You can check the video to know more about bed bug inspection tips:

What Details Need to be Shared with your Exterminator?

If you already have made your mind to call an exterminator to remove the bed bug infestation from your home, be prepared to tell a few important points before the treatment. Please remember, the overall success of the treatment will depend on how you communicate with your exterminator.

Here we have highlighted some of the important points which need to be shared with your exterminator:


If you call an exterminator for bed bug treatment, the first thing they will ask you is what is the location of the infestation.
Though the exterminators know better about the hiding places of the bed bugs, still they will ask you where did you see them first.

So before giving them a call check your mattress, pillow, carpet, closet and other furniture. Your each and every information will be helpful to them.

At the time of inspection, the team of professionals will conduct a thorough sweep of your property, depending on which they will suggest the type of treatment. You can do it on your own before them, it will save their time, and you will be aware of the infested items.

What signs you have observed

It is a common question asked by the exterminators, that how do you know you have bed bugs? It can be the cluster of red bed bug bites which keep on itching for about a week.

In most cases, the bed bug infested area emits an earthy smell, which is a result of a particular hormone released by the bed bugs during communication.

Try to find whether you have bloodstain on your bedsheets, in most cases bed bugs got crushes with your body while sucking your blood which causes the stain. So if you have noticed bloodstains on your bed sheet, don’t forget to tell this to your exterminator.

Particular smell

As we have mentioned above, in most cases the bed bug infested area smells like earthy. This is because they release a special hormone while communicating with each other.
So, if you have smelt something like that, don’t ignore, instead, look straight under your mattress, some bed bugs may hide there.

Probable cause

Before exterminator asked you this question, you should ask it to yourself. Try to think if you have visited someplace within a week or so. Bed bugs can be everywhere, from a movie theater to restaurant, from flights to ships, from hotels to hospitals, you just name it.

Do not think that only poor people and nasty places get bed bugs, because it is nothing but a bluff. Cleanest and wealthiest places may also get bed bug infestation.

Bed bugs are hated everywhere because of their abnormal feeding habit; they suck your blood to feed. Moreover, without human blood meal bed bugs cannot reproduce. You basically, you are nothing but their food!

Click here to see signs of bed bug bites:

How to Choose a Good Bed Bug Professional?

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This is a genuine problem faced by most of the bed bug sufferers. Nowadays, every organization claims to be best, whereas in reality most of them fail to satisfy their customers with their service.

So, if you are looking for a decent bed bug professional, try to talk to more than two Pest Control Company. Communicate in detail including:

  • Where is the company?
  • How long they are into this profession?
  • What kind of treatment they are talking about?
  • What ingredients they are going to use?
  • What are their charges?
Company Reputation

The first step in selecting a good company is to check their credentials. Every pest control company should be registered with proper license; they must be certified pesticide applicators with proper equipment and gear. Check if they have a website because in today’s world, every reputable company has a strong online presence.

But be aware of the fraud companies. Having a well-maintained website does not necessarily mean that the company is good. For cross-checking, you can contact the pest control regulatory bodies and ask about the particular company.

They will provide you the authentic information about the company included if there is any recorded complaint or ill-treatment against the company. With all that information in hand, it will be easier for you to select a particular pest control company.


For pest control companies, experience really matters. Try to choose a company which is experienced enough in this field. We are not saying no to choose new companies because there are many new companies which perform better than the older ones.

Look into their website for the establishing year. If you are convinced with their quality, you can choose the company. Apart from all the visible information, you have to rely on your sixth sense!


You can ask your neighbors, friends, and relatives whether they have faced bed bug infestation before and which pest control company they have hired and about their experience with the company.

They will provide authentic information from their past experience, which in turn will help you choose the right pest control company to solve your bed bug problem.

Click here to know more about how to find a good bed bug exterminator:

Treatment procedure

Before hiring any pest control company ask them about the bed bug removal procedure. In general, there are two main types of bed bug removal process:

One is heat treatment, and another one is insecticide spray. Both the treatments have some pros and cons, so it is necessary to decide which process you want to opt for. Sometimes a combination of both procedures requires removing a large bed bug infestation. The pest control company must carry proper heat treatment equipment to successfully remove the infestation.

They must carry proper gear to save themselves and your family members from the harmful chemicals used in the removal process. Ask them about the consequences of both the treatment. They need to inform you about the ingredients they are going to use. Sometimes the target area needs to evacuate before and after treatment, so ask your pest control about that as well, so that you can be prepared.

In case you are opting for the heat treatment process, remember the heat needs to be distributed evenly throughout the target area; otherwise some bed bugs managed to survive which will result in re-infestation. Do not forget to relocate heat-sensitive objects in case of heat treatment.

Most of the insecticides used for the bed bug removal process have long term residual effect. If your pest control company need to use that, you must be informed to take necessary precaution. Most of the chemicals used in the insecticides are harmful to your health, especially if you live with children and pets; you need to be extra careful.


Before choosing any pest control company, ask them about their charges. Remember, higher charges have nothing to do with better treatment. Try to talk to more than two companies so that you will understand about the bed bug removal packages. Don’t forget to collect the invoice after the treatment. Proper break up should be mentioned in the invoice.

How to Keep your Pets Safe During the Treatment?

If you live with pets like dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, etc. you need to be extra careful with bed bug treatment. Most of the bed bug spray contains harmful insecticides which can be fatal for your pets if they breathe in for a long period.

Ask your exterminator about the composition of the insecticide and the consequences after application. To avoid any negative effect, try to relocate them from the target area. Keep them away for at least a couple of days after application of the insecticide.

Remember, do not apply the insecticide on your own, ask the professional before application. Read the product description and the user manual carefully before application. If you are targeting a huge area, like an entire floor or a whole building, don’t allow your pets to come close to the area for about a week.

Post-treatment tips

Try to communicate with your exterminator regularly to keep them updated about the target area. It will be easier to get rid of the bed bugs if you maintain the utmost transparency with your exterminator. In most cases, if some bed bugs survive will cause re-infestation within a couple of weeks.

So, try to choose a pest control company which provide guarantee on their service, if necessary, they should repeat the process within the same cost. Don’t forget to check the lower side of the furniture, especially your bedding material. Don’t overlook the cracks and crevices because in most cases bed hugs hide within those areas.

The furniture treated with bed bug spray needs to be untouched for a couple of days. In case of heat treatment, you need to wait for 15 to 20 minutes until the room temperature turn normal. After finishing the treatment, don’t think the bed bugs are gone forever.

Keep a strict eye on your furniture for another couple of weeks. You can use bed bug traps to make your monitoring process easier. If you want to know more about bed bug traps, click here to read our guide on how bed bug traps work.

How to Deal with your Neighbors?

Because of the harmful pesticides and pungent smell, neighbors may get annoyed during the bed bug treatment. Though bed bugs cannot fly or jump, but in case of severe infestation they can spread from one place to another.

You should inform your neighbors before conducting a bed bug treatment, especially if it includes chemicals. The best thing you can do is it to inform your neighbors right after discovering the bed bug infestation in your home.

Final Words

Hiring a pest control agency to solve the bed bug problem may cost you a lot of money. But if you ignore the infestation it may get worse; moreover the bed bug bites at every night will drive you crazy. Don’t get tempted by some DIY method and purchase random bed bug killing products. If you don’t know the exact process of applying the product, you may end up creating a mess.

Be careful while choosing a bed bug professional, don’t trust every pest control company because in most cases, they claim to be the best, but in practice they fail to provide desired result. In this guide, we got you covered regarding how to choose the perfect bed bug professional. In case if you think we have missed anything, let us know in the comment section, we would love to get your suggestion.

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